the ultimate 90's dance party

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

i'm down with the sickness, again, and i seriously wish i knew who i could pay off to stay healthy.


friday, friday, friday i had the pleasure of hosting some of my dad's side of the family up in cleveland for the evening to celebrate my yiayia's, aka grandma for all you non greeks, 86th birthday celebration.

myself, my yiayia, my mom, CK, thea (aunt) eros, uncle nick and my cousins dina, jason, anthony and mara all had dinner at
don's lighthouse which is conveniently located oh so close to my townhouse.

i've never eaten dinner at don's lighthouse before and besides the spelling errors on the menu and the need for some updated decor we had a very enjoyable meal.
after dinner we headed to my house for a tour and some delicious coconut cake from a cookie and a cupcake, ice cream, fruit, coffee and wine.

the evening was great and there's something that hits ya right there when your yiayia tells you she's proud of you - tear.

saturday CK and i had a very errand oriented day. we started off at
two dads diner in lakewood for breakfast where i ordered "the dirty sanchez", yup, i ate a dirty sanchez - embarrassing to order but delicious to eat.

with stops all around the great northern mall area picking up items for our 90's costumes we were officially ready for the 90's dance party over at seanski and nugget's condo.
the first annual, yes we are going to have it again, 90's dance party was a complete success.

i mean, i constructed a costume comprised of clothing styles that i wore circa '94/'95 that were so spot on that i felt completely transplanted back to canton central catholic high school on a day that we didn't have to wear our uniforms but had mass so we couldn't wear jeans or something.

i rocked a floor length floral sundress with a white short sleeved t-shirt under it (you KNOW you did this), the actual black doc martens that i wore in high school (thanks to my mom for bringing them up from canton on friday), white scrunchy socks to compliment said shoes, a jean jacket tied around my waist and a shell and hemp choker necklace. boom, nailed it.

a shot of my outfit, too bad i'm looking at my shoes and you can't see my sweet hemp necklace and my jean jacket wasn't around my waist yet.

naturally we served 90's themed food at the party, i.e gushers, fruit by the foot and fruit roll-ups, aka AMAZING snacks.

bagel bites and totino's pizza rolls?!?! DUH!

zubaz? check. plaid? check. hacky sack? double check.

the aforementioned hacky sack in the foreground of one of my favorite parts of the party, hartzell, who straightened his normally curly and slicked back hair to pull off 90's grunge flawlessly.

can you tell i took some pics with my real camera and some with my cellphone yet? here's kelly rocking a polo shirt, pegged jeans and a twisted tea, larger rocking a DARE shirt with flannel, and miss lzone who is rocking her midpark high school cheerleader jacket from '94 while drinking out of a belle from beauty and the beast cup - perfection.

the party did have one major hiccup though.... our fog machine in the basement kinda sorta caused the condo's smoke alarms to go off. cue ladder and windows being opened. don't fret, it only halted the sweet 90's music for about ten minutes.
there were a few tech nerd things that occurred during the 90's dance party that are arguably the coolest thing he has for prior parties nugget installed a camera to record the party so we can post a time lapse video post party, well nugget kicked it up a notch.

a shot of the flat screen in the living room with the live tweet stream and a video feed from the basement dance floor, you can't tell, but that's seanski busting a move

he rigged a stream of 90's music videos to play on the flat screen before "dance time" and then when the dance floor opened the living room flat screen streamed not only showed the live video feed of the downstairs dance floor but also a live stream of all tweets with the hashtag #90sparty. you can even view all the public tweets in pdf form HERE.

when you were on the dance floor you could also view the living room scene from a large computer monitor - it was awesome and the guests couldn't peel their eyes away. and to add a cherry on the top of the tech party was that guests with an iphone could request songs with some fancy virtual dj app.

and that's when it got over my head....

all in all it was a rad party and perhaps all my scream/singing to the 90's is what caused this sickness to return.

back to bed for me, happy tuesday.


  1. Ah, Doc Marten's. So many fights with my mom over how expensive they were. I won of course, because I would have died without them.

  2. No dance cam video!?! Lame ballz.

  3. A friend of mine still wears his Doc Marten's! I like it just b/c it gives us something to rip on him about...
    And is it bad that I have a box of those gushers and fruit roll ups in my kitchen cupboard???

  4. oh totally wear a body suit, and my hammer pants jeans that buckle in the front, shiny shoes with black and white laces, and a scrunchy.

    Those were the days!!

    Oh and the party technology makes my head spin but sounds totally cool!

  5. You guys have the BEST IDEAS EVER for parties. I need to start borrowing some of them!

  6. seanski - it wasn't appropriate for the masses, i mean, what if i want to run for mayor of cleveland someday?!?! ;)

  7. I especially love the Dare t-shirt. Such a good party idea!

  8. I still have my doc martens in my closet...

  9. oh man the outfits are amazing and so very 90s, love it!

    and the live twitter steam is all sorts of awesome.

  10. This party looks amazing! I seriously think I had that dress you rocked! And the docs... serious 90's staple! Love it!

  11. I wish I were there to enjoy this party too.


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