am i right? or am i right?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

i don't wash my hands with hot water, but by washing them with cold water does that mean that my hands aren't getting cleaned?

well, the above statement is something that came up in conversational debate recently and my argument was the following:

soap + hot or cold water = clean


i've been watching american idol this season for the first time in years and i'm obsessed, this is a fact.

but i despise james durbin, despise.

he's a huge poser and needs to be voted off.

down with durbin.


i'm 30, this isn't a secret, and everyday that i look in the mirror i feel like i see another wrinkle.

but how much money do i need to spend on anti-wrinkle cream to make these lines on my forehead go away? i'm already using two varieties daily.

i wouldn't be surprised if all the anti-wrinkle creams on the market were all the same sucky formula.

someone out there is making a fortune on my wrinkles alone.


today is thursday, tomorrow is friday.

wouldn't life be better if the traditional work week was monday through thursday instead of through friday?

am i right, or am i right?


  1. I watched one episode of American Idol this season and I didn't like James either. He seemed like he was trying too hard.

    I would love a work week that was Monday- Thursday. I've actually mentioned it to my boss...and he rolled his eyes at me. LOL

  2. As we learned in the NICU last year, you need to count to 20 (or sing your ABCs) while scrubbing your hands with soap. That's what leads to clean hands. Not sure the temperature of the water really matters.

    Also, from what the experts tell me, sleep is way more important to your looks than any topical treatment. If only we could all get our 8-9 hours of sleep. Sigh.

  3. all the signs at work (since the PIG FLU OUTBREAK) say warm water and soap.

    yet...none of our sinks have warm water, their automatic, and cold.

    oh, except for ONE in the entire span of 3 buildings that accomodates thousands...that runs scalding hot.

    I guess im saying we are a breeding ground for sickness then, right?

  4. You're correct on the first one. Soap is used to loosen the germs on your skin and water is used to rinse it away. The temperature does not matter.

    Also correct on the last one. I have no opinion on American Idol.

  5. Wrong on Durbin.....he ROCKS

  6. Glad to hear cold water works!

    As for Durbin, I've grown to like him, especially since I found out his facial tics were due to Tourettes syndrome. Apparently, he's become a role model for kis w/ issues!

    But, I don't have a favorite...too many good ones to choose from this year!

  7. Everyone who had talent on american idol keeps getting booted off!


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