everything needs a little spring cleaning

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So I'm currently starting the process of trying to redesign my blog.

I've only been putting it off for over a year now....

Step one: The pink has GOT TO GO.

Step two: The pink has GOT TO GO.

Now I understand that I need plum representation (both literally and as a color), it is my brand after all, but typically plums are deep purple not hot pink/magenta.

I'm thinking something more like this.....

(Update: This is NOT my new logo I'm just saying I like this color y'all)

In this redesign process I also had to think about the whole
Blogger vs Wordpress thing again, i.e should I switch or not.

I know, I KNOW, eeeeveryoneeee loves Wordpress, but Blogger (as a platform) has been good to me over the years so why ruin a good thing? Plus with new third party comment platforms like Disqus I can use a plug-in to make comments easier for replies and what not.

Wait, I may have lost a few of you out there with my talk of platforms and third party plug-ins huh? Mom, I'm looking at you.

Another thing I need to do is clean up my blog roll, there's so many new bloggers out there that I need to add and so many old bloggers still up there that I need to take off.

Seems to me like I'm starting to spring clean my blog.

Must be that time of year.

Happy Wednesday, kids!


  1. LOL I'm one of those avid Wordpress fans, but hey - you gotta stick with what you love! :) Also - let me know how implementing Disqus goes! I've been trying for 2 effin' years now to get a comment response plugin installed correctly - with no success.

  2. I just pretended that talk of platforms, plug in and third party was just all secret sex talk.

    you pervert.

  3. As someone who has used both, I can't speak highly enough about WP. Not only are the plug-ins better, the formatting is way easier - especially for someone who uses a lot of images and video such as yourself.

    Another benefit is the mobile viewing/formatting. WP blogs on mobile/tablet are incredibly functional and load a lot quicker for the end user.


  4. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

    So who's designing your template? I need a designer. In year 3, it's time!

  5. I use Wordpress, I love Wordpress, and I agree with what Scott @ WFNY said about plug-ins and end-user satisfaction.

  6. Is it just me, or have you started using the shift key?

  7. If it works for you, stick with it. WP is good, but if Blogger does what you want and you like it, I don't see there's any reason to switch.

    Can't wait to see your new design :)

  8. Stick with Blogger, dude. They've expanded their functionality so much that I don't see Wordpress as being a hell of a lot better anymore.

    I just hired Ashley of Our Little Apartment to redesign my blog & I AM SO EXCITEDDD. No more pink or whitespace bullshit for me, either. Never again.

  9. I like Wordpress, but that's probably because it's easier for me to design using Wordpress. Stick with what you are comfortable with is what I say!

    I also like the direction you're going with the logo, but I think the plum needs to be a bit rounder. It looks more like a heart to me.

    Have fun with your redesign!

  10. I am old blogger hold out. Like yourself, blogger has been good to me and wordpress seems really complicated. Good luck with the redesign, can't wait to see what you come up with.

  11. Love your new logo! I'm a Wordpress fan, and Disqus was pretty easy to roll out (just a few clicks). I'm jazzed to see your new page!

  12. ALthough I love our current header, the new plum logo you posted is bad ass. I cannot wait to see the redesign!

  13. I'm going to dissent and suggest you turn the plum aslant and add the stem and leaf, cause without them? It sort of looks like a butt imprint.

  14. I have noticed it before, as did Shellbell....you ARE using the shift key!! This is bigger than a getting a new design!

  15. I love Wordpress and don't regret making the switch from Blogger. But, I get your fear of change (just admit it, you're afraid). =)

    BTW, I absolutely HATE Disquis and any other commenting platform that makes you register to be able to easily leave comments. HATE IT to the point where I don't leave comments as often on those blogs as on others. Something to think about.

    Finally, I'm jealous you get to do a redesign. It's such a fun process.

  16. Good luck on the redesign. Mine was a bitch to do and I'm still kinda "meh" about it. I was thinking of switching to Wordpress as well because then I could access it via mobile. I myself am torn, so I understand! Good luck!

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