if there aren't any pictures of my weekend does that mean it didn't happen?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's time for my weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekend recap y'all.

Thursday night started out at Battery Park Wine Bar with CK, seanski, louie and MOB where I drank lots of bubbles and enjoyed an apricot arugula salad and meat and cheese board.

Thursday night the group ended up at XYZ the Tavern where I drank more bubbles and discovered that XYZ has an amazing jukebox. In the future I will make sure I always have a few $$$ to pop in the box.


Friday night I had grand plans to attend the Nihonshu Night event at the Cleveland Museum of Art with Seanski...

Well I had those plans until I had a full out dramatic girl breakdown trying to get ready.

Ladies, you know exactly what I'm talking about...

The type of mood that no matter what you put on you feel ugly and uncomfortable. The type of mood that even though the scale says you've only gained 4 lbs it feels like it's 40 lbs. The type of mood that fun events, multiple birthday parties and bribes from friends can't even force you out of the house.

So Friday night I was jerk and canceled plans and went to the gym instead - an hour and a half of cardio was just what I needed.

Saturday brought a surprisingly nice and sunny day, the perfect day to take my new bike out for ten miles or so.

First I biked to the West Side Market to purchase the specialty Greek cheese(s) I needed for the macaroni supreme I was making for Easter dinner. I also picked up milk, butter and cream while I was there too. My bike ride home was a little harder with all the dairy on my back though.

Once I got home and put everything away the bike was still calling my name so I biked out to Wendy Park - it was such a beautiful day! I even got a little sun on my cheeks.

I rounded out the afternoon with a stop at Sweet Moses for some ice cream with CK and his little one so all my miles on the bike kinda were a wash, you'll have that.

Saturday evening CK and I had dinner (get the burger, it's delicious) at Lava Lounge in Tremont where my drinking of the bubbles continued even through our next stop at SouthSide to meet up with Muffin, Jesse, DBLB and Kirby.

Sunday, Sunday, Easter Sunday began with CK and I brunching at My Friends Restaurant before we headed to my Tiajo and Uncle David's house in Canton for Easter dinner with the family. Lots of lamb, egg cracking, sabayon eating and one rousing game of celebrity later we were ready to head back home to the CLE.

It really was a fabulous weekend but I had one major fail....

I didn't take a single picture.


Happy Tuesday, kids


  1. Sounds like a bubbly weekend! And I totally understand the Friday mood...but you're gorgeous, girl!

  2. I've been lacking on the picture taking lately as well. WTF? The biking sounds like fun... Maybe I'll get mine out next weekend...

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! I'm so jealous you can ride your bike to the West Side Market! I love going there but finding a parking space induces me into a road rage psycho!

  4. your title is how i always feel if i don't take any pictures, it's so weird!! i mean my camera is basically attached to me so when i don't take pictures it's eerie.

    in any case, fabulous weekend. love it.

  5. ohhh, how I would love some of that ice cream now.

  6. Lovely weekend, sometimes when you put your camera down you can enjoy it extra.


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