look ma, i'm in cleveland magazine

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do you know what it's like to get a magazine in the mail that you read, oh ALL the time and see your name on the cover?


Well I didn't either until I got my copy of this month's Cleveland Magazine and saw "Alexa Marinos" on the cover - crazy.

Hey, that's my name!

April's cover model WKYC's Betsy Kling.

A month or so ago I was asked to participate in 'The City List' issue of Cleveland Magazine sharing some of my favorite spots in Cleveland. It was a total honor that they thought to include me and I sure did have a lot of places to tell the interviewer about.

A graphic illustration was created representing some of my go to haunts full with quotes and a "stunning" picture of me posed holding a plum.

This is so cool yet so so so so weird for me.

I'll wait for you to stop giggling at my senior-picture-meets-desperate-real-housewives pose that I'm rocking.

A model, I am not.

And yes, for those of you who are wondering why I'm not wearing black - believe me, I wanted to - but I was told by the photographer, "NO BLACK".

Out of the many Cleveland hot spots I mentioned the editors chose a great sampling of some of my favorite places including the following must check out locations:

- Battery Park Wine Bar, batteryparkwinebar.com
- Capitol Theater, clevelandcinemas.com
- Cleveland Browns Tailgating, clevelandbrowns.com
- The Clevelander, clevelanderbar.com
- Cleveland Gladiators, clevelandgladiators.com
- A Cookie and a Cupcake, acookieandacupcake.com
- Cropicana (formerly Sunset Grille)
- Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp, malachihouse.org
- L'Albatros, albatrosbrasserie.com
- Lolita, lolitarestaurant.com
- Tina's Nite Club
- Touch Supper Club, touchohiocity.com
- Wendy Park, wendypark.org
- Winking Lizard, winkinglizard.com

To check out the whole article pick up a Cleveland Magazine at your local retailer or view it online here.

It's funny to think that all of this happened because of my little blog.

We've come a long way, kid.


  1. I was very excited to open my issue to find your smiling face! It's a great article and I think you hit a lot of great suggestions. Congrats!

  2. "I'll wait for you to stop giggling at my senior-picture-meets-desperate-real-housewives pose that I'm rocking."

    I laughed so hard I nearly spit coffee all over the monitor. Congrats to you and the Plum!

  3. I thought the article was fantastic. Congrats on being a center fold, gurl! :)

  4. Someone ganked our office copy so I will be buying the bad boy because I need to see this in print! CONGRATS friend!

  5. You have made me a proud mama! You work hard at it so you deserved it. Who would have thought,all from your blog...without caps...ha!
    Love you, XO

  6. THIS IS SO COOL. Even that pose. Very cool. ;)

  7. That's a pretty major life milestone, Alexa. I think you can retire now. =)

  8. You go girl! Love the list. I've been following you from Columbus, because I'm a Cleveland girl at heart. Grew up on the west side and my folks still live there. Will try out some of your favorites. Lakewood's Winking Lizard is a standard go-to when old high school friends get together!

  9. that is just so awesome, you're so famous! i love everything about it, woo. congrats!

  10. Congrats from your favorite cousin....very proud of you...and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pose....can you believe I actually figured out how to leave comment;)

  11. CONGRATS to you! Hard work is paying off - we'll say we knew you when!

  12. congrats! i just started following your blog and i really enjoy it!

  13. Congrats! Glad the blogs around here are getting some attention. So exciting!

  14. Congrats!! So awesome to be featured and you are in in great company too.

  15. Dude that is awesome! You look awesome, way to go!

  16. Wow lovely magazine it is, and i am so impressed to read this magazine..
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  17. Congrats, looks good. Are they really calling it Cropicabana? Lol

  18. this is so cool! and i love the pose, although it would have been better if you were seductively biting into the plum.


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