maybe someday i'll get booked on the maureen show

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I love Hall & Oates, this isn't a secret.

I love my friend Moe, aka Maureen Kyle from WKYC, this also isn't a secret.

What you may not know is that I have a new love, a love of a "television show" called Maureen and a "band" called I Can't Believe It's Not Hall & Oates.

This video below includes both of my new loves, enjoy.

Amazing right?

Lucky for us the genius that is I Can't Believe It's Not Hall and Oates will be performing live during the Alan Cox and the Cleveland Kings of Comedy shows on May 20th at House of Blues and June 10th at Tangier in Akron.

I hope the Maureen show does a live broadcast.

cross your fingers!

Happy hump day, kids.

(side note: apparently it's write posts about comedy week here on the plum...)


  1. that video is hilarious. I love all the pics of Hall and Oates around the room...

    p.s. while I'm looking forward to seeing "I Can't Believe It's Not Hall & Oates", I'm seeing the REAL Hall & Oates on July 3 in LA. SO excited...

  2. Love the name! I feel like listening to some Hall and Oates now.


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