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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Congrats to Dani from Apples to Apples who was chosen via random.org to attend the Cleveland Museum of Art's Ninohshu Night this Friday - hope to see you there!

When I started blogging in '08 I would consistently tell funny self deprecating stories from my past to allow my readers to get a feel for who I was.

For example:
But after blogging for so long I feel like I've told all my random fun stories and I'm just a washed up old blogger.

Then I looked in the mirror and said, "You're Cleveland's a Plum dammit, you're a walking funny story!"

(I really didn't do that, I promise)

Then in a flash I remembered that one time a bird shit on my hand while I was riding my bike in high school back in Canton, Ohio.


Sigh, no it's not. Maybe I have told all my stories.

So, what's next?

Perhaps I can learn how to juggle.


  1. I'm pretty sure you've transformed yourself into a walking encyclopedia of Cleveland. Wear the plum tiara with pride, girl!

  2. just blog about fake conversations you have with yourself?

    I feel ya though (not that I'm anywhere near the level the plum is at) but people continuously tell me how they can't wait till I'm employed again because they miss my work stories.


  3. I'm starting to run in to the same issue. I'm running out of funny crap to write and that's why too the blog has suffered. Once a week, compared to every day posts when I started.

    I'm sure something will come up. For the looks of what I've been reading on your blog, crap is bound to happen that you'll post again and be funny.

    Or whatever you write, is always a good read too.

  4. a sex tape. that's what's next.

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