this is how you go out in cleveland

Monday, April 11, 2011

I can't remember the last time I went out Wed/Thurs/Fri/Sat nights in a row, college maybe?

Well I did it again this past week which left me little time for blogging but ample time for laughs with friends all over Cleveland.

- Happy hour at D'Vine Wine Bar with Muffin, MOB and Martha celebrating Muffin's new career!
- 1/2 off flights, 1/2 off appetizers and hanging out with your besties makes for a wonderful evening

- Dinner at Sushi Rock with AJP and KJ
- Brown rice sushi and a bottle of sauvignon blanc makes me a happy girl
- Beers at Barley House with the ladies before Barley House became oonce oonce discoball Barley House

- Dinner and lots of Guinness at the fabulous XYZ the Tavern with the whole crew, too many to list but this picture shows the gang
- Ran into Cleveland Frowns and got to hang out with one of the lawyers behind the documentary Cleveland vs Wall Street which I need to check out.

- Headed to Canton for a baby shower for my dear friend Erin at The Canton Club where I not only got to spend quality time with my friends/family but also got the news that I'm going to be a Nouna (godmother) to Erin's baby boy :)

My cousin mara, my nouna and my mommy at Erin's shower.

The parents-to-be Erin and Todd!

- Dinner at Three Birds in Lakewood with Muffin, Court and Mrs Towne where we dined on stuffed trout, BBQ short rib and beef tenderloin
- Bottle of champagne at Market Avenue Wine Bar with AJP and KJ then we moved to cocktails and fun music at Speakeasy and beer at ABC the Tavern
- Bed


- Brunch with Klutz, Muffin, MOB, Beaver, Court, lverdova and Aubrey at Sweet Melissa
- Laundry, cleaning, laying on the couch.... annnnnd repeat.

I don't
think I'm missing anything....

I fairly positive that one can officially call me "a girl about town".

Better than a lady of the night though, right?

Happy Monday, kids!


  1. Way to get around lady! ;) That sounds like a seriously fantastic weekend! :)

  2. i did a lot this weekend, but it mainly involved me, and shopping, and/or spending money on car repairs.

    I wish it was in a drinky/eaty kinda way, that sounds way more enjoyable!

  3. I live vicariously through these posts. Not that I know your Ohio hangouts. But more I remember the days of non-stop. They were so much fun. These days, changing diapers and feedings make me slow down ... a lot!

  4. well I was at a wrestling show at the Agora Friday night and at a concert at the grog with Hipsters on Sunday night. I'm guessing that would take me out of the running for girl about town and lady of the night.

  5. You are a busy girl, Plum! p.s. Love D'Vine Wine Bar!

  6. Sushi Rock, oh, Sushi Rock, how I'd love to be visiting you...

  7. that is one hell of a weekend. i love all the different places you went, so fun!

    and yay nounaness!


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