who wants to whirlyball?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whirlyball: A combination of lacrosse, hockey, and basketball with bumper cars that you can play here in cleveland.

I couldn't make that up.

Well if you followed me on twitter yesterday you would have noticed my whining about having to go play whirlyball after work last night.

I had a breakdown because after willingly signing up for an AAF Cleveland agency whirlyball tournament I forgot about it until yesterday morning and then preceded to throw a tantrum because I had other plans but couldn't let my thunder::tech team down.

I went as far as to attempt to bribe multiple coworkers with $20 to take my spot on the team.

But alas, there were no takers.

So I headed to play whirlyball....

I was a good sport, I played my two games, both of which we lost horribly and headed home.

And that's the end of story because there's one thing that this post isn't.

It's not an "OMG, I so didn't want to play whirlyball but once I did it was so much fun!! I can't wait to go back!!"


I have zero desire to ever go back and play whirlyball - it just didn't do it for me.

Sorry, Mr. Whirly.


  1. It's always looked like so much fun. What was lacking? Is it that they don't serve beer on site? That looks like it may be the only way to improve on the concept is through copious amounts of alcohol.

  2. We did whirlyball twice in college for sorority bid day. It's kinda fun but at the same time, after two games, I had more fun watching. Also, my bumper car driving skiils is lacking. I am always the one stuck in the corner spinning in circles :)

  3. Anytime I can be psychotically and overly competitive for no reason I enjoy myself...jk...I think I am in the far left of that pic. Anyways, sorry you did not have fun.

  4. ooooh now this looks like fun!!!

  5. I loved whirlyball when we did it for a work outing. Okay, not so much whirlyball as Causing the Hated Boss to Endure Whiplash.

  6. Ok, you clearly didn't drink enough. Because, Whirlyball? It's fun, so long as you're shitfaced enough to ignore how banged you your body is going to be the next morning.

  7. And if any of you even DARE suggesting WhirlyBall in South Windsor, I might just kill you.


  8. you didn't mention any drinking. people like us must not be suited for whirlyball.

  9. This place is on my side of town, so I'm guessing that the long-ass drive for you alone would make you not want to do it. We went for a friend's birthday party and got schmammered! It was great! In a drunken stupor, Stephen and his buddies signed up to be on a league. I think they went back one. Personally, I had more fun with the laser tag.

  10. yeah i feel like i would want to play that once and then be over it, haha. so random though too.

  11. Where can I find something to do? I've lived in CT my whoooollleee life, but my dad wants to spend some time with me, and I'm stumped on fun things to do.


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