if only there were 28 hours in the day

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First off, happy birthday to the best mommy in the world, MINE!

Secondly, the Toronto extravaganza recap post is coming, I promise.

But there's just so much to write about and I have so little time and energy to do so.

Considering I'm only halfway done, it's nearly 11pm on Monday night and my eyes are starting to get heavy it seems as though I'm not going to be ready to post for Tuesday morning, huh?

.... to be continued.

But hey, if you're looking for something to read check out my blog roll over there on the right.

and to think i never thought i'd mention glee on this blog

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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After watching the season finale of Glee I couldn't help but have flashbacks to my senior year of high school choir/drama trip to NYC.

Much like Glee we were a bunch of dramatic kids from lots of backgrounds singing through the streets.

Well, not literally through the streets, but you get the point.

High School + Drama Club + Choir = I'm not sure what, but it sure was comical.

When it became time to take the obligatory trip to the Statue of Liberty though I had other plans...

By this time in my life I was 17, about to graduate from high school, thought I "knew what was cool in NYC" and sure as hell wasn't going to the Statue of Liberty for the second time.

When the bus dropped us off we had approximately 2.5 hours to hop on the boat to see lady liberty before we had to report back to the bus for pick up.

After about 5 minutes in line for the boat I grabbed 3 of my friends and went AWOL on the choir trip by hailing a famous NYC yellow cab.

I'm not sure who I thought I was at this point but I'm fairly sure I was wearing blue tinted glasses and thought I was super hot...

I told the cabby to take us to SoHo because I had heard it was a "super cool artsy place" and we should totally go there and act like adults.

I'm also sure we didn't stick out like 4 teenagers from Canton, Ohio at all.

After wandering around a shady dirty street we freaked out realizing we were way far away from where we were supposed to be and hailed a cab back to our group right on time.

No one even knew we were gone - SCORE!

About a week later though the honeymoon was over and we got called into the dean of students office because we had been made.

One would think we should have been suspended for skipping out on part of a school trip and heading out into the streets of NYC as unchaperoned children but I *think* we only got detention, how I'm not really sure.

As I wrap this post up I'm beginning to think there really isn't a point to this memory dump other than I was soooooooooooooooo a cast member of Glee in 1998.

Detroit Shoreway bar hopping, UD reunion, and sunday funday at cropicana

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Who has two thumbs and only has two more days of work this week?

This girl.

I'm literally working for the weekend.

But speaking about weekends let me share this past one with you.

Friday one of my very best friends, Teen, came to Cleveland for the night which was much cause for celebration and we wanted to do it right.

Teen, CK and myself started out with pre-dinner cocktails at the
Velvet Tango Room and for those of you familiar with VTR you know that our pre-dinner cocktails were kicked up a notch to say the least.

Next stop we headed to
Luxe Kitchen & Lounge for dinner where we added MOB and Pete to our little party. The food and service at Luxe was AWESOME per usual and the place is so much more positive now that "Mr Personality" Marlin is gone.

If you haven't been in Luxe recently go there soon, especially now that patio season is in full swing.

One of two bottles of Luxe branded wine that me, MOB and Teen made DUNZO.

After dinner we walked to, where else, XYZ the Tavern where Mike, Harris and the gang made sure our glasses were always full (of bubbles for me) and our group acquired Seanski and Nugget too.

After dinner cocktails turned into the need for karaoke so to
Tina's Nite Club we went where I purchased two beers, a beam and diet and nine jello shots for $10 and our group grew to add more and more Detroit Shoreway neighbors.

Hey, Teen said she wanted to go out to places I talk about on this blog... I'd say we succeeded.

One thing we didn't succeed in was not having a hangover Saturday morning...

But there was no time for hangovers because Teen and I had to get in the car to head to Grosse Pointe, Michigan for a mini UD roommate reunion where we were to meet up with two of our other housemates D-Ray and Seifs.

Not even 15 minutes into our road trip I was pulled over for speeding on 90W in Avon Lake, cue sad tuba. They were clocking on an overpass and were pulling people over once they passed the ramp by another cop car, natch.

Ain't no speeding ticket going to bring us down though, on to the next one.

When Teen and I finally arrived in the bubble (as I lovingly call Grosse Pointe) we caught up with D-Ray / Seifs, played with D-Ray's gorgeous children, visited the rest of the Ray clan and just enjoyed spending time together.

D-Ray's babes Tommy and Ella playing with Seifs. Seriously though, could these kids be anymore adorable? I miss them already.

We all got ready for dinner and made sure to pop some bubbles in preparation before heading to Birmingham for dinner at Tallulah Wine Bar and Bistro. At this point it didn't really matter where we were or how bat shit crazy our waitress was because we could just laugh at it.

Our one mistake was not getting a group picture of the four of us, huge fail, huge.

I did a get a picture of Teen modeling her newest clothing addition courtesy of Seifs. And when I say "courtesy of Seifs" I mean that literally because that SHE MADE me, D-Ray and Teen our own apron - like she sewed and embroidered it herself!

Teen modeling her new fancy apron while doing "housework" - color me impressed with Seifs crafty handiwork though.

Thankfully no tickets were written on our drive home and after picking up my house I was ready to bike over to Whiskey Island with Lzone and Seanski to meet up with friends and check out Cropicana.

It was a gorgeous day so we biked over, drank red stripe and corona and the band was really good. The vibe was on point at Cropicana (formerly Sunset Grille) and I was enjoying their new covered patio addition. Our large group was really looking forward to sampling the menu but due to a fire (!) earlier in the afternoon the kitchen was closed - which just meant we drank more beer and me, CK, AJP and Hartzell had a very late (10pm) dinner at Reddstone.

Moe prefers her outdoor bubbles from a can.

Seanski, AJP Lulu and Lzone enjoying Whiskey Island in the summertime

I can't wait to go back to Cropicana for food though in the very near future.

It really feels like summer is finally here, bring on Memorial Day weekend and then it'll be official.

Have a great Tuesday, kids!

yeah, no

Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's too nice of a Sunday to stay indoors and blog about my rad weekend.

I shall go to Cropicana instead.


gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks to all who entered (twice) for two tickets to the 17th Annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party next Thursday 5/26.

Congrats to @smkaras whose comment, #5 out of 56, was chosen via random.org.

Sad you didn't win? Well you can still buy tickets online here - hope to see you all there!

I ranted on twitter for a hot second yesterday morning about how "Unhappy in CLE" I was.

I believe the exact tweet was, "very unhappy in CLE right now, get me the eff out."

I blame it on the weather, the rain, my desperate need for sunshine and not necessarily Cleveland per se.

A mood is a mood though, and I was most definitely in one.

Thankfully though I'm getting the "eff out" the next two weekends.

This upcoming weekend the best possible medicine is coming my way in the form of my University of Dayton roommates. My excitement can't even been contained - bring on the ladies of 520 Lowes!

The following weekend I'm heading to Toronto (on a private plane mind you) for my cousins engagement party and finally getting to hang out with my long lost sissy.

So ya know what, the gray skies are going to clear up and I'm going to put on a happy face because soon enough I'll be chugging bubbles with my besties.

You guys have any fun plans coming up?

look what i did in cleveland last week

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you entered (again) to win two tickets to the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party? If not, do so by commenting on this post! _____________________________________________________________________

Um, so thanks to blogger.com being down all end of last week I have A LOT of things to catch you all up on....

Like how I attended a blogger patio kick off party pig roast this past Tuesday at Washington Place Bistro in Little Italy.

Have you had a chance to check out their patio yet? It's officially one of the best in the city.

Farmer Lee Jones from The Chef's Garden enjoying a patio party pig roast at Washington Place Bistro & Inn

Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a food tour at Progressive Field while taking in an Indians game on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We ate, we drank, and we ate some more.

One of the glorious food stations the Indians set up for us in the Champions Suite at Progressive Field - make your own hot dogs!

Checking out the Tribe on a Thursday afternoon was special enough but throw in a sneak peak of the now open Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum was the icing on the cake.

The Rock Hall is such a treasure to the city of Cleveland and upon stepping through the Women Who Rock exhibit doors I geeked out like a starstruck teenager.
The iconic pieces showcased in the new exhibit are so prominent and well known that I shrieked with glee upon passing each artifact.

CHER! Half Breed! So flippin' cool.

It's Britney, bitch! And that's the outfit Britney wore while performing "Oops I Did it Again" on the MTV VMAs back in 2000.

You MUST go check out the new Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock Hall, like, yesterday to see Aretha, Mavis, Gaga, Gwen, Janis, Madonna and Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

I didn't think my Thursday could have gotten any better but dinner and drinks with CK at Tremont Taphouse and Flying Monkey was the perfect ending.

Friday I enjoyed the epitome of a girls night out with Martha, the klutz and Ginenne which encompassed dinner at Aladdin's and a viewing of Something Borrowed at Crocker Park. We all loved Something Borrowed - we laughed, we cried and we swooned. Such a chick flick, such a guilty pleasure.

Saturday it was time for Janet and Adam's wedding!

With my dates of Seanski and Nugget we arrived at the church to see the official nuptials, cocktails at XYZ the Tavern before the reception and then dinner/dancing with at the 78th Street Studios in my 'hood.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Lueken!

Me, Seanski, Nugget, Moe, Mark and Janet had lots of fun in the photo boot. I think my favorite is the last one in the second column because that's when Mark said "Act like you're on an album cover" and we all did "serious" faces and Seanski looks like he's getting castrated...

Sunday Funday I heading downtown to the 2011 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon to cheer on some friends, brunch and quality hangout time with Erin and Todd who were up from Columbus for Todd to run the 1/2 Marathon at Latitude 41N and made an attempt at the Tribe Social Suite.

Run, everyone, run - the rain can't stop you now!

Jzone with her little one Nina, and Lzone with her nephew Joey in the Indians Social Suite - please note the Zone sissies are wearing matching shirts...

Good thing we had the Social Suite because there was zero baseball to be played thanks to the stupid rain. Next time.

This past Monday night I attended May's Dinner in the Dark at The Greenhouse Tavern. The food was amazing, the chefs were superb, the company was HILARIOUS and my group may or may not be banned from future Dinner in the Dark events based on our loud and inappropriateness...

Not really, but we definitely got looks from surrounding tables - you'll have that.

Post Dinner in the Dark at The Greenhouse Tavern chef photo - talk about a who's who of Cleveland (and Pittsburgh) talent.

Do you guys want to know what I did Tuesday night?


Nothing but laundry, cleaning, DVR catching up and writing this long ass blog. I'm probs going to do the same thing Wednesday night too - and I love it.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011


[bak blawged]

- verb

1. To be so behind in blog writing that you're backlogged, aka backblogged
2. To be so busy living that you don't have time to blog
3. Word constipation

Use in a sentence: "Man, I need to take some Metamucil because I'm so backblogged."

... ... ... ... ... ...


Is my life right now.

So much to write about, so little time.

Stay tuned.

cleveland magazine 2011 silver spoon awards party ticket giveaway - take 2

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thanks for NOTHING blogger.com.

You were down this past Thursday/Friday causing me not to be able to post and my readers not to be able to comment. THEN to add insult to injury you removed thousands of posts and comments (including my Silver Spoon Awards Party post below and over 50 reader comments/entries) promising you would restore them.

I waited patiently all weekend hoping you'd do as you said in regard to restoring the posts to no avail.

So it's Sunday evening and I'm having to re-post my content from Thursday and have to ask all my readers to
re-comment in order to enter to win, and all the inbound links created for this post are now dead.

Thanks a lot, jerks.

End Rant.

So sorry guys, if you entered to win two tickets to the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party last week you're going to have to comment again to be eligible to win.

If you twittered, don't worry about doing that again I can still see those, but please leave a second comment again telling me you did so.

Sorry for the inconvenience, you can blame blogger.com for this one....

I enjoy Cleveland Magazine.

They recently featured me in their City List issue, I've been named best blog by their readers in '09 and '10 and their managing editor Jim Vickers is a pretty cool dude.

{Sidenote: If you
still think I write a pretty cool blog please vote for me in that category in that category in the online Cleveland Magazine Best of Cleveland readers poll.}

So yeah, you could say I'm a fan - particularly because the foodie in me looks forward to the Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party every year.

This year is the 17th annual Silver Spoon Awards Party honoring Cleveland's best eateries is being held Thursday, May, 26th from 6 to 9pm at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center.

The strolling food and wine event helps raise awareness and funds for the Arthritis Foundation Northeastern Ohio Chapter via a live and silent auction. There's also a Hot in Cleveland VIP lounge and over 30 Silver Spoon Award winning restaurants showcase their wares.

The 2011 restaurant participants are: Aladdin's Eatery, AMP 150, Angelo's Pizza, Bac Asian American Bistro & Bar, B Spot Burgers (VIP lounge only), Bubba's BBQ, Buckeye Beer Engine, Chocolate Bar, Chinato, DANTE Restaurant, Deagan's Kitchen & Bar, Dim & Dem Sum (VIP lounge only), First Watch, Geraci's Restaurant, Great Lakes Brewing Company, Hot Sauce Williams, India Garden, L'Albatros, Mama Roberto's, Pacific East, Paladar, Pearl of the Orient, Pier W, San Souci, Sushi Rock, Sweet Melissa, The Greenhouse Tavern (VIP lounge only), Tucky's, Ty Fun and Whole Foods Market.

a.k.a. a lot of awesome places

You can purchase general admission or VIP tickets, $85 and $135 respectively, online here.


Win a pair of general admission tickets here on the plum!

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me which of the participating restaurants you're more excited to try.

For an extra entry tweet about the contest including a link to this post (http://bit.ly/l2zE0N) and my twitter handle (@clevelandsaplum) then leave a second comment telling me you did so.

Don't forget to leave your contact information in your comment if I don't already have a way to get a hold of you. I'll announce the winner on 5/19.

Good luck to all who enter!

no strings attached girls night in party

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guess who got to have some friends over for snacks, wine and an advanced screening of the movie No Strings Attached DVD?


Guess who also decided to "live blog" the evening?


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go.

7:12pm: JV and Lzone and show up at my townhouse and swoon over my new kitchen.

7:18pm: Lzone, while sitting in my living room accent chair says, "Do I have to talk in an accent because I'm sitting in your accent chair?"

7:30pm: Seanski arrives

7:37pm: "I love your place, but that sink is not timeless", says JV mocking Seanski because he thinks my non stainless steel kitchen sink won't last.

7:59pm: Nugget arrives


JV (to Seanski and Lzone) - "How did you two fall so in love?"

Lzone - "Because we're the exact same person but in male/female version. We're like Adam and Eve!"

8:07pm: AJP arrives on her scooter

8:11pm: "She has shapely calves", JV in reference to AJP's

Lzone - "How much do we each owe you for
the flats hosting stuff? Like $8?"
Nugget - "Actually it's $11.48"

8:20pm: "He has a rump and I like it", Seanski in regard to a Cleveland man we all know.

8:36pm: "ooooooooooooooo these are heavy", Seanski holding a
Sprinkles cupcake.

Item of note: Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes dye everything it touches red.

8:46pm: "I kinda feel like puking", Me.

8:54pm: While posing with our new comfy socks...
"That's a fetish", says Nugget.
"That's a FEETish", says Seanski.

9:20pm: The group critiques my round one blog redesign headers.

9:25pm: Lzone and JV peace out, cupcakes in hand.

9:28pm: JV reconsiders, puts back on comfy socks and gets ready for the No Strings Attached viewing.

11:26pm: The movie ends and we all unanimously agree that it was a super cute romantic comedy.

11:36pm: The remainder of my guests leave and I'm on the couch watching the season finale of Bethenny Ever After on Bravo.

I highly recommend you all have your own No Strings Attached viewing party when the DVD/Blu-Ray comes, out which is conveniently today!

Also, with each purchase of the movie you also receive a free three-month subscription to perfectmatch.com to find your own strings, or no strings attached relationship.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post with this cute girls night in kit you see to the right. I'm currently wearing the comfy socks, am full on Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes and now after seeing the movie on DVD realized I need to go buy a Blu-Ray player.

Happy Tuesday, kids!

i love weekends

Monday, May 9, 2011

It's too beautiful of a Sunday night to spend too much time blogging so this is going to be short and sweet, kids.

Friday night I headed to North Canton to celebrate the sweet sixteen birthdays of my twin cousins Natalie and Nicolette. It was a great evening with the family, amazing food courtesy of Suzanne and lots of laughing per usual.

Peter, Nicolette, Natalie and Suzanne, happy family and happy sweet 16!!

Post party I headed the
Barrel Room to meet up with some of my long lost NC besties who I haven't seen in ages including
biscuit, oakes and ry-guy. We all got caught up on every one's lives while drinking summer shandy and attempting not to punch an ignorant man who had invaded our party.

Saturday morning I had a wonderful mother's day visit with my yiayia lambo (grandmother) where I ended up leaving with a full belly and a new planter. Yiayia's are good like that.
Saturday afternoon I shopped and got my hairs cut courtesy of Abby at GSV Design Group. I looooooooooooooove getting my hair cut/colored, fyi.

Saturday night myself, CK, Muffin, Beaver, Lzone, Cubby and Martha all grabbed dinner at Buckeye Beer Engine in Lakewood for inappropriate
conversations courtesy of the one and only beaver. Another one of those laugh till you cry outings.

After dinner we all walked across the street to Mars Bar for our friend Travis's surprise going away party. It was my first time at Mars Bar and while I knew the Greeks owned it, I wasn't expecting the gyro spit behind the bar. Amazing.

Some of Cleveland's finest men, the Jerk, Captain, Cubby and Travis rocking Travis's famous "skinny arm" picture taking pose as Clark and timmybennett look on.

Some of my very favorite people in all the world: Lzone, me, Beaver and Muffin.

The DJ was playing great music, the inappropriateness continued and I got beam drunk. It was a win win evening with lots of great friends wishing Travis luck as he ventures to Oklahoma City - Cleveland misses you already!!!

Sunday CK and I ran very boring errands, I purchased some new outdoor furniture for the balcony off my kitchen and made cupcakes. How domestic.

And that's all she wrote folks.

I hope everyone had as nice a weekend as I did and I also hope all the Mom's out there had a great Mother's Day - especially my Mom, who is the coolest lady I know.


Abazias offers custom design jewelery for your purchasing pleasure.

a spider whisperer i am not

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I spent approximately 23 minutes last night staring at a rather large spider on the wall of my guest bedroom.

I grabbed some toilet paper to kill it and I couldn't do it.

I wrapped my hand in a paper towel first and
then grabbed the toilet paper with my paper towel hand to kill the spider and I still couldn't get close enough to do it.

I walked back to my utility-esque closet to see if there was a weapon that I could use and I came up with this...

.... sans the brush part.

I took the scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl cleaner wand and put toilet paper on the end of it to squish the spider, who hasn't moved an inch mind you, and I STILL couldn't kill it.

I just stood there, like an idiot, nearly paralyzed with fear of a stupid spider.

So I left it there alive on the wall, turned off the light in my spare bedroom, closed the door and prayed that the spider wouldn't come into my bedroom and decide that it wanted to make a permanent home in my mouth/stomach as I slept.

Hopefully my snoring will scare it away.

spider whisperer I am not.

slightly bitter in CLE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On my way to my first boot camp class at Anytime Fitness Monday night I hit a giant pothole in Lakewood causing an immediate flat tire.


Thankfully Volvo Roadside Assistance was there to help and in no time someone was removing my flat tire and replacing it with my spare.

The next morning I drove to Conrad's to buy a new tire for the second time in three weeks. Yes, three weeks ago I had to go to Conrad's to replace a different tire due to pothole damage...

And as I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for my new tire installation to be finished I looked out the window at the ugly gray skies and rain and I got bitter.


The weather in Cleveland has SUCKED for months.

The potholes aren't getting filled and I've had to drop almost $400 in one month on replacing tires due to the damage caused by the Cleveland city roads literally deteriorating before my eyes.

My townhouse windows are leaking like crazy due to some installation issue and it's going to literally be thousands of dollars to fix that I don't want to spend.

There's personal crap that I can't even begin to mention here on the plum.

And the weather in Cleveland has SUCKED for months!!!

I'm kinda unhappy in CLE instead of happy in CLE right now.

I need a break.

Winning mega millions would be nice but unlikely so I'll take a 70 degree sunny day instead, either or at this point.

NEO Food Tours, Indians Social Media Suite, and Muffin's Birthday

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Tuesday, happy May, and happy weekend re-cap time.

This past Thursday CK and I participated in the inaugural
NEO Food Tours event in Ohio City.

NEO Food Tours is a new foodie/neighborhood adventure event in Cleveland in that takes participants on a walking tour through distinct Cleveland neighborhoods stopping at restaurants and landmarks along the way.

It's historical, educational, delicious and way fun.

We started out at Dragonfly where we enjoyed wine, a trio of flaming starfish roll with warm crab salad, soba noodle salad, and a tia eggplant stuffed with seafood mousse on sweet chili sauce.

After Dragonfly we started our walking tour through Ohio City with our happy guide pointing out significant landmarks and historical tidbits.

Next we stopped at Momocho where Chef/Owner Eric Williams talked with us about how he started his restaurant and the philosophies behind it - which are awesome by the way and everyone should go there.

Next we walked to the J. Palen House which is a bed and breakfast in the heart of Ohio City on Bridge Avenue which I didn't even know existed until recently. I always admired the big purple house as I drove by and wondered who lived there, but now I know it's a beautiful Inn! This place was SO COOL and charming and I seriously recommend it to visitors and or any Clevelanders simply looking for a staycation getaway.

The tour continued to Light Bistro where we enjoyed two courses.

The Momocho course of a butternut squash and goat cheese empanada with house mole sauce oaxacon red chili served with a house margarita - delish!

The Light Bistro course was a crusted berkshire pork loin on ramp pesto, with a sweet potato croquette and fricassee of ramps, bacon, mushrooms and spinach served with red wine - I literally licked my plate!

Our final stop was at Flying Fig where we enjoyed coffee, wrap up chats and banana and chocolate bread pudding with meyers dark run creme anglaise and creme chantilly.

With this being the first event there was some need for tweaking with timing and what not but this concept is such a win win that I'm going to be sure to check out another NEO Food Tours event in the near future. Perhaps one on the east side in a neighborhood I'm not as familiar with because Ohio City and I are oh so familiar with each other.

To learn more about NEO Food Tours check out their website for upcoming events - they have 2 events planned a month through the summer in neighborhoods like E 4th St, Little Italy, Tremont, University Circle, Gordon Square, Warehouse District, Shaker Square and AsiaTown. Should be a good time!

As fun as Thursday was Friday was pretty darn awesome too as I headed to the Cleveland Indians Social Media Suite with CK and his little one. The social media suite is a place just for social media nerds like myself where one can enjoy the game on the Indians while relaxing in style.

The awesome view from the Indians Social Suite, a great view to watch the tribe win!

If you're interested in watching a game from the suite you can apply online here. Hopefully @TribeTalk will invite me to another game soon, hint hint.

Saturday between my long workout ride and gallivanting over Cleveland I biked 22 miles and loved everyone mile of it. Have I mentioned I love biking?

Saturday was also Muffin's birthday! We celebrated by having a girls lunch at 56 West in Lakewood where myself, Muffin, MOB, Beaver and Babs noshed (sorry CK) on glorious sandwiches.

Those of us that could have a Saturday Funday, aka me and Muffin, headed to Flying Monkey in Tremont where Lastic also came to play and we put lots of Summer Shandy in our mouths.

Saturday night I + the birthday girl + a big fun group of friends headed to Progressive Field to watch our first place Indians beat Detroit, again.

Ahhhhhhh, spring baseball in Cleveland, thankfully the seats and getting more filled with every win. go tribe!

With buckets of beers at the
Clevelander for the extra innings we had a grand idea of heading to Touch Supper Club for old school hip hop night.

I lasted approximately 20 mins at old school hip hop night due to how packed and how improperly dressed I was for proper booty shaking. So I hopped on my bike and spun my booty all the way home.

'twas a good day and a good weekend.

And Sunday dinner with CK at Momocho was the icing on the cake.

Hope everyone also enjoyed their weekend, and to think, another one is just around the corner.

(Sometimes my optimism even annoys me, fyi)

Disclosure: I was provided with two complimentary tickets to the NEO Food Tours in return for posting about the event. The Friday night Indians tickets were also complimentary in return for tweeting and being all "social" while in attendance. All opinions are my own.

and you are...

Monday, May 2, 2011

I used to incessantly tease my Yiayia Katina (grandmother) because she would call people by the wrong name.

For example, when she would ask me do to something she'd go through all of her grandchildren and or children's names before she got to the right one.

"Will you bring me the feta cheese Criseyda, Cathi, Paulette, Joanna, ALEXA?"

It wasn't necessary an old age thing though, because she did it for as long as I can remember even in her 70's.

Wait, is 70 old?

Anyways, I would always give her crap about it playfully and she would tell me that sometimes it just took her awhile to get to the right name.

Well I think there's a little bit of my Yiayia in me because recently I've been having THE WORST time remembering names.

I never forget a face, or a conversation even, but your name? It's like there's a big black line crossing out that piece of information.

I could list the last time I saw you, what we chatted about, where you work, who you're dating but my head can't remember if you're name is David, Dan, Jeff, or Mark.

It's gotten embarrassing recently when I'm in a social situation and I know the person on a more than acquaintance level and I just completely blank on their name.

Anyone else have this problem?

It's because I'm 30 now isn't it?

Wrinkles and memory lapses, lovely.

Happy Monday!