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Monday, May 2, 2011

I used to incessantly tease my Yiayia Katina (grandmother) because she would call people by the wrong name.

For example, when she would ask me do to something she'd go through all of her grandchildren and or children's names before she got to the right one.

"Will you bring me the feta cheese Criseyda, Cathi, Paulette, Joanna, ALEXA?"

It wasn't necessary an old age thing though, because she did it for as long as I can remember even in her 70's.

Wait, is 70 old?

Anyways, I would always give her crap about it playfully and she would tell me that sometimes it just took her awhile to get to the right name.

Well I think there's a little bit of my Yiayia in me because recently I've been having THE WORST time remembering names.

I never forget a face, or a conversation even, but your name? It's like there's a big black line crossing out that piece of information.

I could list the last time I saw you, what we chatted about, where you work, who you're dating but my head can't remember if you're name is David, Dan, Jeff, or Mark.

It's gotten embarrassing recently when I'm in a social situation and I know the person on a more than acquaintance level and I just completely blank on their name.

Anyone else have this problem?

It's because I'm 30 now isn't it?

Wrinkles and memory lapses, lovely.

Happy Monday!


  1. My grandma used to do the same thing - go through her three daughters name, then my mom, then me.

    I answered to Marybeth, Cathy, Luann and Julie.

    I knew what she meant, even if she didn't.

  2. I can't tell you how many times my grandma has called me by my sister's name over the years. It's gotten to the point where she just blends my name into hers and calls me that instead...Shannon + Brandi became Brannon. Not cool Grandma, not cool.

  3. I have a work friend who I have hung out with him and his now wife several times--I'm talking like 10 times together. I cannot for the life of me EVER remember her name. EVER.

    I am that weird memory girl and I can't remember her name. They've been over for dinner at my house too. It's almost embarrassing.

  4. I'm 31 and have trouble remembering people's names I've met on more than one occasion. I do however, try to avoid saying things like "Hey Buddy, dude, cheif, sport" etc. I just apologize for forgetting their name and blame it on heredity.

  5. It's totally because you're 30. Seriously. That's why I took a job at a gym in my 30s. Because I thought working the front desk would be good practice to remember people's names. I kid you not.

    If you think it's bad now, just wait until you have babies. Hint: it doesn't get better.

  6. I very occasionally think someone looks like they should be called something else, and then keep calling them that name. For example, I knew a girl called Lorna once but for some reason I thought she looked like a Karen. And I kept CALLING her Karen. I don't think she was too impressed.

  7. Aww my grandma does the same thing lol! I can remember a face for life but a name... forget it!

  8. oh man i used to be so good at remembering names but lately i've messing up some really bizarre ones. like i met a friends husband whose name is david and i kept wanting to call him justin all night long, no idea why. so damn weird.

  9. I rarely use people's real names--generally giving most some sort of nickname--and so if I don't give a nickname or it doesn't really stick in my mind names get all blurred.

    I tell so many people my name is Jacob that nobody knows I really am anyway.

  10. I generally forget peoples' names 30 seconds after being introduced to them. I sincerely think it's a medical disorder. And My great Aunt had five kids whose names were... wait for it... Jimmy, Jerry, Jean, Jan & Joy. When they got yelled at, they were called all five names. In that order.

  11. we use to give my mom crap about it all the time, shed start someones name and end with mine.

    I do it with the pets all the time now. Now i know she couldnt help it, the minds the first to go!

  12. I have this problem too. But I've figured out what it is: frequently, the moment people say their name is the EXACT moment I get distracted. Now, if only I could stop that from happening...


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