gray skies are gonna clear up, put on a happy face

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thanks to all who entered (twice) for two tickets to the 17th Annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party next Thursday 5/26.

Congrats to @smkaras whose comment, #5 out of 56, was chosen via

Sad you didn't win? Well you can still buy tickets online here - hope to see you all there!

I ranted on twitter for a hot second yesterday morning about how "Unhappy in CLE" I was.

I believe the exact tweet was, "very unhappy in CLE right now, get me the eff out."

I blame it on the weather, the rain, my desperate need for sunshine and not necessarily Cleveland per se.

A mood is a mood though, and I was most definitely in one.

Thankfully though I'm getting the "eff out" the next two weekends.

This upcoming weekend the best possible medicine is coming my way in the form of my University of Dayton roommates. My excitement can't even been contained - bring on the ladies of 520 Lowes!

The following weekend I'm heading to Toronto (on a private plane mind you) for my cousins engagement party and finally getting to hang out with my long lost sissy.

So ya know what, the gray skies are going to clear up and I'm going to put on a happy face because soon enough I'll be chugging bubbles with my besties.

You guys have any fun plans coming up?


  1. I don't care where or who you are, EVERYONE is in a mood this week, including me.

    It's high time for mother nature to get her shit together and give us some sun! The dreariness isn't getting her any points!

    Hope you have fun on your trips... sounds like you'll have no shortage of entertainment!

  2. shut up, a private plane? Talk about champagne wishes and caviar dreams!!!

  3. Interestingly, my upcoming fun plans include coming to Cleveland. Ha!

  4. I've been feeling the need to get the eff out of OH for a while now. Thankfully little mini trips to Pittsburgh and DC have been helping. Enjoy your weekends out and about. And I expect a full report on that private plane.

  5. I hear you. All this rain in ridiculous! Thankfully today was beautiful and I hope it sticks around for a bit. I'm so ready for summer!

  6. i'm with you, and desperately need some sun.

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