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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Um, so thanks to blogger.com being down all end of last week I have A LOT of things to catch you all up on....

Like how I attended a blogger patio kick off party pig roast this past Tuesday at Washington Place Bistro in Little Italy.

Have you had a chance to check out their patio yet? It's officially one of the best in the city.

Farmer Lee Jones from The Chef's Garden enjoying a patio party pig roast at Washington Place Bistro & Inn

Thursday I had the pleasure of attending a food tour at Progressive Field while taking in an Indians game on a beautiful sunny afternoon. We ate, we drank, and we ate some more.

One of the glorious food stations the Indians set up for us in the Champions Suite at Progressive Field - make your own hot dogs!

Checking out the Tribe on a Thursday afternoon was special enough but throw in a sneak peak of the now open Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame + Museum was the icing on the cake.

The Rock Hall is such a treasure to the city of Cleveland and upon stepping through the Women Who Rock exhibit doors I geeked out like a starstruck teenager.
The iconic pieces showcased in the new exhibit are so prominent and well known that I shrieked with glee upon passing each artifact.

CHER! Half Breed! So flippin' cool.

It's Britney, bitch! And that's the outfit Britney wore while performing "Oops I Did it Again" on the MTV VMAs back in 2000.

You MUST go check out the new Women Who Rock exhibit at the Rock Hall, like, yesterday to see Aretha, Mavis, Gaga, Gwen, Janis, Madonna and Miss Jackson if you're nasty.

I didn't think my Thursday could have gotten any better but dinner and drinks with CK at Tremont Taphouse and Flying Monkey was the perfect ending.

Friday I enjoyed the epitome of a girls night out with Martha, the klutz and Ginenne which encompassed dinner at Aladdin's and a viewing of Something Borrowed at Crocker Park. We all loved Something Borrowed - we laughed, we cried and we swooned. Such a chick flick, such a guilty pleasure.

Saturday it was time for Janet and Adam's wedding!

With my dates of Seanski and Nugget we arrived at the church to see the official nuptials, cocktails at XYZ the Tavern before the reception and then dinner/dancing with at the 78th Street Studios in my 'hood.

Congrats Mr and Mrs Lueken!

Me, Seanski, Nugget, Moe, Mark and Janet had lots of fun in the photo boot. I think my favorite is the last one in the second column because that's when Mark said "Act like you're on an album cover" and we all did "serious" faces and Seanski looks like he's getting castrated...

Sunday Funday I heading downtown to the 2011 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon to cheer on some friends, brunch and quality hangout time with Erin and Todd who were up from Columbus for Todd to run the 1/2 Marathon at Latitude 41N and made an attempt at the Tribe Social Suite.

Run, everyone, run - the rain can't stop you now!

Jzone with her little one Nina, and Lzone with her nephew Joey in the Indians Social Suite - please note the Zone sissies are wearing matching shirts...

Good thing we had the Social Suite because there was zero baseball to be played thanks to the stupid rain. Next time.

This past Monday night I attended May's Dinner in the Dark at The Greenhouse Tavern. The food was amazing, the chefs were superb, the company was HILARIOUS and my group may or may not be banned from future Dinner in the Dark events based on our loud and inappropriateness...

Not really, but we definitely got looks from surrounding tables - you'll have that.

Post Dinner in the Dark at The Greenhouse Tavern chef photo - talk about a who's who of Cleveland (and Pittsburgh) talent.

Do you guys want to know what I did Tuesday night?


Nothing but laundry, cleaning, DVR catching up and writing this long ass blog. I'm probs going to do the same thing Wednesday night too - and I love it.


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