no strings attached girls night in party

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Guess who got to have some friends over for snacks, wine and an advanced screening of the movie No Strings Attached DVD?


Guess who also decided to "live blog" the evening?


Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd go.

7:12pm: JV and Lzone and show up at my townhouse and swoon over my new kitchen.

7:18pm: Lzone, while sitting in my living room accent chair says, "Do I have to talk in an accent because I'm sitting in your accent chair?"

7:30pm: Seanski arrives

7:37pm: "I love your place, but that sink is not timeless", says JV mocking Seanski because he thinks my non stainless steel kitchen sink won't last.

7:59pm: Nugget arrives


JV (to Seanski and Lzone) - "How did you two fall so in love?"

Lzone - "Because we're the exact same person but in male/female version. We're like Adam and Eve!"

8:07pm: AJP arrives on her scooter

8:11pm: "She has shapely calves", JV in reference to AJP's

Lzone - "How much do we each owe you for
the flats hosting stuff? Like $8?"
Nugget - "Actually it's $11.48"

8:20pm: "He has a rump and I like it", Seanski in regard to a Cleveland man we all know.

8:36pm: "ooooooooooooooo these are heavy", Seanski holding a
Sprinkles cupcake.

Item of note: Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes dye everything it touches red.

8:46pm: "I kinda feel like puking", Me.

8:54pm: While posing with our new comfy socks...
"That's a fetish", says Nugget.
"That's a FEETish", says Seanski.

9:20pm: The group critiques my round one blog redesign headers.

9:25pm: Lzone and JV peace out, cupcakes in hand.

9:28pm: JV reconsiders, puts back on comfy socks and gets ready for the No Strings Attached viewing.

11:26pm: The movie ends and we all unanimously agree that it was a super cute romantic comedy.

11:36pm: The remainder of my guests leave and I'm on the couch watching the season finale of Bethenny Ever After on Bravo.

I highly recommend you all have your own No Strings Attached viewing party when the DVD/Blu-Ray comes, out which is conveniently today!

Also, with each purchase of the movie you also receive a free three-month subscription to to find your own strings, or no strings attached relationship.

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post with this cute girls night in kit you see to the right. I'm currently wearing the comfy socks, am full on Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes and now after seeing the movie on DVD realized I need to go buy a Blu-Ray player.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. Love this post. That is all.

  2. You also forgot 11:28pm: JV drives over a divider.

    I had a blast! Thank you so much for the invite. I hope I burned the 476 calories I consumed from that Sprinkles cupcake with all the giggling I did.


  3. How fun! I want an invite next time!

  4. Sounds like really fun evening! I'm looking forward to seeing that movie.

  5. you crack me up, glad it was such a fun night.

  6. I am a fan of the quote/live blog format. Plus, the content from all your besties (like me) are freaking hilarious.

  7. Damn, so nice. I don't think there are fun kits for dudes right? lol nice live post... this could turn into a very interesting trend.

  8. Oui oui! I wood like to thank you for zee won-dare-fool eve-ah-ning!

  9. Nice. Especially the cupcakes part. PS. You MUST buy a BluRay player lady!

  10. How fun!

    (Also: group input on design? Love it! This happens all the time, it seems. Hehe.)

  11. so many people have been posting on FB about the no strings attached DVD and, i am so embarrassed to admit this but i just have to, i thought it was a movie about 'nsync.

    thanks for the link!


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