slightly bitter in CLE

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On my way to my first boot camp class at Anytime Fitness Monday night I hit a giant pothole in Lakewood causing an immediate flat tire.


Thankfully Volvo Roadside Assistance was there to help and in no time someone was removing my flat tire and replacing it with my spare.

The next morning I drove to Conrad's to buy a new tire for the second time in three weeks. Yes, three weeks ago I had to go to Conrad's to replace a different tire due to pothole damage...

And as I'm sitting in the waiting room waiting for my new tire installation to be finished I looked out the window at the ugly gray skies and rain and I got bitter.


The weather in Cleveland has SUCKED for months.

The potholes aren't getting filled and I've had to drop almost $400 in one month on replacing tires due to the damage caused by the Cleveland city roads literally deteriorating before my eyes.

My townhouse windows are leaking like crazy due to some installation issue and it's going to literally be thousands of dollars to fix that I don't want to spend.

There's personal crap that I can't even begin to mention here on the plum.

And the weather in Cleveland has SUCKED for months!!!

I'm kinda unhappy in CLE instead of happy in CLE right now.

I need a break.

Winning mega millions would be nice but unlikely so I'll take a 70 degree sunny day instead, either or at this point.


  1. Major bummer! Here in Chicago, there is a city website where we can request potholes on specific blocks be filled. I used it for the first time a few weeks ago and was shocked at how quickly the city sent someone out to fill the potholes (response was within days). Maybe Cleveland has something similar? Also, if the potholes are near your home, can you call your Alderman or other city/neighborhood representative to make a complaint? You'd be surprised how quickly these elected officials want to do things to help their constituents (especially the easy stuff, like filling potholes).

  2. I hate that feeling! A vacay really does help and despite the tires and the windows (or maybe because of them) you should probably treat yourself to one!

    I feel your pain with the pothole...hit a ginormous one a few months ago and needed a new tire and rim. Submit a claim to the Ohio Department of should help with the costs or at least make you feel a little less screwed.

    Here's to sunny days ahead.

  3. These potholes are RIDIC. I haven't gotten a flat tire (thank God) but I've run over more than I can count. So annoying.
    I hope things start to turn around for you!!

  4. you know what would make you feel better? a weekend in DC.

  5. I am just waiting to get a flat tire with all of the potholes I have hit. And I just replaced all 4 tires for $600!

  6. I have horrid luck with tires, so I feel your pain. I'm also sooo sick of the weather. No matter where I go (SLC, Denver, OKC) the weather sucks. If I leave one place and the weather is shaping up, you can bet your ass it's shitty where I'm going. I can't win!

  7. It's not 70, but it's a beautiful LOOKING day out there..

    I lost one on street repair a few months back, crossing 90 on Superior. I know how much it sucks!

  8. honestly? its a terrorist plot to drive us insane, so we turn on each other out of sheer misery! they kidnapped the sun.

    I'm immune, because I use the fake out sunshine of tanning beds.

    Maybe Obama is in on it, since he did raise that tanning tax!!???

  9. I just saw the sun :) I hope it brightened up your day.

  10. I hate days like that! I thought I would lose it yesterday with more rain and dreariness. Sun today is making me happy.

  11. come visit me in LA!! its super hot right now. we can lay around in my pool and you can laugh at how giant my preggers belly is. :) xoxoxo

  12. let's get something straight - I'm going to need to go to the sun versus it coming to me.

    this is brutal!

  13. yeah we just had to get stuff done on the car and tires and ended up with 800 dollars worth of stuff.

    I feel ya.

  14. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I feel your pothole pain. They aren't any better in Akron.

  15. No kidding, I just pot holed the crap out of a new rim on the passenger side and dented it soooo bad. Sucked and I just got em!

  16. Of course you can always get tires online if you keep running over pot holes everyone. Personally, I try to avoid those lol.


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