and the summer awesomeness continues

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I drove six hours this past week to visit family and friends and while it made me super tired come Sunday night I would do it again in a heartbeat because it was well worth the drive to meet my little godson and celebrate my little cousin's high school graduation.

Family is what matters after all.

But I'm jumping ahead of myself here - let's rewind.

Thursday night I stayed home and AJP came over and we worked out, ate a healthy dinner and watched SYTYCD, natch. Friday I lunched with KAW at the delicious and awesome Good to Go Cafe and then stayed in again for the night post long bike ride through my 'hood because I had to wake up early for my day trip to meet my godson Bobby.

Since KAW's the mayor and VIP we got special treatment at Good to Go Cafe

Saturday morning, bright and early, I headed to Columbus for a mere 5 hours to Erin and Todd's house to meet 10 day old Bobby! It was awesome to see him, hold him and give him a handful of silver dollars (on top of other presents) because my Thea Eros told me so - it's a Greek thing!

He's so precious I simply can't wait to be his Nouna

After a wonderful visit I headed back to Cleveland because it was time for the Summer Solstice Party at the Cleveland Museum of Art!

I can officially cross the Cleveland Museum of Art off my list of things I need to do in Cleveland, but after last Saturday's party at the CMA I've decided I need to go back ASAP to take everything in all over again without alcohol and loud music both of which are great for partying by not so great for art absorption.

I can't say enough about how wonderful the Summer Solstice Party was. When AJP and I arrived at 6 the vibe was already on. Drinks and food were as plentiful as the music options and the crowd was unparallelled to any I've experienced in Cleveland. I ran into so many fun people/clients/friends and had a smile on my face the entire evening.

If I knew what this was I'd tell you, but it's cool, right? And the marble, oh the marble that makes up the CMA - I felt like I was at my Tia-Jo's house with all the stone.

How beautiful, gorgeous, rad, fun, enter sweet adjective here, is the CMA all lit up and full of people?

Even the bathroom at the Solstice party was bumpin' - please note JV's cuteness in the corner

I already can't wait till next year's party, I'm telling you Cleveland this is a must attend event and I'm so glad my friend Becky got me involved this year.

The evening ended with myself, AJP, seanski, nugget, KAW and JoeG heading to Tina's Nite Club for jello shots and my making of breakfast for AJP and JoeG at my house at 3am - solid ending to the evening.

Sunday I woke up tired but there was no rest for the wicked because it was time for my cousin Jenna's high school graduation party in Canton. My little baby cousin Jenna, sigh. She's all adult-like I can't even handle it. I may or may not have cried looking at all the pictures of her from when she was younger.

See this bouncy thing? Well this was part of Jenna's graduation party and while I was going down the final slide part my oversized shirt blew up over my head flashing my bra to a group of 14 year old boys the entire way down. FREE SHOW! At least my bra was pretty.

And that was the weekend that was and it was glorious.

Happy Tuesday, kids!

Disclosure: I was on a marketing committee of sorts for the 2011 CMA Summer Solstice Party but the thoughts are all my own.


  1. I know there's a lot going on in this post - lots of fun events and whatnot - but I totally got distracted by the adorable baby photo. So cute!

  2. Your godson is SO SO cute!!

    I may or may not wish I had a bouncy castle thingy to jump around on. If I ever do come across one though, I'll make sure my underwear and bra are puuuurtyyy. :)

  3. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! As for the shirt flying up, at least someone got a kick out of it!

  4. i love that you flashed boys, that makes me smile.

  5. seriously that baby is precious and that party looks amazing and i bet you made those boys' day with your flasher show, haha.

  6. Congrats on you little godson! How precious! I had to miss the Solstice party this year and was so sad about it!I agree, though, I've been meaning to go on a quiet night where I can really take in the galleries without the crowds, noise and wine buzz.... OK, maybe the wine buzz can stay.

  7. I just received my ultimate wonderbra, tried it on, and it's perfect! looks and feels great...i was so impressed i bought 2 more for gifts

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