Animals Being Dicks

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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A lot of you know, but some of you may still be in the dark about my strong dislike of animals.

I don't want to hurt them, I don't want anyone to be mean to them and I suppose at times pets can be cute and I've even been known to pet one or two of them but I'm personally just not into house pets.

They are smelly, take up a lot of time/energy/money and are I don't know, annoying.

I'm just not a pet person.

Specifically CATS, eww.

{Cue comments about how cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute and cuddly cats are and how wonderful they are as pets, blah blah blah blah blah. I get it, cat people (i.e. lots of my very best friends) looooooooooooove their cats. But I don't. Different strokes for different folks. End rant}

Moving on.

So that's essentially the back story of why when my friend Jon shared this website on Facebook I completely freaked out in delight at it's awesomeness.

May I introduce you to Animals Being Dicks which is essentially a series of animated gifs of animals being utter jerks.

And I can't stop laughing at all of them.

Some of my favorites: break dancing kitteh, wait for meeeeeee, and get low.

You must check out the site and I sincerely apologize in advance if I've ruined your productivity at work for the day.

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. thank you for making my day with that site. my co-workers thank you too.

  2. Thank you for voicing your dislike of animals. I often feel alone in this world in my dislike of the four legged, winged or slithery. Like you, I wish them no harm I just don't wish to interact with them. You may love your smelly, slobbery dog or annoying, sheddy cat but I don't have to. And for the love of Pete, keep your dog on a leash when you're out in public.

  3. Well...there goes my belated Housewarming Hamster gift I was going to get you...
    /sad hamster

  4. LOVE this! I'm not an animal lover myself...and wouldn't you know it, the ONLY thing my son wants for his birthday is a dog.

    I'll have to show my kids these co-workers (all animal lovers) thought these were ridiculously funny. My fave is the monkey mooning the little boy and his dad.

  5. I have no shame in my love for medium and big dogs. Drop kick dogs can suck it. And if cats were close to extinction, I wouldn't drop a tear. =)

  6. I agree with you about pets. We have a turtle and even it is annoying/smelly (ok, we should clean his tank more... but still...). Anyway, your post reminds me of how the first 7,452 times I interacted with my mother-in-law (a self-proclaimed cat lady), she would ask me if I liked cats. Every time I tried to sugar coat my answer of hell to the f no, I do not like cats.

  7. different strokes is right!! I love me some pets but kids irk me!

    I hear women in the gym at work milking themselves with their nursing things, and think to myself that is soooo disgusting! when really i guess, its the most natural thing to do, but I can't imagine myself ever hooking up to one of those things, or growing a living thing inside my uterus!

    you ruined my tomorrow, cus my computer is slow as shit so i cant watch these funny things at home. At least i have something to look forward to!

  8. That site is friggin' hilarious!

  9. I just found this site today and almost peed my pants in my desk chair!! TMI?
    The one where the bird shoved the turtle off the ledge was my favorite.

  10. People like you scare me. I am sure the animals dislike you and your filthy being as much as you hate them. Oh wait, they don't hate for no reason the way people do. Please do not reproduce. Ever.


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