a low key weekend and it felt so good

Monday, June 13, 2011

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Not sure how, but I seem to have gotten a bit of a reputation of being a "party girl" and "gadabout".

Well, maybe I do know how, but that's not the point...

The point is that this past weekend if you would have followed me around you would have thought I was the complete opposite of a party girl.

Thursday after a
DCA City Advocates group meeting at Barley House, and a IABC awards ceremony at Velevt Dog I ultimately ended up staying in with CK.

Friday after a post work nap I headed to the
Public House to bid farewell to Ellis before he heads down south to work and live in Florida. Lots of friends were in attendance and while I "didn't want to drink" I somehow ended up being handed a beer and a shot almost immediately upon walking in the door.

I maintained my will power though and didn't drink much but watched my friends be hilarious instead - sometimes that's better.

Ellis in his fancy shirt and lzone - Cleveland will miss you Ellis!

MOB with the best face EVER and lzone being perfectly turned out black swan style.

Saturday at 7am I headed to Canton for a hair cut and color at
GSV before heading back to Cleveland for flower shopping for what seemed like hours and all over northeast Ohio but by the end of the day I had what I needed in preparation for my planting.

Saturday night I biked over to CK's and made dinner then headed home before dark where I contemplated going out for approximately .2 seconds before settling in on my couch - I needed more rest.

Sunday my mom came up to CLE to help me with my mini-yard and we dug holes, planted shrubs/pots, mulched and even laid some sod.


I sodded and mulched.

I wish someone would have video recorded me.

So as I'm typing this Sunday night I'm already prepping for how sore my back is going to be from yard work tomorrow, but sitting in my pretty backyard will make it worth it.

This low key weekend was EXACTLY what I needed, and I got 3 items on my list crossed off which is more than zero, kids.

And with that my weekend was complete - happy Monday!


  1. If you need anymore practice with mulching or planting I have a whole yard that needs done. Anytime! #justsayin

  2. Isn't yard work a pain in the butt? That's what I did this weekend too. And it was exhausting.

    BUT it felt good crossing some things off my list too! ;)

  3. Your low-key weekend makes my busy weekends look boring. hahaha. Sounds like the perfectly balanced weekend. Hooray!

  4. Fun, friends, and mulch? I think you should take pictures of your new plants and mulch (and the rest of your house!). I think that your weekend sounds great.

  5. another fabulous weekend, nicely done friend :)

  6. I love that you mentioned El's "fancy shirt." ha ha ha ha ha!

    xo -
    Black Swan Zone


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