making a party list and checking it twice

Thursday, June 30, 2011

So I'm finally officially having a housewarming party this weekend, albeit 8 months late, but I'm having one regardless and I simply can't wait for all the fun, friends and warming of the house.

It also happens to be on my birthday so it should be a good day all around, right?

And it will be, after I go through my traditional "event" prep freak out.

I'm a great hostess, I can brag about that, I throw great parties, everyone is welcome, there's always awesome (and too much) food, music and libations - I'm a party girl, this shouldn't surprise you all too much.

But with a good party comes planning and thanks to my Mom and entertaining savvy family I was trained very well.

It may sound old fashioned but I still think a woman is judged on her cooking, cleaning and entertaining skills so I try to make everything as perfect as possible while still relaxing and enjoying myself.

I think it's the Greek woman in me.

So while I was making my final check list last night I thought it was entertaining and needed to be shared, heck, maybe you'll learn something.

- Cut grass + edge
- Hang new art in bonus room and bedroom
- Hang lanterns with candles on the pergola
- Put together new bed for the guest bedroom
- Make sangria
- Make cheese tortellini pasta salad + get ingredients at grocery
- Set up bar in both kitchen and backyard
- Grocery store, beer, chips, dips, cookies and fruit
- Purchase paper products, cups, plates, plastic wear, napkins
- Pull out serving pieces for food and assign accordingly
- Pick up catered food from Fat Casual BBQ by 12:30pm on Saturday (this is going to be a HUGE help, fyi)
- Set up laptop to flat screen in living room for music and set up Bose ipod doc for outside music
- Get lots and lots of ice for drinks and coolers
- Blow Tony's rival party out. of. the. water.

And to think that's just the list of things that still need to get done, don't even get me started on what's already been done, oy.

But you know what? All this prep makes for a smooth party and then I as the hostess just gets to chug some sangria, eat some BBQ and hangout with my friends and family.

Bring on the holiday weekend, kids!


  1. This is all in good preparation for planning a wedding one day. Where you learn that something will be forgotten, go wrong, etc. And that's when you learn to brush it off and drink a little more. Just saying.

    Have a blast this weekend. Happy (early) birthday!

  2. nilsa, i was drinking water when your comment came through and almost choked when you mentioned wedding.

  3. I am feeling inadequate to attend this party now. The parties I usually attend generally have far less prep and way more empty PBR cans.

  4. hahaha love the wedding comment.

    also- i went to a housewarming party last weekend where the hosts did NOTHING. their parents brought the main dishes (which were gone by the time the second 'crew' came around), there was cat fur clinging to every surface, and other people brought the cornhole boards. it's one thing to delegate, another to shirk responsibility all together.

    your guests will appreciate your effort (ha- even if they don't know it).

  5. It all sounds fabulous! Now I'm even more bummed to be missing it! Have a wonderful time, relax, and enjoy!

  6. Well I sure hope you have a nice party and a very happy birthday too!

  7. i am going through the exact same thing! i am sad i will miss this. every fab party has sangria! cheers!

  8. oh man that sounds like one hell of a party. hope it's fabulous and can't wait to read about it! :)

  9. this list could have been but one thing..."make sangria" drunk people think everything is amazing, and give them some good fun, and a summer-ry delicious sangria, and you have the recipe for a party.

    sounds like an amazing time!! Happy housewarming!!!!

  10. Um your party sounds like its going to be a blast! Remind me to try to get invited to your next one;)! Have fun!

  11. I was already looking forward to your party, but this just put it over the edge. You can guess how much an event planner like me just LOVES a good list. :) See you Saturday!

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