what i really should be doing

Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I need to do around my house ASAP.
(alternate title: Things I need to do around my house instead of continuing my procrastination by sitting on my bed whilst watching TV and blogging about all the things I should be doing)

1. Plant my flowers/shrubs/grass - this is priority #1 for the weekend, no excuses.

2. Call my home warranty/insurance and figure out my options for fixing my leaky windows.

3. Clean all three of my bathrooms - not one, not two, but ALL three. (alternate option: hire a cleaning lady)

4. Organize my jewelery - finding matching earrings shouldn't be this hard.

5. Figure out the timers in my backyard - currently they're on during the day and off at night, don't ask why.

6. Swap out my winter clothes/shoes for my summer clothes/shoes - see ya boots.

7. Laundry, lots of it.

Let's try to cross some of this crap off my list this weekend shall we?

But in the meantime I have more basketball to watch. Go Mavs.


  1. Would those timers be for lights or sprinklers? I'm gonna laugh if you're watering your lawn 18 hours per day.

    Oh, and a cleaning lady? Best investment in our home we've ever made. Once you go *there* you'll never go back. Seriously. As we were budgeting for baby and figuring out where we could pull back on spending, our line item for twice monthly cleaning wasn't touched!

  2. I'm laughing thinking about your timers.

    I have this jewelry stand that helps keep my stuff together. however, the bracelets and ring organization is a whole other thing.

  3. Just because it's summa-time, doesn't mean you have to say farewell to your boots.

    Boots on the beach!

  4. Per# 4- I use an old shirt that I will never wear and hang it in the closet and attach all my earrings to it... perfect for long sassy earrings!

  5. hot damn, if I had 3 bathrooms Id work myself out a schedule, that required me to use the bathrooms alternatly, making it necessary to only clean them every three weeks!

    I wish I had 3 houses too.

    And a million dollars.

  6. Yeah I have similar list around my house. Let's hope you were more successful than me.


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