What a summer weekend in Cleveland should look like

Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh sweet weekend, why must you be so short?

But also why must you be so jam packed full of fun that it takes me so long to write about you on Sunday that it eats up what precious few hours left in my weekend there are?

Oh, the troubles of a blogger...


The weekend, per usual, started on Thursday with a Cleveland Museum of Art
Summer Solstice Party meeting at Market Ave Wine Bar. (Spoiler alert: More info on the Summer Solstice Party will be coming soon, read, a giveaway!)

After my meeting I was enjoying bubbles on the patio with Reena and Becky when CK and his dear friend Schmitt came and met up with us. The drinking continued across the street at
Great Lakes Brewing Company where CK, Schmitt and I met up with Hartzell, Keith, Biondi, and Salgat.

CK and his bestie Schmitt in from STL at GLBC who will from now on be dubbed Mexican Cousin - aren't they cute?

After GLBC we headed to XYZ the Tavern for some fancy meats and cheeses and whiskey, naturally.

Friday evening brought me, CK, Mexican Cousin and Bob-o to Whiskey Island to spend time at
Cropicana with the midges and then to XYZ the Tavern (again) for some late night munchies and more whiskey/bourbon.

Bob-o, Mexican Cousin (again) and CK at Cropicana

Mexican Cousin creating some chalk art on the XYZ women's bathroom door.

Saturday morning, myself, CK, Bob-o and Mexican Cousin headed to Deagan's for a delicious lunch and beers. I had the soup of the day before my pecan-crusted chicken salad which was a creamy mushroom cup of deliciousness that I'm still thinking about it was that good. Seriously, that place never disappoints.

My Deagan's breakfast of champions instagram shot.

It was at Deagan's that I bid farewell to the boys because they had a Phish show to get ready for and I had Jilly's bachelorette party to get ready for.

For Jilly's bachelorette party we all met in the VIP suite at the Hyatt downtown for games, drinks, apps and presents before heading to Luxe (aka my favorite restaurant in Cleveland these days). I got the short rib gnocchi, natch.

Jilly with some new branded unmentionables. Wedding night perhaps?

Ladies, all the ladies (minus the photographer, me) outside of Luxe.

Post our delicious dinner we walked over to, surprise surprise, XYZ the Tavern (this would be my third night there in a row if you're keeping track...), before about half of us headed to Suite Sixx for dancing and debauchery.

Katy, Beaver, Kristen, Mandy, Jessica and Jilly - former UD roomies reunited again!

Muffin and Jilly love to dance at Suite Sixx...

... but I think Beaver and Katy like to dance a little more I think.

You don't even want to know what the Beav was doing to me or how we even ended up in that position...

Sunday was spent "recovering" with Red Stripes at Cropicana, sunning, biking, and a late dinner at the ParkView, pretty much an all around awesome day.

Sigh, Whiskey Island, how I love you so.

Good weekend, great friends, fun times. Man do I love Cleveland in the summer!

Have a good week, kids.


  1. I love your weekend, mine involved a lot of sun myself with motorcycle rides.

  2. So you're helping to plan CMA's Solstice Party yet you've never been there? Interesting!

  3. anonymous - yes, i've never been there you are correct. and i'm not "planning" it, never said i was, i'm helping to spread the word via my blog and social network. do you have any issue with that?

  4. Alexa, you never cease to simultaneously amaze and tire me with your weekend festivities. This week is no different.

    BTW, nothing like a little Monday morning snark, eh? (comment above) ha.

  5. nilsa, it's funny that you said snark because that's the first word that came to my mind too, ha.

  6. I am 100% certain that I could not keep up with your weekend pace but I always enjoy reading about your adventures. You are awesome, miss.

  7. awesome blog! i never thought I would be saying "man, i wish i could spend a summer in Cleveland".

    p.s. - what is Schmitt wearing on his head ?!?!?

  8. haha love all of this. just so fun all around.


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