where has the blog community gone?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I've been feeling disconnected to the blogger community recently.

Maybe it's because I'm "too old" to be a 20-something-blogger anymore, or I don't have as much time to read other blogs and comment like I used to as those days are sadly long gone.

But I'm still a blogger, no doubt about it.

I surprisingly post very consistently after all these years and my readership is steady if not ever-growing.

Yet I still feel disconnected from the blogger community, outside of my local blogger friends, as a whole.

I try to think about what has changed, pinpoint it down, and it's hard for me not to sounds like an old bitter blogger but I'll try.

When I started my blog back in January of 2008 the art of blogging was still, to an extent, pure. You wrote a blog to connect with people, share your stories and have fun.

Not to get free meals, free swag, or money.

I remember vividly when I got my first "pitch" how shocked I was. They wanted ME to come to their event eat free food, drink free drinks and all I had to do was write about my experience? JACKPOT.

And so it grew...

Once people realized you could actually make money and get free swag from blogging and that anyone with a laptop could instantly become "media", the floodgates opened.

Bloggers, without any real clout behind them, created media kits for their 2 month old blog, contacted restaurants, event promoters, and marketing agencies just trying to get into places.

It seemed slimy and like a short-cut and suddenly blogging became artificial and unauthentic to me.

Where's the story? Who are YOU?

I essentially stopped reading a lot of blogs.

{Editors note: Let me stop my rant for a moment, I have gotten some AMAZING opportunities presented to me through my blog, I have gotten to try rad products, gone to events, and held contests for said events on my blog. Heck, I work at a company that pitches bloggers all the time. But at the end of the day organizations reach out to me, I determine if it's a good fit for my blog/readers and if it's something I want to do, I do. I don't go to the opening of an envelop just for the sake of it.}

To maintain a successful blog it's time consuming and by putting yourself out there for all to read you essentially ask for criticism (point in case, anonymous comments), because of which I'm not against getting a kick back here or there, you earned it - I say go for it.

But to the bloggers out there that are all about the product with no personality, I wish you luck, more power to you... I'm just not going to read you. You aren't doing it for the right reasons.

It's about a balance of personal and promotion, and I'd like to think I do it right.

You guys still get "me posts" and once or twice a month I get to do something cool thanks to my blog and post about it - and that's not going to change.

As I attempt to wrap up this ranty and preachy post though I'm not sure I've done an adequate job using my words to express how I'm feeling (no surprise there).... but the end of the day this whole post is stemming from the fact that I MISS the blogging community, the people, the connections.


And I'm having a hard time wading through the murk that can be the internet to find good people to read.

Can you guys help me?


  1. This post needs more free tickets.

  2. http://bugginword.com/

    http://thebloggess.com/ (she's a given)




  3. not that what I do is really considered a "blog" but yehudamoon.com is strictly for the fun of doing it and seeing the reaction that it gets. If I was in it just for money, I would have quit long ago.

  4. Try anyone on my blog roll. I don't come across the promotional posts too often.

  5. anon - you're annoying.

    bridg - thanks, friend!

    fatty - you do something completely different than life style bloggers like me, you're like creative an awesome and stuff! you just keep doing what you're doing and then send me an autographed copy of your first book.

  6. sarah - thanks for the heads up! I'm starting to wondering if I'm extra annoyed about this situation because it's happening in cleveland so much and it's all i see. hope not.

    clevenole - thanks buddy :)

  7. I've been blogging for over four years and to some extent, I agree with you, but I agree from a different stance. Blogging has become incredibly mainstream and accessible to the everyday blogger. People from all walks of life get to mold their own approach to blogging. There are more bloggers in general. That means, yeah, you've got more bloggers who think they can make a living through blogging by selling their souls. But, there are also more genuinely honest and interesting bloggers out there, too. It just means you have to find them.

    BTW, I'm still here, just not blogging as much or in the same way as I used to. The beautiful thing about blogging is it follows us, no matter what shape our lives take! Heart you and your beautiful blog!

  8. There aren't too many blogs around that I keep up on that are not dedicated to computer security. My issue is largely that for me, it's more about the community than it is the personality running it, so that means there's few blogs unrelated to security that are in my RSS feeds. For the general community/connection, I try to seek out forums and communities closely aligned with my interests at the moment, then branch out with blogs from there.

    Of course, I am an internet dinosaur. I've had email since 1983. My first task as a new college student in 1992 was running to the computer lab to get my system account established. I've watched as computer-assisted discourse moved from 1:1 in email, then many:many in bulletin boards, then 1:many in blogs, and now many^2:many^2 with social media.

    It was a good post though. It's like your blog has hit its angsty teenage years! If your blog had favorite bands, which phase would it be going through at the moment?

  9. I will say the post that says - this needs more free tickets made me laugh.

    I get it - Great Post...Blog.. Rant.. all of the above.

    I simply started one not to long ago about my running experiences - which rolled into Sports - which rolled into Autism advocacy.. now I am basically a blend..

    I do it for Fun - and to connect - thats it.. :):)

  10. have you ever read The Daily Balance?

    she's a clevelander who just had a baby, but there's something for everyone and she has a a pretty great sense of humor.


  11. Alexa,

    These are more personal blogs that I've been collecting for years. Hopefully, you will find a few that you like:


    And, since I'm completely boring to advertisers, my blog will remain both ad- and giveaway-free for the foreseeable (forever?) future.

  12. I've been blogging since the beginning of time. (Or, like, the Wednesday after.) Blogging has changed. And changed. And then changed again.

    I definitely agree with some of your complaints.

    I also think that, in some ways, people are trying to force the "community" aspect without putting in the time. Everyone wants to meet up and have events before they ever form a relationship. Seems backwards to me.

    Thankfully there are still some great bloggers out there, doing their thing. Sadly you have to fight your way through a lot of noise to find them.

  13. This has been a topic floating about blog land lately and I appreciated reading your perspective which I mostly agree with. I have two separate thoughts:

    1)At the end of the day, I focus on two thoughts. One: it's YOUR blog and YOU choose what you put on it. Second: while it is your blog, it's really about your readers. If your readers come to your blog to hear your awesome stores about your weekend, write that. If they want to hear about the cool opportunities going on in our town, write that. If that comes about because of a pitch, who cares - as long as you are being authentic about your experience.

    I think that is where the issue generally lies - not with you, but with other bloggers whom just get excited to get a pitch. That excitement sometimes leads into a recap post that isn't as honest as it should be. I think you can be constructive while being polite, but some just worry about upsetting someone because of a negative blog review.

    2) As for the title of your post: I'm sad to hear that you think the blog community is "gone". I think since you have been around longer than some of us (at least me since I started in late 2009), I don't think it's "gone", only that it's "changed". I might be biased as I plan blogger meet ups on a regular basis, but the community is here and it is strong. It's just the question of how you want to embrace it - either online or in real life.

    Great post Alexa. Glad I came across it today.

  14. I think your post rings true for others out there as well, me included.

    It's hard to remember this all the time, but I try to tell myself that every blog has an audience. The content, tone, approach, etc. may just not be for my taste, and I need to be okay with that.

    I just try to stay true to what I believe my blog (and the ones I follow regularly) should be. But I do agree that there is a bit of disconnect in the Cleveland blogging community as a whole.

    Thanks for the read!

  15. I haven't been blogging nearly as long, but I've felt some changes of community a little bit. I've always just attributed it to the fact, though, that I don't put nearly the time and effort and cool effects that a lot of other bloggers do, so I'm kind of on the outskirts.

    But, bottom line: I like this post a lot.

  16. I feel you... a lot of blogs that I started reading a few years ago have gone by the wayside. And being out of the 20SB loop kind of makes you feel left out.

    There's a new community called Studio 30+ if you're interested. I'm a member, but I rarely get on and/or use the resources. I haven't been around much in blogland lately, so that doesn't help either.

    Maybe we should just start our OWN community!(Not to be confused with OWN the tv network) Ha!

  17. I do not really read any local blogs anymore because it seems like they are all about the same things, going to the same restaurants, bars, events, etc. Maybe you are bored with just feeling obligated to tell people about what you do on the weekends? That's understandable - it's a lot of work. Maybe you are really yearning to look deeper at some important issues, such as the impact of gentrification, or whether the casino will really bring jobs, etc.? I mean, that's kind of absent in the blogosphere right now and it could be a really good service to the community. I mean I think maybe your boredom could be a sign that you are "growing up" too! ;)

  18. Old school blogger here, been in it since 2001. I feel you COMPLETELY on the lack of community. But to be fair this isn't the first time I felt this way. Back in 03, things were great, then it tapered off a bit. Things picked back up around 06-07 when the "cool kids" starting blogging. There was a lot of push-back from us old heads, but a lot of them earned their stripes and became valuable members of the community.

    Now? At least for traditional blogs, there are a lot of people who are just in it for the swag. Or for "professional leverage." Or to start a book deal. The number of people who blog just because it's fun has dwindled substantially. But while those are all reasons why the community is hurting, social media is probably a bigger culprit. Why should I visit individual blogs when the same people are telling me their life stories in real-time? I know I'm guilty of it, but most of my blog posts are just recaps of things I've already tweeted/facebooked about. Social media has "hurt" my blog as well as many others I follow.

    The only middle ground I've seen thus far is tumblr. The community is great and it has a very "social-media-y" feel. If you haven't give it a spin.

  19. I like to think, in general, most people are honest on their blogs. They are putting their own thoughts and opinions out there in the way they're comfortable with. That doesn't always resonate with everyone.

    I like to think, in general, readers will seek the authentic and the genuine. The funny thing is what feels authentic and genuine to one reader may seem fake to another.

    We all choose what to read, who to follow, etc. And I certainly hope you find some good, authentic bloggers that resonate with you to read - I think there are a lot out there, truly.

    And for me, I've found the CLE blogging community to be great and very welcoming - yourself certainly included in that.

  20. We have Cleveland Craft Beer Community Meet-ups on a monthly basis. Nearly 100% of the people who attend read my site (Cleveland Food and Brews), Cleveland Hops, The Brewers Daughter and Bobby Likes Beer. People have told us that they appreciate different perspectives on the topic we all love, and it is a fun chance for us to meet our readers and talk to other bloggers. We'd love to have you come to one of our events and get to know the bloggers and the readers and share a pint of good craft beer with us.


  21. Amen sister - amen! VERY well said! I couldn't agree with your point of view more!

  22. Agreed.
    You have to decide why YOU want to have a blog and it's sad that most jump in for the FREE SWAG.

    Abusing too many free opportunities will mis-shape the path of your message and most likely cost you readers.

    The last thing you want is people questioning your opinion. Is she being honest or does she feel obligated to be nice and at this point it just becomes a commercial.

    I've heard of people calling ahead to restaurants and telling them they are coming to review their food. Ah, that just screams...I want free stuff! It's sad and pathetic.

    Good for you for speaking your mind over this as I have heard it multiple times from other readers and writers.

  23. I read your blog for one main reason. To see where the fun, cool spots in Cleveland are. (Evidently the Detroit-Shoreway neighborhood-HA!) I've been in Cleveland the majority of my life but never really ventured out to explore what's out there away from my normal places I go. Now I know what restaurants to try, where the cool shops are, and to only stick to drinks at Whiskey Island. You're basically doing a review of the city of Cleveland on a daily basis, and that's hepful to a lot of people. One of these days I'm going to run in to you and when I do, first round is on me.

  24. I should have posted this link. Our next meetup is in Akron at Thirsty Dog Brewing on July 30th.



  25. Word up Alexa and Anon (at 12:30). Most of us started blogging because we needed some sort of outlet and wanted our voice (whether it be about Cleveland, boogers, or whatever) to be heard. Free stuff was the icing on the cake. It does seem like more people are like "I want free stuff and maybe then I will develop a voice, a writing style, a personality." It's too bad but I guess it's what happens when there is personal gain to be had. There are still some great authentic bloggers out there. You just have to search a little harder for authentic content...but it's hard to hear over all the shamless self promotion. (also if they were all that awesome, the wouldn't have to tell us, we would already know!)

  26. I'm with you. I feel like my blog is really just for me, I don't know if I have any real readers. I'm too old for the 20-Something Blog crowd too. Mayhaps we should make a 30-Something Blog community!

  27. i hear ihatesomuch.com is pretty cool

  28. Great post! I've been thinking about writing a blog for a couple of months now...I've even got the twitter handle and blog name secured...it's just taking that leap into the great unknown. Not sure anyone will want to read about an (almost) 50 year old male trying to lose weight, but I'm gonna do it anyway. Except for product endorsements for Ensure and Depends, not thinking I'll be collecting too much swag!

  29. I'm digging that 100 Days in Cleveland Blog

    And here's a Cleveland couple who just moved to Uganda

  30. When I first started my blog a year ago, I read a number of local blogs. And I enjoyed them. Over the past 6 months though, I found myself reading the same thing over and over and OVER again. I have no problem reading different perspectives about the same event, but if multiple bloggers are at the same event, I think the person that blogs first has "first mover advantage" and if you're blogging later, you should be obligated to come up with a unique perspective. Sadly, I don't think this is happening enough. And please, no more copy and pasting descriptions from company/restaurant/institution websites!! If I wanted to know what they have to say about themselves, I'd go straight to the source.

  31. nilsa - you'll always be one of my blog besties. fact.

    idigsmartladies - i adore your perspective. and i actually laughed out loud at your comparison to the angsty teenage years. and just like any other parent i hope it grows out of it soon!

    rn4atsm - it kinda made me laugh too, i just didn't want to give them the satisfaction ;) and don't worry, blends are good.

    anon @ 11:41 - i have been reading her for awhile and actually know her in real life too! such a sweetheart.

    julia - you rock! i will be sure to check these all out.

    peter - sometimes i think you're the smartest blogger around. don't let that go to your head. but i really agree with you.

    alicia - thank you so much for your considerate response. and in regard to point #1 you are totally right, it's about the author and their readers, and if their readers are happy then their goal is being met. but yes, one should never have to worry about being polite. to point #2 i probably misspoke a bit, it definitely isn't gone, hell, you know we have a good group of bloggers here.

    bite buff - i try to remind myself that all the time too....

    liebchen - well i like you a lot, even if you only post casually :)

    ms salti - i'm a member of that group! perhaps i need to start reading some of them now, duh.

    anonymous @ 12:13 - you're exactly right about them all being about the same thing, it's like, oh look X party is going on and 221 blogger wrote about it! perhaps that's an exaggeration, but you get the point. perhaps i am (gasp!) growing up with my blog, i think i stick to simple easy posts because i've never thought of myself as a writer, or great thinker. hell, i just started using capitalization, ha.

  32. Also Check out http://volcanicensemble.blogspot.com/ I think you may like her sense of humor

  33. I have to say when I started my blog a little over a year ago, I didn't know about your blog. I didn't know there was a whole blogging community! I think to your point, as a blogger you have to keep it real and remember why you started to do this! I think most people were passionate about one thing or another...and well maybe some people need to be reminded of that :)

  34. Great post. As a newish blogger I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At first, it was really fun but lately, it seems more "I have to be the first to write about this restaurant or that event". While I have my opinions and comments on places I have been, I don't want to write about the same thing that has been posted three or four times already. Maybe that is why I haven't written in a while. Every time I go to hit "publish" it seems to be lacking something, so I delete it. I am not going to put something up just to have a post. Food and blogging are just two fun hobbies I have found to go well together and I expect nothing in return. Hopefully the "I want to blog" feelings come back and the "I need to get this up ASAP" ones go away.

  35. topolk - you have a real honest perspective on the "real time" issue and i never even thought of it like that. i mean if someone follows me on 4sq they already know where i went last weekend, ha.

    CLEgal - thanks, lady. i hope so!

    brad - i'm not a huge craft beer fan, but i appreciate the offer. glad you got a chance to plug your event though.

    green dog wine - xoxo

    anonymous @ 12:30 - slow clap to your comment, i couldn't agree with you more.

    jay - i would like to kiss you on the cheek right now. and if the first round is on you then the next three are on me! thanks for ready my dear.

    suzanne - i knew i should have started a blog about boogers.

    jen - there is one, it's called studio 30+

    maxie - duuuuuuuuuuuuuh

    john - ensure and depends? I'M IN! seriously though, start the blog, it's worth it, promise.

    anonymous @ 2:09 - omg, LOVE julia in cleveland.

    cleshopaholic - i better get my summer solstice party recap up before you now ;) also, preach on sister.

    reshae - WHAT? you didn't know about ME?!?! kidding, kidding. it's nice to find a whole community then suddenly isn't it?

  36. hungry in CLE - ugh, and your concerns and issue are exactly what blogging shouldn't be! i'm sorry you feel like that, i hope you get your blogging mojo back. remember, do it for yourself, who gives a shit what everyone else thinks.

  37. because I am an idiot---wrote your instead of you're so I am resposting with correction.
    I am totally starting a new blog called "Boogers and Poop: You're either in or you're out." I am going to try and get as much free stuff as possible that makes me poop--which can pretty much be anything edible if you think about it. OK, I am kind of grossing myself out now. I will go back to posting about my animal, which I know how much you love animals.

  38. Hmm I see some ad space on the side here. Looks like you're also doing it for the WRONG reasons. I've also had a hot pocket or 2 at your house. For shame.

  39. midge captain - did you even read my post? probs not, or you wouldn't make such a stupid comment. i fully explain myself and why i do what i do. also, i make approximately 5 cents a day from that ad over there on the right. hmmmmm, let's do that math on that shall we? maybe i can buy a single domestic beer with that ad revenue in approximately 4 months. i'm rich!

  40. Definitely check out http://biggestlosercatedition.tumblr.com/


  41. So I was considering starting a blog and thought based on what I've heard others do that it would be cool. I could contact restaurants and other events tell them that if they give me a discount/free food then I could write something nice about them. But at the end of the day, I decided against it since there are already plenty of bloggers doing that so I'd already be late to the mooching party.

  42. AJP - that's going to be the #1 blog in america before you know it!

    Anonymous @ 4:29 - i adore you!

  43. I rarely comment on your blog but I am always reading it. I started my blog in December (I think) and have noticed that there is a huge blogging community in Cleveland which I never would have guessed but am happy to be a part of.
    I think blogs are your own and what you make of it. It should not be about what kind of free stuff you can get.

  44. Alexa, I love you and your honesty. You're the bomb.com and we need to hang out more often.

  45. Amen my blogger friend. I started my blog 5 years ago and loved the community then - 3, 4 even 5 yrs ago. It was pure and full of passion. You know my thoughts as we have discussed this before but I can't stomach those bloggers that clearly do this for free stuff, are constantly trying to plug their stuff, aren't transparent when they get something and think they are entitled to all Cleveland has to offer because they have had a blog for 5 mins. It makes the rest of us look bad. Like you, I'm not saying you can't accept or attend things. I certainly have and allow advertising. But I say no way more than yes and my blog, or why I continue to maintain it has never been for any freebies. As a blogger, and as someone that is active in the social space professionally, nothing irks me more and these are the ppl I counsel clients against. Blogging isn't about how big your blog is or how many readers you have, what stuff you get that others didn't or using your so-called influence to get your way or get something. This mentality wasn't around when we started, but it's so apparent now (not everyone mind you, but many - some are still purists). Ok, off my soapbox now too.

    Hey, remember our first meet-up at Cento? That was fun!

  46. I love this post for many reasons! I started my blog a little over a year ago and for me it was really the one place that I could say whatever I really wanted and not give a shit about what anyone thought. For me if I have to guess your integrity in your blog based on who you might think is reading it, then its really just a waste of my time. I read an array of blogs but the ones that keep me coming back are ones that make me laugh, think, and inspire. To me it's an added bonus if I get to meet that person and we become friends, but if not that's fine because when I starting blogging my intent was not to do it to make more friends! Many people have to act like they're someone they're not on a daily basis. Whether it be at work, around parents or maybe even friends. I'm obviously not that kind of person and neither is my blog and it's very liberating! At the end of the day no one cares you went to every social event in Cleveland they want to know what makes you, you! Love your blog!

  47. This really resonates with me, but m not sure exactly how I feel. I never began blogging for the community aspect of it, and I haven't found a ton of connections to the community, even after three and a half years on the job! I blog because I like to write and love to tell stories; the people are just a bonus. I've done some giveaways, a couple of sponsored posts, and I'm a member of Clever Girls Collective, but I will only do these sort of posts. If I feel that I can justify them within what I see as a fairly strict scope of content. If the don't fit the tone or my interests, if they're poorly pitched, if I have to use someone else's views or voice, if I have to dedicate post solely to a product or company instead of working it into my own content and stories... then I say no. But is so difficult to turn down offers to insert, say, a link to a company's website I exchange for $50 when the link is inconspicuous or relevant, you know? I don't make much money, and if someone if willing to pay me for doing what I'm already doing - without compromising my content - I have a difficult time turning that down. I do wonder if it compromises my integrity to do it period, at all, but I haven't reached a definitive concusio yet... I do know that I blog for reasons that have nothing to do with money or fame or recognition or even a large readership - but they sure are nice bonuses.

  48. I typed that comment on an iPad and have clearly not mastered the art of doing so. Apologies for incoherence.

  49. I totally feel you on this and have been feeling the same way for a while. I love blogging but I don't feel as connected to it or to the community as I used to too. Maybe it's work taking more of my time, maybe it's just feeling too old for some of the blogs I used to read but I definitely felt that shift after i turned 30 and wasn't "officially" part of 20sb anymore. Sure, removing myself more from it was more of my decision but I don't know where things started to change for me too. And I totes agree on those who do only contests or product promotions, I'm just not interested. ANd fortunately, not may of the blogs I read do that all the time too so I'm less annoyed by it when they do crop up

  50. Gary Vaynerchuck, author of some very insightful Social Media books had this to say in one of them. I felt it totally appropriate to cite:

    "To everyone who is freaking out because they fear the noise & distraction of all the additional content on the Internet, you can relax. Quality is a tremendous filter. Cream always rises, my friends. No matter how many cups of coffee you pour."

    This post is great, Alexa.

  51. Look. Blogs and honesty are cool. They go hand in hand. When you keep it real, you earn respect. It's a simple, foundational value we learned in kindergarden. People, as a whole, are not stupid. When you don't use your own voice, it evident and it comes across as disingenuous.

    Alexa - you keep it real and talk about what's relevant in your life. That's why people love you and your blog.

    Here's a few blogs that give me inspiration:

    http://mylastbite.wordpress.com/ (rad foodie blogger in CALI)

    http://clevelandplanner.blogspot.com/ (great insight into local CLE planning / building projects)

    http://iheartcleveland.com/ (uh. duh. charity keeps it real in CLE)

    http://clevelandfoodie.com/ (she's my blog fairy godmother. inspiring and a model for all)

    Hat-tip to this post. Your willingness to put the thoughts and feelings out there is what makes you the leader you are. Thanks for keeping it real.

    (PS love Sports Stole My Man's comment. Cream always rises to the top.)

  52. Thanks Gina! I can't take credit for it, because it's not mine, but it's so true. And you're absolutely right. Just keep it real.

  53. I love this Article, this blog is a huge inspiration and hopefully the real blogs with content will persevere. It's in my opinion that Blogs are the last place we have freedom of the press.

  54. Someone the other day told me they like the fact that I don't have posts and about/get free stuff on my blog and I was like I write about how I name my poop after movies and texting my wife about my "peen" nobody wants to be associated with me.


    some extra places if ya don't already read:


    and of course the wifey: http://www.kittenkaboom.wordpress.com

  55. I hear ya. I've been 'marking all as read' a lot in my reader lately because promotion tends to rise above personality. But I've got my core (yourself included) and I'm happy with that.

  56. Very interesting post! I'm still a newbie (year and 1/2) and just returned from a blogging conference where I felt overwhelmed by all I need to do to "make it" in bloggy land. Maybe a return to roots is what's in order?

    BTW--I'm a Cleveland area transplant now living in Baltimore area. I'll be following you!

  57. Interesting perspective. I agree, that it is a fine line between "blogging" and "begging." There are people out there that try and throw their 'social media weight' around to score free meals and extra attention, which is irritating to say the least.

    I would though, disagree with you on the point of lack of community with Cleveland bloggers. Since I have moved back to Cleveland I have gone to several blogging events and had a great time connecting with new people. Maybe it is because I'm "new" to town and have been forced to introduce myself to everyone, but I have found the community welcoming and kinda fun.

    Good luck on your search for finding something fun to read...

  58. Your Beard Is Good is an amazing blog with no giveaways, no filler, and straight killer. Thats what my mom said.

    Wait, I meant, SOMEONE'S MOM, said that.

    There's good quality writing out there. Too bad no one wants to put in the time to find it.

  59. If you want to hang out with other bloggers and maybe meet some cool new people, check out the Lake Erie Moose Society and the Ohio Bloggers Association.

    Check out this post (FYI not my blog):

    But with all the cool people you hang around with, who needs more?

  60. I've been feeling this way too. I think perhaps it's just because it's no longer an intimate community like it was when we were all so connected a couple of years ago. Back then, there were only so many of us and we all read each others' blogs and commented regularly, so it was like we were having a daily beer or something. Nowadays it's so hard to keep up with the growing number of blogs, and the comments which kept us all talking to each other are fewer and farther between. Le sigh, I think it just is what it is now. (and I feel the same way about Twitter. I miss 2008 Twitter when it was like one gigantic text message with friends)


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