Because I love the Zone family so much...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Zone's, how I love thee, let me count the ways.

1. You have given me countless laughs at the hands of Ms. Lzone herself
2. Who can resist the #zonesissytweets
3. Nina, Joey and Gianna - hello, cuteness!
4. My city councilman Matt Zone really cares now that I'm in his district
5. Two words, Aunt Beth

'nuff said, right?

So when it was brought to my attention that a Cleveland born and bred Zone cousin was in the running to win A MILLION DOLLARS from the Gain Smell Like a Million Bucks contest and needed some help getting votes I couldn't not help spread the word.

Jason Zone Fisher + friends have made it into the top 25 finalists out of thousands of entries by producing a pretty bad ass video and need your votes to get them their beyond rad prize of a million dollars. Literally, a million dollars.

To help them reach this goal we need your votes people, because looking at the other videos they have nothing on JZF. Plus, how adorbs is JZF's appearance on WKYC's Good Company?

You can vote daily thru August 1st when the contest ends and here's how:

Go to the Gain's contest page on facebook and allow Gain to access your information (mildly annoying but work with me here) and then watch and vote for the video labeled LOGAN B (their editor). I repeat, vote for LOGAN B.

Here's a direct link to the video too, if that helps.

My payment for posting this plea to help a Zone and a Clevelander win a million bucks is one whole drink to be purchased for me with JZF's million dollar winnings. I have a lot on the line here, kids...

So vote for Cleveland, vote for the Zone's, vote for the video labeled LOGAN B and do it for the USA! USA! USA!

Smell ya later.


  1. The Zones love the plum too!! Muah!

  2. The Zones may be last in your phone book, but our first in our hearts! GO Jason & Adam

  3. I'm a total sucker for giveaways, sweeps, and contests. I did a video contest where there were just three of us, and won a $2000 gift card last month. Three months ago, I won an ATV in a sweeps that I traded for a super sweet motorcycle. I know how tough the voting contests are.

    I voted, and hope you guys win. When you do, be sure to kick a bit back to the plum for some awesome giveaways for her loyal readers!

  4. IDigSmartLadies - i had no idea you were such a contest lover! hell, who am i kidding you always enter all of my contests :) - nice work on your wins though!

  5. Alexa we Zone's love you too. Jason owes you a drink and I owe you lots of drinks and a Sunday night dinner at my house.
    Love ya
    Aunt B


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