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Friday, July 15, 2011

I received an email from a reader Wednesday night who felt the need to tell me that she thinks I drink too much.


So, in search of my own defense, I flipped through my last few posts to see if she was right and I noticed a theme.

Crap, I do drink to much!

Psyche - no I don't.

Here's the situation, I write about one very small sliver of a portion of my life on this here blog. I write about the "entertainment" side of me, my friends, and the fun side of my life.

Would you guys keep coming back to read my blog if I wrote about how I stay home on many nights during the week to clean my house, sleep, water my flowers, get my car washed, go on bikes rides, eat ice cream, buy things at Rite Aid and volunteer with the elderly?

Nope, probs not.

I'm social for you guys, FOR YOU ;)

Also, if I go to three bars in one night it doesn't mean that at each bar I drink a bottle of wine, 5 beers and do 4 body shots.... if you think that's what I'm doing, lord help you.

I'm an unmarried woman with no children living in the city that I love and you're damn straight I'm going to go out and enjoy myself. I work hard for my lifestyle.

End Rant.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a happy hour to attend.

Happy Friday, kids!


  1. Right on, Sister!!
    And the person who sent you that email must be bored/unhappy with their own life if they have time to send you an email judging. 1. It's none of their business and 2. Like you said, you only post the fun stuff on here. It's your blog , you can do what you want with it!
    Judgers drive me nuts-o.
    Anyways, have a great weekend and party (maybe I'll see you on Sunday at Taste of Tremont!) and post all about it on Monday! :)

  2. This person is just jealous of all the fun you have.

  3. Amen! What we post on our blogs is a filtered version of our lives. I didn't post about the epic nap I took last Saturday...hopefully no one is concerned I'm not getting enough sleep.

    Seriously, you have every right to go out and enjoy yourself. And you have every right to share that or your trips to Rite Aid or whatever you choose, without judgment. Have fun this weekend!

  4. Ah, don't you love when others give unsolicited advice?

    Another blogger I read wrote yesterday about this topic. She's WORKED.HER.ASS.OFF to lose the baby weight post pregnancy. The worst comment she mentions in her post: when someone commented on how skinny she is, another person in return said “I know. Look at her. It makes me sick.” The blogger was standing right there! Who says that?!

  5. What a weirdo! I hate random readers who think it's their job to tell you how to live your life. Don't be deterred!

  6. heather - yeah, that's what i keep trying to think too. judgers, be judgy! hope to see you sunday!

    barbara - i do have a lot of fun :)

    whyCLE - exactly, couldn't have said it better myself.

    alicia - WTF, why would someone be so mean :/ but i always try to remind myself... by writing this blog i'm basically asking for it!

    christina - oh don't you worry i won't!

    SSMM - can i start calling you SSMM? ;)

  7. Cheers! Hope to see you out and about this weekend. :)

  8. Oh whatever. Better to go out and have a couple drinks and socialize a few nights a week than be like my uncle who drank alone at home every day and died from gastrointestinal hemorrhaging caused by chronic alcoholism. Judgey people make me mad! I'll join you at that happy hour, drink my two drinks and go home and finish my book.

  9. Take the haterade somewhere else!!!! Let's have a drink and talk about it. We didn't get to hang enough last night anyways!

  10. I had someone from twitter once comment to me that I drink too much Guinness and maybe I should get help for that. People see a small side of your personality and that is all they think of. It kinda reminds me of Joan Collins talking about fans stopping in the middle of the street to call her a bitch and to leave Krystle alone. In short, people are redunkulous.

  11. Emails like that don't deserve an ounce of your time, let alone acknowledgement on your blog.

    I think I would've responded like this: Thanks for your concern. I'm fine. And if you feel uncomfortable with my social life, how about you DON'T READ MY BLOG! Kisses!

  12. Not to defend the emailer (who was really rude), but as readers that don't know you we only know the "you" that you show us. Although I've never thought that you drink a lot, I have thought often about how much you eat out! But mostly because I'm jealous that a) I don't have money to do that, and b) I'd be super fat if I ate out all the time :) That said, it's totally your life and I'd never think to email you and ask about your eating out!

  13. Cheers! Let's grab a cocktail real soon! :)

  14. Amen sista! Anyway, it's 5 o'clock somehwere...

  15. How come you've never done a body shot off of ME?!?!? No fair.

  16. it all depends on what you are buying at Rite Aide.

  17. psh, its probably the same person that was glad I got a dui and had to go to jail. people love to judge you for the smidge you post online, as if anyone could ever really know you by your blog.

    I think its a direct result of their own lack of socialization. And friends.

    Happy happy hour! *clink*

  18. I'm sure she/he meant well with her email (or at least I'm assuming) but seriously, simmer down lady. Simma DOWN!

  19. dude i'm surprised no one has sent me that email yet. i'm pretty sure every other post i write is I LOVE WINE, haha.

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  21. What sort of dick sends an email like that, anyway?!

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