It was a near westside of Cleveland type of weekend, natch.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Can I get an Amen for how awesome/beautiful/sunny/glorious this past weekend in Cleveland was?

It was picture perfect.

So in order to kick it off right I met CK for happy hour + dinner at
XYZ the Tavern then headed to meet up with AJP for beers in my old 'hood at Map Room. We enjoyed the patio and our special guest Paulius for some cold ones before we headed to Market Garden Brewery in the OHC where I discovered my favorite new drink of the summer, the Shoreway Cooler.

Saturday, more time in the OHC was had when I attended my friend and fellow "everywhere girl" Kim's bridal shower at
Market Ave Wine Bar where we ate, drank vino and celebrated all that is the fabulous Kim and her upcoming nuptials to Ahmed.

Kim opening all her presents with her sisters - too bad my iPhone didn't want to cooperate with a clear shot...

After the shower myself, Muffin, Court, Babs, and Lverdova headed to Tremont to attend the "Lymphoma Sucks Mega-Bash" at our friends Mitch and Beth's house. We all were gathered to celebrate Mitch's clean bill of health after going through 6 months of chemo battling Lymphoma. After all that he went through he needed and deserved a party right?

And a party was sure had - my only regret is that I didn't get a proper picture of our host and hostess!

Clark and Driggs sporting their F*ck cancer shirts while molesting some water balloons. Nice view of the CLE from the rooftop deck, huh?

Court knocking back some CREAM, aka alcohol infused whipped cream, aka absolutely delicious!

Sunday was a very special Funday in that myself, AJP, Lzone and Seanski brunched at
Flying Fig for the first time. I expected the Fig to be nothing short of amazing for brunch and we weren't disappointed - this brunch spot will definitely be added to the rotation.

Post brunch AJP, Seanski and I headed to Edgewater Park for a beach day! Yes, for those of you not familiar with Cleveland we have beaches, like real ones with sand and everything, you guys.

The beautiful Edgewater Park beach and Seanski's butt crack, natch.

Seanski's sad because we just found out we weren't allow to use our 'tubes in the section of the beach we were swimming in.

The beach day theme continued after hours of sun when I headed to Cropicana on Whiskey Island with CK to meet up with friends like AJP (cause I hadn't seen her all weekend....), Hartzell, timmybennett and KJ.

It was at Cropicana that I found two more new summer loves...
Labatt Blue Light Lime beer and the band Monica Robins and the Whiskey Kings - yes, yes and yes please. The nachos and burgers we had at Reddstone for dinner weren't too bad either...

I woke up Monday morning happy, tan and already counting down till I can do it all over again this weekend.

I mean, I live in Cleveland, and I have a limited amount of time to enjoy the summer so I'm going to take advantage of it as much as possible. duh.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. I've been a little hesitant to try the Labatt Blue Light Lime, but if YOU say it's good, i will have to give it a try now. BTW. Thank you SO much for telling me abt some other great CLE blogs. Green Dog Wine's blog is great! I want to lick my computer screen when I read her posts! YUM! Life on Mars is great, too! She's so funny and I want to steal her dog!

  2. I am somewhat embarrassed by the fact that my crack made it's debut on your blog. BUTT I'm over it! HEEEY-OOOOO!

  3. ALCOHOL INFUSED WHIPPED CREAM? excuse me while i take the rest of the day off of work to go locate this and then find as many ways as possible to incorporate it into my life.

  4. Alcohol infused whip cream? Seriously? Please don't tell Sweets that. If he finds out, I'll surely wind up with a fat, drunk husband!

  5. alice and nilsa - it's call CREME and it's actually a cleveland based product.... the carmel flavor is so good it's SINFUL.

  6. Duh! Lovin' this summer too. I will have to try the Labatt Light Lime. Trying to find a light that I like.

  7. Eating whip cream directly from the canister...check.


    Unintentionally simulating a sex act...check.

    My mom would be so proud.

  8. Crack is WHACK, seanski.

    xo -

  9. Looks like you had an awesome weekend! Love the pics, even Seanski's crack!

  10. I've never been to edgewater. I always truck it to headlands. Would you say its comparable or better?

    headlands has a lighthouse, it feels more oceany to me! lol

  11. Thanks for the mention Alexa! Much appreciated!~

  12. I was looking for the big market in Cleveland with lots of produce, I was driving by the Westside Market and stopped today.
    Force Factor


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