no, i'm not a professional blogger, i work at thunder::tech!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Quite a few times in my blogging "career" people have asked me if blogging is my full time job, to which I respond one of two ways:
1. I laugh in their face
2. Say, "Oh my gosh no, if it was my full time job I would sure as heck hope it would be a lot more awesome and I would post a lot more!"

So no, blogging isn't my full time job.

For almost four years now I've been happily working on the accounts team at thunder::tech, an integrated marketing agency, located in downtown Cleveland.

The company is fun, the team is rad, our clients are entertaining to say the least and in a day and age where so many of my friends aren't so fulfilled in their work environment I consider myself lucky to be a part of the thunder::tech family.

We work with anyone from non-profits of all sizes, large publicly traded companies, mid-market manufacturers, professional sports teams, start-ups and more all over the USA. And with our staff of 25 talented team members we can handle all projects in house both big and small.

Plus, I can wear jeans, drink beer on Fridays and throw things when I feel like it at people - that's a win/win/win in my book.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because if there's anyone out there that needs help marketing their company or organization whether it be in the form of website development, mobile apps, video, public relations, graphic design or social media, I'd love to see if thunder::tech could help.

So give me a call at 216-391-2255 or email me at alexa @ and we'll see what I can do.

Now, while you're scurrying to pick up the phone and call me check out these videos to get a better feel for who thunder::tech and some of our clients are - enjoy!

You can also follow thunder::tech on twitter, youtube and our blog chat::ter.

Happy Friday, kids!


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  2. It wonderful that you have a job that you enjoy. It sounds like a great place.

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