Tweet-ups, Kayla, Burning River Roller Girls, and the Taste of Tremont

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I would like to open mouth kiss this past weekend.

It was that good.

Thursday I started the weekend off right with the tweet up at Lincoln Park Pub in Tremont where I got to hang out with old friends and meet some new tweeps like @clepoops and @cletacos.

The lovely JV with some autographed stadium mustard and the handsome @tribetalk, #ketchupcheats

Post tweet up a group of us (me, CK,
Seanski, Nugget, SSMY, CleveNole, JoeG and Todd) walked over to Bac where we treated not so well and ended up leaving before ordering anything and headed to Lava Lounge next door instead. I'm glad we did because if I could drink the watermelon puree martini they served me everyday I wouldn't complain about it.

Friday, was a chill night for me and CK and I just ended up cooking dinner for the two of us at home while we watch Led Zeppelin DVDs. Now if I had the brain of a food blogger I would have been prepared with recipes and photos but alas, I'm not.

Saturday, CK and I headed to a party at my friend Julie's house in Lakewood to celebrate the one year anniversary of our friend Kayla's arrival in Cleveland. We ate BBQ, drank Kayla's favorite drink of sweet tea vodka and lemonade, played cornhole and even saw the beginnings of a water balloon fight - good times!

Some of the lovely ladies surrounding our Southern belle Kayla in the middle - I'm glad you're here in the CLE Kayla, you're a great addition to the city!

We had to leave Kayla's party a bit on the early side to head over to the Wolstein Center for the Burning River Roller Girls championship bouts where my friend Lulu was not only skating in the championship game for the Rolling Pin-Ups but it was also her 30th birthday.

This was my first BRRG bout and it was so much fun! We literally sat on the circle track up front and cheered on Lulu - sadly her team lost the championship but it didn't dampen her birthday spirit as we continued the celebration at the
Garage Bar in Ohio City for the after party.

Nick, Lulu the birthday girl and AJP at the Wolstein Center

I always love all the bikes, both motorized and pedaled outside of Garage Bar.

Some of my favorite ladies at Garage - Lulu, Sara, JV, Shibani and AJP.

Ahmed loves hyper color tshirts and that may or may not be my hand print...

Sunday brought one of my favorite days of the summer, Taste of Tremont! A big group of us started out at Barb's house in Tremont (obvy) where we (or mainly I) drank lots of bubbles and got ready to get the party started. We also quickly realized how hot the day was going to be and that all you had to do was stand outside for one minute and you would start to sweat from the heat.

Yes, that's me and yes, I'm doing what you think I'm doing... whatever you guys, it was THAT hot.
The majority of the day was spent at Lago where we attempted to ignore the heat, say screw it and just have a dance party - it was fabulous, sweaty and fabulous. I wish I knew the name of the reggae band and the DJ who were entertaining us because I would give them a major shout out as they brought the fun all day long.

That would be CK, the band's lead singer, and Drigg's dancing together "on stage" in some form of kick line - pure brilliance.

Driggs, Jesse, Muffin, Heather and CK at Taste of Tremont

Another solo shot of Ahmed is required here as this time he's rockin' a sweet CLE Clothing Co tank top that he bought on the spot on Sunday to combat the heat. #swag

After spending hours and hours at Lago we headed over the Treehouse to see The Boys From County Hell perform and met up with more friends and continued the perfect day that was.

A blurry but adorable shot of Foxxy and Middaugh at Treehouse.

Me and KAW at Treehouse being awesome.

By the time night had fallen I had barely "tasted" anything in Tremont food wise other than a steak sandwich from the South Side booth, but I enjoyed the day to its max capacity to say the least.

Do you wanna know what I did Monday?


I had a well planned vacation day and spent about 80% of it in bed watching movies until I decided to leave my home and go see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (SO GOOD) at Capitol Theater, by myself mind you. There's something about seeing a movie by yourself that I just love, I think I'm going to do it more often.

And that ladies and gentleman is what I'm doing when I'm not blogging...

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. I also love going to see a movie by myself. I'm not tempted to talk to anyone that way.

  2. What a fantastic weekend! Great seeing you at the tweet-up. 2 other things: I totally did something similar with a fan at Veggie U, except I may have hiked up my maxi dress and parked my butt right in front of it. Thankfully there are no pictures of this. And I love seeing movies solo...I did it with the Oscar flicks a couple years ago!

  3. I actually love seeing movies by myself, too. Especially in the summer for some reason.

    It's a nice break.

  4. I bet we were at the same show. I went to the 2:10 one by myself too. I liked the movie a lot, but I swear from now on I'm leaving the minute I see any sort of epilogue crap. They should have just ended it on the bridge. Done. Finito. Now I will forever remember Ron and Harry as fat and seedy looking.

  5. Yay for watching your first derby event! What did you think?

  6. I really love all of these photos. We are going to have to catch up about Harry Potter. I wan to see it next week or weekend sometime. I've never been to a movie alone but I kind of want to be adventurous and take in a flick all by myself. Had a blast with you last weekend! I can't wait till Krusty's weekend!

  7. The band was called Outlaws I&I. They have a myspace page.

  8. So glad you got to see the BRRG championships -- roller derby is one of my favorite things about Cleveland!

  9. all of these pictures are just awesome. and the whole weekend, sounds amazing. hope you have another fabulous weekend! (like i even have to say it, haha)

  10. im trying to make this the best spring break I have ever had. Most of the people in my class is going to Europe..
    Logic Slim