Was this past weekend really the last one in August?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm happy to announce the winner of my Cleveland Foodbank Taste of the Browns event ticket giveaway chosen through random.org as....

CleveNole - Congrats, I'll see you there!

Sad you didn't win? Well you have all day today to purchase your ticket at $25 off by purchasing online with the promo code "TasteofPlum".

UPDATE: The code is valid for another week so make sure you purchase them ASAP! You must click through THIS LINK to purchase tickets at the discounted Cleveland's a Plum rate.

Twas a great long weekend in Cleveland and Milan, Michigan for me.

Thursday evening began with dinner and drinks at
XYZ the Tavern in my neighborhood with Moe, Mark, Lzone, Seanski and CK. We caught up with Dave and the staff and I enjoyed glasses of Cava and the pork with fig sauce and risotto special. Yum-O.

Friday there was work and then the
Indians game with CK, JoeG, and Beaver to help welcome home Jim Thome. Lots of friends were in attendance cheering on the tribe and cocktails at The Greenhouse Tavern and Wonder Bar before and after the game respectively on top of a Tribe win made for a glorious evening.

abkidd + sarabot rockin' rad Indians gear - please note sara's sweet sweet sweet feather headdress.

Saturday I had a very early wake up call because Nugget and I were headed to Milan, Michigan. To the Milan Dragway specifically for the MMX Challenge on behalf of one of my clients. The weather was fabulous and the event went splendidly which made working on a Saturday a little more bearable.

Now that's a burnout!

Nugget and I made it back to Cleveland in time for a very late dinner at Luxe in my 'hood with Seanski. After dinner we picked up Hartzell and CK at Reddstone to head out to Lakewood for a change of scenery.

We met up with more friends at West End Tavern but once the crowd got a little too ripe for us walked over to Around the Corner where the crowd wasn't necessarily any less ripe but we had a horrible cover band to dance and have fun with - shots also helped.

That's A LOT of blue plaid - but more importantly I spy three Szczepinski's and a Hartzell - how stinkin' adorable are Seanski's brothers Kevin and Steve?

The many looks of Hartzell..... on the left he's wearing my Gap jean jacket and it weirdly looks good on him and on the right he's, sigh, I have no words.

Sunday there was much relaxing but also dinner cooking and taking in the comedy stylings of Marc Maron of WTF Podcast fame at Hilarities. There's nothing wrong with bubbles and comedy on a Sunday night, nothing.

The handsome CK and also handsome Marc Maron.

You will hear no complaints from me in regard to this past weekend - I give it two thumbs up.

One thing I will state though is how the hell is it going to be September on Thursday?!?!

Happy Tuesday, kids.

cry me a river of salty tears from your puffy eyes

Monday, August 29, 2011

Today's the last day to enter for your chance to win a pair of tickets to Cleveland Foodbank Taste of the Browns event! I'll be announcing the winner tomorrow morning - click through and comment on this post to win. Good luck!

I spent my Sunday crying at movies.
I'm a sap - I cry at everything.

I mean, I cried at Never Let Me Go, which is very expected, but then I also cried at Life as We Know It... sigh.

Such a sap.

I've blogged before about how I'm an ugly crier (although I can't seem to find it) and while I was laying on my couch with a giant 7 foot mirror starring back at me I almost puked as I caught a glimpse of myself mid-tears.

There was blubbering involved.

Told you it was a giant mirror. Bonus points if you know what movie I was watching...

I'm not really sure there's a point to this post other than the fact that if I ever get cast in a reality TV show and there are ever tears of any sort broadcast to the general public I'm moving away and changing my name.

Single tear streaming down ones cheek doesn't exist in my life.

I'm like Heidi Montag minus the blonde hair, 375874 plastic surgeries and Spencer Pratt.


Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go ice my puffy eyes.

Happy Monday, kids.

life registry

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Have you entered to win two tickets to the Cleveland Foodbank Taste of the Browns event yet? No? What are you waiting for?!? Comment on this post to win! ____________________________________________________________________

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could register for life?

Forget wedding registries, forget baby registries, I want to register just because.

Everyone needs presents, everyone loves to open pretty boxes and everyone needs to feel special now and again.

I know I'm not the only person out there who day dreams (especially while browsing Pinterst) about if they could make a list of items knowing that money was no option that - viola! - could be theirs.

Well I just made extravagant that list.

Here's my life registry list (in no particular order) as of today, because I can.

The Dom Perignon Power Trio gift set entails a trio of Rose 1998, Oenetheque 1995 and Blanc Vintage 2000 - pass the crystal flute..... for approximately $1,200.

Frye Women's Dorado Riding Boot - talley ho!.... for $458.

KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer in Chrome - cookies anyone?.... for $350.

Chloe Patent Leather and Python Pumps - three martini lunch, extra dirty please.... for $595.

Diane von Furstenberg Kaitlin Woven Leather Shoulder Bag - yes, I'll carry your keys for you Seanski.... for $795

2012 Volvo S60 - watch out pot holes..... for approximately $38,000.

I can dream, right?

Feel free to buy me any of the above items anything, you guys.

So what's on your life registry list today?

Cleveland Foodbank Taste of the Browns

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you ready for some Browns football?

I sure as heck am - bring on the tailgating, beers, hot dogs and hopefully lots of wins.

Let's bring on the Taste of the Browns too!

The 13th Annual
Cleveland Foodbank Taste of the Browns event is taking place Monday, September 12 at Cleveland Browns Stadium in the City View Lounge from 6 to 9pm.

Last year was my first time attending this party with a purpose and I was beyond impressed with the quality of restaurants/food and the sheer excitement of seeing so many professional Cleveland athletes - like last year Muffin and I got a picture with Mo Williams.

Awesome, right?

What else is awesome is that by attending the event you'll be helping to support the Cleveland Foodbank who for every single dollar received through donations (of any kind) can provide enough food for four nutritious meals.

Tickets for the event are $150 but because you're a reader of Cleveland's a Plum you can purchase your tickets for only $125 using the promo code TasteofPlum ONLINE HERE. (code valid until 8/30)

You can also win a pair of general admission tickets here on the plum.

There's multiple ways to enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling me which participating restaurant you're most excited to try if you win
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me what you think the Browns record will be this season
  3. Share the following update on twitter, daily for more entries, "Check out @clevelandsaplum's Taste of the Browns ticket giveaway http://bit.ly/qXQjX9" and leave a comment telling me you did so
  4. Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you did so
Enter one way, all four, or even tweet daily - but you must leave separate comments for additional entries and don't forget your contact information if I don't already have it.

You have until end of day Monday (8/29) to enter and I'll announce the winner next Tuesday morning (8/30) which will still give you a day to purchase your discounted tickets online.

Good luck everyone!!

Disclosure: I was provided one general admission ticket to the Taste of the Browns event and two tickets to giveaway in return for posting about the event and hosting this contest.

Market Garden Brewery, Greek Fest and The Pioneer Woman

Monday, August 22, 2011

Due to a case of serious food coma that rivals that of Thanksgiving Day this is going to be a short one ladies and gentlemen.

The weekend consisted of happy hour with MOB, Beaver and Glyny Vaginy at Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City where we drank, laughed and ate (lobster roll, mmmmm) while most likely annoying everyone around us due to our loudness.

I spy the Goodyear blimp.

We were laughing so hard in fact that MOB's drink flew out of her nose and onto Beaver's hand and drink across the table.

Fun girls we are.

After Market Garden we walked across the street to Speakeasy for a couple cocktails before continuing down W 25th where I may or may not have gotten talked into getting my tarot cards read...

We landed at Garage Bar where I left the girls just before it got cray cray due to it almost being midnight and I needed to leave CLE at 7:30am Saturday morning to head to Canton for my hair appointment at GSV with Abby.

After getting my hairs cut I ran some errands around Canton including a stop at Anne Marie's Fine Jewelery to purchase a gold cross for my soon to be godson Bobby.

I was Cleveland bound by early afternoon because CK, his 'lil one and I had plans to attend the Saints Constantine and Helen Greek Festival in Cleveland Heights. We had so much fun, good food + drinks + dancing + bouncy castle in addition to quality hangout time with Reena, Jody, Becky, Tim and Priscilla.

Greek dancers unite - OPA!

As a good Greek girl I will always support anyone making saganaki (flaming cheese) but my church's saganaki kicks this festivals saganaki's kolo - this was my only complaint, natch.

Sunday there was relaxing, a 15 mile bike ride and comfort food cooking courtesy of The Pioneer Woman's Peach Whiskey (I used Makers Mark) BBQ Chicken, restaurant style smashed potatoes, steamed asparagus and mile high strawberry pie.

This picture doesn't do the meal justice... it was one of the best I've ever made - the BBQ chicken was to. die. for.

Like I said, food coma.

So on that note, I'm going to go eat some dessert.

Happy Monday, kids!

if you cook it, i will watch you do it

Friday, August 19, 2011

Other than biking to Taco Tuesday at Deagan's for a bit I've stayed in ALL WEEK.

This is a big deal for me, you guys.

Instead of going out and socializing at events and what not I came home, worked out and did really important things like laundry and dishes.

While I've been doing all of these really really really important things this week though there's been a common theme on my television - The Cooking Channel, Bravo or The Food Network have been on the entire time.

For some reason I'm on a huge cooking kick, yet I haven't cooked all week - I just keep watching shows on TV.

I day dream about people coming to my house and cooking me and my guests dinner a la Rocco's Dinner Party but instead of $20,000 I'd reward them with hugs and kisses and Chef Symon is my guest judge.

I envision cooking elaborately hearty fall menus for my friends where we drink bottles upon bottles of Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz and watch whatever city of the Real Housewives is currently on Bravo.

I think about grabbing a shovel and making a fire pit in my backyard so I can make s'mores and listen to music with flannel blankets over my legs.

And all of these thoughts are coming from TV.

I'm a marketers dream.

Now, what should I could for Sunday dinner?

To The Cooking Channel...

to everything, turn, turn, turn

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I don't want to cheat on the loveliness that has been this perfect summer but I can't help but be starting to get the itch for fall.

I know, I know, it's only August 18th, but with Labor Day a mere two weeks away I need to to start preparing myself for the fact that summer is going to be over before we know it.

But I'm not wishing away this beautiful weather.... no way Kelly and Jose.

Instead I'm beginning to yearn for September.

For crisp air, light scarves + jackets, new boots, hot coffee and football.

I enjoy the excitement that each of the four season changes bring me - it's one of my favorite things about living in Ohio.

I suppose you could say I have a short attention span, even for weather...

Bring it on fall, but while you're on your way to CLE I'm gonna go ahead and enjoy the rest of my time with your cousin summer.

So are you like me and looking forward to all things fall?

Pool Time, Tremont Hoppin', Birthday Parties and Bridal Showers

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I had the luxury taking a vacation day this past Friday and I'm sure I'd be a happier camper if I had every Friday off.

I mean, I got everything I needed to get done work wise the first four days of the week and answered emails on Friday by the pool.

I could get used to that.

My little cousin Jenna enjoying pool time before she heads off to her freshman year of college, tear.

I headed down to Canton on Friday to enjoy the above pictured pool at my cousin's house with my sissy and rest of the family. It was a lovely and fun day in the sun and I wish I could do that everyday.

Post pool party I headed back to CLE with my sissy to get ready for dinner at Bistro on Lincoln Park in Tremont with CK, muffin, Jesse and C-Rossi - our meal was very good although poorly timed with a very long wait in between our salads and entrees. I'd go back though for sure.

After dinner the group walked to the Treehouse to meet up with lots of friends to celebrate the engagement my good friends the jerk and the klutz - I'm so happy for them I can't stand it!

I may have forced them into posing for this hilarious prom style engagement photo. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking save the date right there, you guys.

After last week's post telling the tale of the friendship "fight" between my sissy and I over C-Rossi we needed to artistically express what it's really like.

Saturday CK and I brunched at Diner on Clifton, ran errands and headed back to Canton for my cousin Graceyn's 9th birthday party at my Tiajo and Uncle David's house

The kiddos with Graceyn the birthday girl at cake time!

After a delicious dinner, family visiting time, a Browns pre-season win and CK and I taking the trivia game championship we headed back to Cleveland to use the rest of our Saturday night to veg out.

Sunday was jam packed as well with a trip to the east side for my dear friend Holler's bridal shower. We drank bubbles, ate a delicious brunch and got more and more excited for the bachelorette party Labor Day weekend and the nuptials in October.

The beautiful Holler women: Mrs. Holler, Katie and Kristen.

Some of my ladies, MOB, Holler, Muffin and Beaver.

After the shower my mom and sissy came up to Cleveland for an evening of dinner at Luxe with CK and then a walk over to Capital Theater for a showing of The Help with the addition of C-Rossi. Holy heck was The Help a touching movie, I'm 100% positive I started crying within the first 20 minutes and didn't stop till the end. Sobbing people, sobbing.

Go see The Help!

All in all it was a low(ish) key weekend with my friends and family - no complaints here!

Happy Tuesday.

Worst Groupon Ad Copy EVER.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'll be back tomorrow with my regular "Monday Morning Recap" but I had to post about something that came through my email Sunday morning first.

Everyone knows about Groupon, the local deal and coupon website that sends out daily deal emails to subscribers to alert them to discounted goods at their favorite establishments all over their city.

Well this past Sunday morning while checking my email in bed I clicked on my "daily deal" from Groupon Cleveland to see if there was anything interesting to purchase.

Surprise, Surprise it was another Mani/Pedi offer but upon reading the copy that is meant to entice one into purchasing the deal I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

The GrouponCLE email from 8.14.11

For those of you unable to read the image copy clearly let me type it out for you...

Half Off Mani-Pedi in North Royalton

Like Gasoline, feet must be carefully treated and refined before they can be used to propel automobiles. Amplify your octane with today's Groupon: for $40, you get a relaxation pedicure and Shellac manicure at Extasis Salon & Spa in North...

This has got to be a joke I thought to myself while reading the copy over and over again laughing.

Feet being compared to gasoline? Well that's a new one.

Feet being used to propel automobiles? What is this the Flintstone era?

Way to go Groupon Cleveland "copywriters" I'm thinking you deserve a raise for all your creativity and a commission even for all the extra mani/pedi's you're going to sell for Extasis Salon.

Feet are the new Gasoline, fyi,

Happy Monday!

UPDATE 7:50am: I must also share with you today's (8.15.11) Groupon for yet another Mani-Pedi for $40 but this time in Mayfield Heights - this copy is laughable as well.

Half Off Waxing or Mani-Pedi in Mayfield Heights

Ninety percent of all Manicures are given to spies, whose hands are overworked by the intelligence world's lengthy secret handshakes. Treat hard working appendages with today's Groupon to Salon de la Mer in Mayfield Heights.

Ladies, 90% of us are spies, SPIES! High-larious.

Carry on.

Brewery Ommegang Beer Dinner at Deagan's Kitchen & Bar

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last night the birthday boy CK and I headed to Deagan's Kitchen & Bar in Lakewood to take part in their first ever beer dinner featuring Brewery Ommegang.

We met up with friends like JoeG, BiteBuff and R and I literally can't say anything bad about our drinking and dining experience other then it ended.

I mean, Deagan and his wife Erica were our servers last night - how many proprietors would do that? Not many. They are just such good people and that makes me want to go eat there and support them even more.

But let's talk about the food for a second - Chef Demetrios is AWESOME. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite chef's in Cleveland but not only because of his glorious and creative food but because he's Greek! Maybe we should get married and make my YiaYia happy?

Think about it Chef.

The beer wasn't too shabby either. I'm not exactly a beer drinker, I prefer bubbles and liquor if I have a choice, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a well crafted and flavorful beer like Ommegang's collection - I'll definitely try all of them again, good stuff.

The Menu:

Course One:
Tuna crudo with watermelon radish slaw, sweet chilie gastrique, EVOO & murray river pink salt paired with Ommegang Aphrodite.

Course Two:
Killbuck Valley mushrooms and mahon cheese strudel with roasted shallots, micro red ribbon sorrel and garlic chive oil paired with Ommegang Witte.

Course Three:
Sweet molasses brined pork with a jalapeno-corn hoe cake, house crafted caroline BBQ sauce and unripened peach slaw paired with Ommegang Rare Vos.

Course Four:
Duck confit nachos with soy chili jam, micro cilantro and key lime creme fraiche paired with Ommegang Abbey Ale.

Course Five:
Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence brownie with purred raspberries and micro chocolate mint paired with Ommegang Three Philosophers.

It's really hard for me to name a favorite dish but if I HAD to I'd say it was a tie between Course One and Course Three - say it with me now, Hoe Cake. Amazing.

Deagan told me that they are planning to continue these beer dinners and I'll be the first to sign up for the next one, so so so so so good.

Have a nice weekend, kids!

No, she's MY friend

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My little sissy is coming in town this weekend to visit from Boston.

I'm very excited to spend time with her, especially our beach day on Friday, but as good as we get along there's always going to be a little rivalry between the two of us.

Rightly so though, what siblings don't squabble from time to time?

One of my sissy and I's biggest "rivalry" is over
OUR friend c-rossi though.

You see, my sissy "claims" c-rossi, which she's allowed to.... they are the same age, graduated high school together, and my sissy was c-rossi's maid of honor in her wedding.


But you see c-rossi is
MY friend too..... I've technically known her as long as sissy has, we all went to the the same high school, but c-rossi went to University of Dayton with me and now lives in Cleveland.

And with my sissy living in Beantown I definitely get the opportunity to see c-rossi a lot more than she does which you can say causes a little bit of tension.

aka, Sissy is just jealous when we hangout and she can't be with us.

This fact was made even more clear Tuesday evening when c-rossi added the following picture of the two of us taken this past weekend to Facebook.

Me and c-rossi at Lakewood Village Tavern after Krusty's.

Well, sissy didn't like that and decided to have a little fun with photoshop making the image up to her standards.

Sissy added herself the above image with the caption, "that's better"....

OF COURSE SHE DID. I found this beyond hysterical.

I mean it really does look like she's with us, if only she was...

Good thing she will be all weekend - i
t's ok Sissy, I'll let you sit by c-rossi at dinner Friday night.

Happy Thursday, kids.

And Happy Birthday to you CK, to say I'm glad you're in my life would be a gigantic understatement, I love you.

Cleveland Indians Social Suite with the Wahoo Women

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last night a group of social media minded women converged on the Cleveland Indians Social Media Suite at Progressive Field to watch some Central Division plays between the Tribe and the Detroit Tigers.

We also were there to support the return of Wahoo Women to Progressive Field which is a night out at the ballpark to help support women's health and wellness as well as $3 of every ticket purchase last night going to the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign.

It was a win/win for all in attendance - even the Indians, who finally brought home a win over Detroit at 1:46am through a two hour rain delay and extra innings.

Go tribe!

All the hot ladies in the suite! Thanks to Lzone and TribeTalk for putting everything together as well at Time Warner Cable NEO for supplying us with some tasty grub for the evening festivities.

The Time Warner Cable supplied grub came in quite handy while a whole lot of this was pouring down from the sky.... so did the Terrace Club bar though.

Yes, I know this is a blurry pic from Gina's phone but how can I not share it with you guys. Please notice my face on the left and Charity's on the right posing for the shot. But ALSO please note Lzone's in the middle..... she was obviously really excited for the dessert cart.

After game play resumed the Wahoo Women let in some Wahoo Men for chaperoning... that's CK, timmybennett and Sergio enjoying the suite with the ladies.

Through the rain and all it was a great evening with the Indians and I can't wait to do it again.

Happy Wednesday, kids.

unnecessary objects

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I buy a lot of clothes from H&M.


So much so that I feel like I'm constantly cutting off the annoyingly long black ribbon hangar things from my tops, tanks, and dresses.

Snip. Snip.

I wonder how much money H&M would save if they stopped attaching these useless pieces of ribbon on every article of clothing they make.

A short sleeved cotton t-shirt does not need hangar ribbons, people.

They aren't even functional anymore at that point, aka a waste of ribbon and labor.

Maybe I'll start using these as hair accessories, bow anyone?

Does everyone else snip these off?

I sure hope so.

Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Twas another fabulous weekend in the CLE although one can argue that I only really participated in one day of it because my Friday was spent cleaning and prep cooking for my Krusty's Pre-Party and Sunday I spent recovering from my Saturday.

A vicious circle I tell you, but Saturday was definitely worth it.

As I've mentioned here on the plum year after year after Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp on Whiskey Island is one of my favorite events of the summer. It's a benefit for a great cause in the Malachi House and a reason to party on the lake.

This year I held my 4th annual Krusty's Pre-Party at my house where I make breakfast for friends and we drink bubbles and bloody's before heading over to the big show.

Some friends at the krusty's pre-party at my house.

Around 1:30pm we called a cab for 22 people to make the short mile trip to Whiskey Island from my house where the fun began.

The Rossi clan and Heather getting Krustified.

C-Rossi, Seanski and Ginenne on the lake. Seanski is lucky to be flank by such pretty ladies right?

Jessie, Katie and Erin being rad.

Lverdova, Heather, Jen, me and Court watching the cornhole tournament

Thanks to my trusty WKYC Weather iPhone app I was able to watch the radar and see precisely when the rain was going to hit and we took cover at Cropicana to wait out the very brief time that it rained.

We headed back to Krusty's to see Carlos Jones perform but decided that we all needed a little karaoke in our lives and cabbed it to Lakewood Village Tavern to take over the bar with our sweet sweet song styling.

All I know is I have AMAZING video of Hartzell singing Amy Grant's Baby Baby, C-Rossi squared singing Earth Wind and Fire's September and timmybennet and KJ singing Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Know.

Now if only I was crafty enough to be able to edit those all together for a supper karaoke video.....

A picture of the Rossi's will just have to do.

No clue what they were singing at this point but I'm sure it was awesome.

All in all it was another great year for Krusty and I already have the 2012 event in my calendar.

Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!

I want one (or four)

Friday, August 5, 2011

I should be cleaning.

I should be cutting my grass.

I should be figuring out my menu for my Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp pre-party.

I should be doing a lot of things....

But how can I do anything else when I have two of my favorite little boys visiting from Chicago to play with in Westlake?

How could I resist cuddling with Benjamin?

A selfie of me and Sammy, we have about 5 of these - I love him.

I must say Poo Poo makes some damn cute kids.

I must also say that I think I have a new boyfriend, his name is Sammy, and he's 2.5 years old.

Now if only I could share the video that I have of Sammy saying some "choice words".... next time.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

P.S. Happy Birthday Beaver! I heart your face - especially when you make kids say Clock - that is all, xo

cleveland wine festival, jilly and rory get hitched and sarah's about to

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For great magazine deals check us out right away.

Wednesday evening weekend recap? Sure, why not.

This past weekend was full of wine, a wedding and a wedding shower.

Perhaps this W filled weekend was meant to be posted about on Wednesday.... I know, it's a stretch, just work with me here.

The wine part of the weekend started on Friday when me, CK, Seanski, Nugget, and AJP attended the Cleveland Wine Festival at Voinivich Park. As a first time attendee of this event you can mark my words that after the amazing experience I had I'll most definitely be back next year.

It was so much fun, and the location? Breathtakingly beautiful on a perfect summer night in the CLE.

Great view of Cleveland while we sipped wine

Me and CK on the lake at sunset

And the view only got better as the sun set, gorgeous

Particularly this view.... how hysterical, right? This guy decided he just needed to get comfortable on the lawn.

After the wine fest we headed to the Greenhouse Tavern Rooftop for bubbles and to meet up with Lzone, Christina, timmybennett and Katie. I think there was even a Flannery's stop on the way home.

Saturday the wedding part of the weekend began at St. Coleman's church to watch Jilly marry Rory - it was beautiful!

In between the church and the reception me, CK, Muffin and Jesse headed to South Side in Tremont for drinks and munchies before heading to the Ritz Carlton downtown to party down, dance, eat and be merry.

Me and Muffin being awesome.

CK, poo poo and Jesse outside of the Ritz

Katy, the beautiful bride Jilly and Mandy.

I'm so bummed that my only pic of the bride and groom for some reason or another won't upload not upside down - iphone fail. Another fail is I need to stop only bringing my iphone out, my "real" camera is just so much better quality indoors. Note to self.

Sunday morning I struggled to gather myself after the blast of a wedding to head to North Canton for the final W of my weekend Sarah's afternoon tea themed wedding shower at Congress Lake Country Club.

It was great seeing so many family members and friends to celebrate "little sarah" in preparation for the big fat Greek wedding of the year in October.

The beautiful Michalos girls, Leah, Carolyn and the bride to be Sarah.

The hot-to-trot Foradas girls, Marissa, Thea Susie and Kristen.

Does my family know how to pose or what? Even the mom's!

It was yet again another great weekend, so good it took me till 11:47pm Wednesday to post about it.

Have a good day, kids.