Brewery Ommegang Beer Dinner at Deagan's Kitchen & Bar

Friday, August 12, 2011

Last night the birthday boy CK and I headed to Deagan's Kitchen & Bar in Lakewood to take part in their first ever beer dinner featuring Brewery Ommegang.

We met up with friends like JoeG, BiteBuff and R and I literally can't say anything bad about our drinking and dining experience other then it ended.

I mean, Deagan and his wife Erica were our servers last night - how many proprietors would do that? Not many. They are just such good people and that makes me want to go eat there and support them even more.

But let's talk about the food for a second - Chef Demetrios is AWESOME. He's quickly becoming one of my favorite chef's in Cleveland but not only because of his glorious and creative food but because he's Greek! Maybe we should get married and make my YiaYia happy?

Think about it Chef.

The beer wasn't too shabby either. I'm not exactly a beer drinker, I prefer bubbles and liquor if I have a choice, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate a well crafted and flavorful beer like Ommegang's collection - I'll definitely try all of them again, good stuff.

The Menu:

Course One:
Tuna crudo with watermelon radish slaw, sweet chilie gastrique, EVOO & murray river pink salt paired with Ommegang Aphrodite.

Course Two:
Killbuck Valley mushrooms and mahon cheese strudel with roasted shallots, micro red ribbon sorrel and garlic chive oil paired with Ommegang Witte.

Course Three:
Sweet molasses brined pork with a jalapeno-corn hoe cake, house crafted caroline BBQ sauce and unripened peach slaw paired with Ommegang Rare Vos.

Course Four:
Duck confit nachos with soy chili jam, micro cilantro and key lime creme fraiche paired with Ommegang Abbey Ale.

Course Five:
Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence brownie with purred raspberries and micro chocolate mint paired with Ommegang Three Philosophers.

It's really hard for me to name a favorite dish but if I HAD to I'd say it was a tie between Course One and Course Three - say it with me now, Hoe Cake. Amazing.

Deagan told me that they are planning to continue these beer dinners and I'll be the first to sign up for the next one, so so so so so good.

Have a nice weekend, kids!


  1. This all sounds fabulous. I was sorry to miss this one, since I love Ommegang beer. Glad they'll be continuing the beer dinners.

  2. I love Deagan's and Ommegang. Sounds like a great combo!

  3. hoe cake? I have no idea what this is but it sounds dirty and delicious!!!


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