Cleveland Indians Social Suite with the Wahoo Women

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Last night a group of social media minded women converged on the Cleveland Indians Social Media Suite at Progressive Field to watch some Central Division plays between the Tribe and the Detroit Tigers.

We also were there to support the return of Wahoo Women to Progressive Field which is a night out at the ballpark to help support women's health and wellness as well as $3 of every ticket purchase last night going to the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women Campaign.

It was a win/win for all in attendance - even the Indians, who finally brought home a win over Detroit at 1:46am through a two hour rain delay and extra innings.

Go tribe!

All the hot ladies in the suite! Thanks to Lzone and TribeTalk for putting everything together as well at Time Warner Cable NEO for supplying us with some tasty grub for the evening festivities.

The Time Warner Cable supplied grub came in quite handy while a whole lot of this was pouring down from the sky.... so did the Terrace Club bar though.

Yes, I know this is a blurry pic from Gina's phone but how can I not share it with you guys. Please notice my face on the left and Charity's on the right posing for the shot. But ALSO please note Lzone's in the middle..... she was obviously really excited for the dessert cart.

After game play resumed the Wahoo Women let in some Wahoo Men for chaperoning... that's CK, timmybennett and Sergio enjoying the suite with the ladies.

Through the rain and all it was a great evening with the Indians and I can't wait to do it again.

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. that picture is amazing.

    also, if a game is ever rained out what better place to be than in a box? love it.

  2. Announcement: I now own an Indians shirt, direct from Jacobs -- sorry, PROGRESSIVE -- Field. You would be proud!

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