cleveland wine festival, jilly and rory get hitched and sarah's about to

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

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Wednesday evening weekend recap? Sure, why not.

This past weekend was full of wine, a wedding and a wedding shower.

Perhaps this W filled weekend was meant to be posted about on Wednesday.... I know, it's a stretch, just work with me here.

The wine part of the weekend started on Friday when me, CK, Seanski, Nugget, and AJP attended the Cleveland Wine Festival at Voinivich Park. As a first time attendee of this event you can mark my words that after the amazing experience I had I'll most definitely be back next year.

It was so much fun, and the location? Breathtakingly beautiful on a perfect summer night in the CLE.

Great view of Cleveland while we sipped wine

Me and CK on the lake at sunset

And the view only got better as the sun set, gorgeous

Particularly this view.... how hysterical, right? This guy decided he just needed to get comfortable on the lawn.

After the wine fest we headed to the Greenhouse Tavern Rooftop for bubbles and to meet up with Lzone, Christina, timmybennett and Katie. I think there was even a Flannery's stop on the way home.

Saturday the wedding part of the weekend began at St. Coleman's church to watch Jilly marry Rory - it was beautiful!

In between the church and the reception me, CK, Muffin and Jesse headed to South Side in Tremont for drinks and munchies before heading to the Ritz Carlton downtown to party down, dance, eat and be merry.

Me and Muffin being awesome.

CK, poo poo and Jesse outside of the Ritz

Katy, the beautiful bride Jilly and Mandy.

I'm so bummed that my only pic of the bride and groom for some reason or another won't upload not upside down - iphone fail. Another fail is I need to stop only bringing my iphone out, my "real" camera is just so much better quality indoors. Note to self.

Sunday morning I struggled to gather myself after the blast of a wedding to head to North Canton for the final W of my weekend Sarah's afternoon tea themed wedding shower at Congress Lake Country Club.

It was great seeing so many family members and friends to celebrate "little sarah" in preparation for the big fat Greek wedding of the year in October.

The beautiful Michalos girls, Leah, Carolyn and the bride to be Sarah.

The hot-to-trot Foradas girls, Marissa, Thea Susie and Kristen.

Does my family know how to pose or what? Even the mom's!

It was yet again another great weekend, so good it took me till 11:47pm Wednesday to post about it.

Have a good day, kids.


  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Completely worth waiting until Thursday AM to read about ;-)

  2. We were members at Congress Lake when I was a kid. I loved going out fishing along the fairway at sixteen, getting a sun fish sailboat and zipping along the lake, or playing all afternoon in the pool. Whenever you needed to get anything from the snack stand, whether it was fries, pizza, a slurpee, or even just a slim jim, all you did was give them your member number, and it was yours.

    Yeah, being a kid was kinda cool sometimes.

  3. That's my wife sitting by herself in the foreground of the picture! We had a great time at the festival--we won free tickets from MetroMix, I think they liked our (true) story about how we got engaged on a cold yet happy night at Voinovich Park back in 2006.

  4. no two words go better together than "wine" and "festival"

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