cry me a river of salty tears from your puffy eyes

Monday, August 29, 2011

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I spent my Sunday crying at movies.
I'm a sap - I cry at everything.

I mean, I cried at Never Let Me Go, which is very expected, but then I also cried at Life as We Know It... sigh.

Such a sap.

I've blogged before about how I'm an ugly crier (although I can't seem to find it) and while I was laying on my couch with a giant 7 foot mirror starring back at me I almost puked as I caught a glimpse of myself mid-tears.

There was blubbering involved.

Told you it was a giant mirror. Bonus points if you know what movie I was watching...

I'm not really sure there's a point to this post other than the fact that if I ever get cast in a reality TV show and there are ever tears of any sort broadcast to the general public I'm moving away and changing my name.

Single tear streaming down ones cheek doesn't exist in my life.

I'm like Heidi Montag minus the blonde hair, 375874 plastic surgeries and Spencer Pratt.


Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go ice my puffy eyes.

Happy Monday, kids.


  1. when you read it, the mood of it is kinda sulky/calm/easy going/and in a plain kinda speaking tone. think corinne bailey rae if you know who she is. and if not.
    Nitro Muscle Mass

  2. Oh, dude. I'm an ugly crier of the ugliest sort. I feel your pain.

  3. I cried a little at life as we know it too.

    but not at all in the help.

    how is that possible?

  4. I almost watched "Up" last night, until I remembered how I bawl like a baby through the majority of it.

  5. About an hour after I cry, I look like I got beat in the face. It's pretty bad. I just saw Life as we Know It this weekend. Yeah, it got really intense a quarter of the way through. Holy sobfest.

  6. The best remedy for puffy eyes is frozen spoons. they fit perfectly, and feel oh so nice without freezing your eyeballs!

    In a pinch, i use the three olives bottle i keep in the freezer. but ive learned to always keep frozen spoons at the ready!

    I knew all my crappy relationships would one day help others!

  7. And this is why I only watch fluff comedies-- I cried at Lion King. I REFUSE to watch Toy Story 3, and forget about any animal movies.

  8. man i am such a crier too, it's ridiculous. although i'm more of a stream of tears than actual sobs. it's a bit ridiculous what makes me cry though, no filter whatsoever, haha.

  9. I am a total crier and an ugly one at that. I won't tell you how bad I looked after seeing The Help. RED EYES

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  11. on the movie V for vendetta, thye wong is like from the 50's or something. sounded old.


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