if you cook it, i will watch you do it

Friday, August 19, 2011

Other than biking to Taco Tuesday at Deagan's for a bit I've stayed in ALL WEEK.

This is a big deal for me, you guys.

Instead of going out and socializing at events and what not I came home, worked out and did really important things like laundry and dishes.

While I've been doing all of these really really really important things this week though there's been a common theme on my television - The Cooking Channel, Bravo or The Food Network have been on the entire time.

For some reason I'm on a huge cooking kick, yet I haven't cooked all week - I just keep watching shows on TV.

I day dream about people coming to my house and cooking me and my guests dinner a la Rocco's Dinner Party but instead of $20,000 I'd reward them with hugs and kisses and Chef Symon is my guest judge.

I envision cooking elaborately hearty fall menus for my friends where we drink bottles upon bottles of Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz and watch whatever city of the Real Housewives is currently on Bravo.

I think about grabbing a shovel and making a fire pit in my backyard so I can make s'mores and listen to music with flannel blankets over my legs.

And all of these thoughts are coming from TV.

I'm a marketers dream.

Now, what should I could for Sunday dinner?

To The Cooking Channel...


  1. are you thinking of having a bonfire because of the bravo promo with the characters around a fire?

    I'd bring the marshmallows.

  2. jam jar...yum, yum, yum! one of my favorite finds at lilly's in tremont!

  3. rocco's dinner party is just so fascinating. i can't stop watching once it's on, haha.

  4. when I met him, he didn't have a lot of friends yet because he was still new in our country.


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