mommy, maybe you should just come to Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Dear Mommy,

I really appreciated your text message this afternoon while I was driving home from a client meeting with a to do list a mile long waiting for me at the office asking me why I haven't blogged about my weekend yet...

And THEN to smoosh a cherry on that already under my skin text you send me another one reminding/scolding me that I'm probably going to lose followers if I don't start updating more often.

That was swell.

Really made me feel less guilty about the fact that I've been buried in RFP's, emails and meetings allowing for no free time for things like blogging, even after traditional work hours.

But hey, maybe next time I'll blog instead of work, what I'm doing here right now will pay my mortgage, right?

Oh Mommy, I think I've spoiled you.

All kidding aside though, I know you just want to check up on me and want me to blog as much as possible, but maybe you could start pinch blogging for me when I have a busy week?

What do you think?

You down?

I know you can write, I mean, you wrote all of my papers for me ages 7 thru 17...

I'll expect your first post tomorrow.


I love you,

:: Alexa


Do you know it's Krusty's Summer Sauce Camp week? Have you purchased your tickets yet for one of the greatest events of the entire summer? If not, DO IT, the Malachi House will thank you - see you there!


  1. Well, my dear daughter Alexa, I already did all my writing for you all those years ago and it has served you well. You do need to work for sure and may be you have spoiled me a bit. But if you would keep in better touch with your mother(like with an actual phone)she wouldn't have to read your blog to see what you are up to!!
    Love you, XO

    P.S. Well this finally got you to post...ha

  2. Oops....forgot to say it was me up above. But I guess you figured it out...XO

  3. Damn, Alexa. Your mom has a finger on your pulse! Not only is she texting you in blogging absence, but she's on top of being the first to comment when you do get around to posting something. If only we could all have parents as attentive as that!

  4. I, for one, would love to read your mom's ghostblogging. :)

  5. Clearly your mom needs to be your blog assistant, she will keep you to TASK

  6. I agree! I think she would be fantastic The two of you could be another Joan Rivers and Melissa team


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