No, she's MY friend

Thursday, August 11, 2011

My little sissy is coming in town this weekend to visit from Boston.

I'm very excited to spend time with her, especially our beach day on Friday, but as good as we get along there's always going to be a little rivalry between the two of us.

Rightly so though, what siblings don't squabble from time to time?

One of my sissy and I's biggest "rivalry" is over
OUR friend c-rossi though.

You see, my sissy "claims" c-rossi, which she's allowed to.... they are the same age, graduated high school together, and my sissy was c-rossi's maid of honor in her wedding.


But you see c-rossi is
MY friend too..... I've technically known her as long as sissy has, we all went to the the same high school, but c-rossi went to University of Dayton with me and now lives in Cleveland.

And with my sissy living in Beantown I definitely get the opportunity to see c-rossi a lot more than she does which you can say causes a little bit of tension.

aka, Sissy is just jealous when we hangout and she can't be with us.

This fact was made even more clear Tuesday evening when c-rossi added the following picture of the two of us taken this past weekend to Facebook.

Me and c-rossi at Lakewood Village Tavern after Krusty's.

Well, sissy didn't like that and decided to have a little fun with photoshop making the image up to her standards.

Sissy added herself the above image with the caption, "that's better"....

OF COURSE SHE DID. I found this beyond hysterical.

I mean it really does look like she's with us, if only she was...

Good thing she will be all weekend - i
t's ok Sissy, I'll let you sit by c-rossi at dinner Friday night.

Happy Thursday, kids.

And Happy Birthday to you CK, to say I'm glad you're in my life would be a gigantic understatement, I love you.


  1. yay for CK! And your sister is pretty good at that photo shopping too!

  2. Your sister is hilarious! I love the photoshopping.

  3. Great PhotoShop job! How fun. Looking forward to celebrating your boy's b-day with some beers tonight. That was a lot of B's...

  4. omg that is hilarious! she has got some great photoshopping skillz too, I have trouble cropping!

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