Pool Time, Tremont Hoppin', Birthday Parties and Bridal Showers

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I had the luxury taking a vacation day this past Friday and I'm sure I'd be a happier camper if I had every Friday off.

I mean, I got everything I needed to get done work wise the first four days of the week and answered emails on Friday by the pool.

I could get used to that.

My little cousin Jenna enjoying pool time before she heads off to her freshman year of college, tear.

I headed down to Canton on Friday to enjoy the above pictured pool at my cousin's house with my sissy and rest of the family. It was a lovely and fun day in the sun and I wish I could do that everyday.

Post pool party I headed back to CLE with my sissy to get ready for dinner at Bistro on Lincoln Park in Tremont with CK, muffin, Jesse and C-Rossi - our meal was very good although poorly timed with a very long wait in between our salads and entrees. I'd go back though for sure.

After dinner the group walked to the Treehouse to meet up with lots of friends to celebrate the engagement my good friends the jerk and the klutz - I'm so happy for them I can't stand it!

I may have forced them into posing for this hilarious prom style engagement photo. I don't know about you, but I'm thinking save the date right there, you guys.

After last week's post telling the tale of the friendship "fight" between my sissy and I over C-Rossi we needed to artistically express what it's really like.

Saturday CK and I brunched at Diner on Clifton, ran errands and headed back to Canton for my cousin Graceyn's 9th birthday party at my Tiajo and Uncle David's house

The kiddos with Graceyn the birthday girl at cake time!

After a delicious dinner, family visiting time, a Browns pre-season win and CK and I taking the trivia game championship we headed back to Cleveland to use the rest of our Saturday night to veg out.

Sunday was jam packed as well with a trip to the east side for my dear friend Holler's bridal shower. We drank bubbles, ate a delicious brunch and got more and more excited for the bachelorette party Labor Day weekend and the nuptials in October.

The beautiful Holler women: Mrs. Holler, Katie and Kristen.

Some of my ladies, MOB, Holler, Muffin and Beaver.

After the shower my mom and sissy came up to Cleveland for an evening of dinner at Luxe with CK and then a walk over to Capital Theater for a showing of The Help with the addition of C-Rossi. Holy heck was The Help a touching movie, I'm 100% positive I started crying within the first 20 minutes and didn't stop till the end. Sobbing people, sobbing.

Go see The Help!

All in all it was a low(ish) key weekend with my friends and family - no complaints here!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Glad you liked (on the whole) The Bistro on Lincoln Park. I don't know why that place doesn't get more publicity--their food is delicious, their happy hour is one of the best in town, and I love their abundant outside seating!

  2. sounds like a fabulous weekend to me. i can't wait to see The Help, i really just need to make the time to see it!

  3. I LOVE Katie's and Kristen's dresses! They are such an adorable family, we love working with them:)


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