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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I buy a lot of clothes from H&M.


So much so that I feel like I'm constantly cutting off the annoyingly long black ribbon hangar things from my tops, tanks, and dresses.

Snip. Snip.

I wonder how much money H&M would save if they stopped attaching these useless pieces of ribbon on every article of clothing they make.

A short sleeved cotton t-shirt does not need hangar ribbons, people.

They aren't even functional anymore at that point, aka a waste of ribbon and labor.

Maybe I'll start using these as hair accessories, bow anyone?

Does everyone else snip these off?

I sure hope so.


  1. I really hate those stupid things too. I cut all of mine off.

  2. Ha. I only have one thing from H&M with a ribbon in the back and I totally kept it on - otherwise it's so hard to keep on the hanger!

    Oops. Now I feel dumb.

  3. Snip, snip...be gone! Hate those things.

  4. There is a reason for that ribbon, missy! Maybe you should hang your clothes up better and you would utilize it to keep your clothes on the hanger.....ha.
    XO Mom

  5. I HATE those. They put them on everything.

  6. OMG. Seriously! I buy a bunch of stuff from them too and these things are so annoying! I never use them, and always snip them off... Glad I'm not the only one.

  7. i haven't cut them off yet, but i totally agree that a t-shirt definitely does not need one!

  8. you should start a ribbon chain and see how far it goes. like pee wee hermans tin foil ball!


  9. the only thing i keep them on are strapless/halter dresses that otherwise can't use a hanger normally. everything else? SNIP SNIP SNIPPPP

  10. Agghh! I always ask the same thing - WHAT is up with those ribbons?! I mean, a strapless dress? I get it. Even a silky top? Ok, you need a little extra help to hang(er) on. But t-shirts? Come ON, H&M.

    If you figure out some brilliant idea for the ribbon reuse, please share it. I've got nothin'.

  11. I don't buy a lot of stuff from H&M but I'm on the hunt for them. Would love to see your crafting with them

  12. So many other places have those annoying things too. If I forget to snip them they ALWAYS wind up hanging outside of the garment when I wear it. So annoying.


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