Worst Groupon Ad Copy EVER.

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'll be back tomorrow with my regular "Monday Morning Recap" but I had to post about something that came through my email Sunday morning first.

Everyone knows about Groupon, the local deal and coupon website that sends out daily deal emails to subscribers to alert them to discounted goods at their favorite establishments all over their city.

Well this past Sunday morning while checking my email in bed I clicked on my "daily deal" from Groupon Cleveland to see if there was anything interesting to purchase.

Surprise, Surprise it was another Mani/Pedi offer but upon reading the copy that is meant to entice one into purchasing the deal I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

The GrouponCLE email from 8.14.11

For those of you unable to read the image copy clearly let me type it out for you...

Half Off Mani-Pedi in North Royalton

Like Gasoline, feet must be carefully treated and refined before they can be used to propel automobiles. Amplify your octane with today's Groupon: for $40, you get a relaxation pedicure and Shellac manicure at Extasis Salon & Spa in North...

This has got to be a joke I thought to myself while reading the copy over and over again laughing.

Feet being compared to gasoline? Well that's a new one.

Feet being used to propel automobiles? What is this the Flintstone era?

Way to go Groupon Cleveland "copywriters" I'm thinking you deserve a raise for all your creativity and a commission even for all the extra mani/pedi's you're going to sell for Extasis Salon.

Feet are the new Gasoline, fyi,

Happy Monday!

UPDATE 7:50am: I must also share with you today's (8.15.11) Groupon for yet another Mani-Pedi for $40 but this time in Mayfield Heights - this copy is laughable as well.

Half Off Waxing or Mani-Pedi in Mayfield Heights

Ninety percent of all Manicures are given to spies, whose hands are overworked by the intelligence world's lengthy secret handshakes. Treat hard working appendages with today's Groupon to Salon de la Mer in Mayfield Heights.

Ladies, 90% of us are spies, SPIES! High-larious.

Carry on.


  1. I love the ridiculous Groupon copy. It makes me laugh. I'm also glad to know my city isn't the only one that gets mani/pedi groupons six days a week.

  2. How did I miss these offers! hysterical.

  3. Whoever this person is, is a copywriting STAR. Really, amazing. They were stretching with those two.

  4. clearly, the flintstones didn't get pedicures, have you seen the show?

    I think its catchy! It makes me miss working in marketing.

    But only for a second.

  5. their ad copy is so extreme, i love it. the comparisons they make are ridiculous.

  6. Gasoline and feet sound gross together. Or hot. Maybe hot . . .

  7. Oh, Groupon. I have so much irrational hate for their copywriting. Sure, absurdity can be funny (see: anything Colbert does), but when it's not even close to clever/witty, it disintegrates into total crap. Crap, I tell you.

  8. You've got to wonder if they are actually DELIBERATELY trying to write bad copy. Like is this their unique selling point or something???

  9. Actually, I used to find it amusing, now I am so annoyed I just start deleting the ads in my inbox. I don't have time to wait for the copywriter to finish amusing themselves before they finally get around to giving me the info I need. Ugh.

  10. Although the copy is bizarre and the comparasins are extreme, they seem to work. Extasis Salon & Spa sold over 700 of those mani/pedi packages through Groupon. Although much of the credit should go to the spa with their 5 STAR Rating.


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