#hollabachnow on kelleys island

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ATTENTION: I highly recommend you listen to Pitbull's Give me Everything while reading the following post because that song was the theme of this past #hollabachnow weekend - "grab somebody sexy tell um hey!"

This past Labor Day weekend was filled with best friends and fun and you know it was a long one when it takes me until Wednesday to post my "Monday Morning Weekend Recap"... you'll have that.

I had the pleasure of heading to Kelleys Island for the first time Friday/Saturday/Sunday for the bachelorette party celebration, aka #hollabachnow, for my dear friend Holler.

Fourteen ladies made appearances throughout the weekend to the "House in the Woods" that we had rented for the party and I can't thank Holler's sissy Kristen for planning the weekend for us and Maureen for driving our butts around everywhere.

On Friday Muffin and I picked up our Chicago friends Shelley and Pichee from the airport and headed west to the lake erie shores to catch the ferry over to Kelleys Island.

We were greeted by the ladies with hand-painted wine glasses (with stuff to put in them too) courtesy of Kristen - let the girl bonding begin.

Let the party begin!

We reminisced talking about old crushes and loves, laughed at our UD stupidities, wondered aloud how we all made it out alive and became nauseous thinking about it being our ten-year college reunion this year. Good times.

Saturday we woke up to a delicious breakfast, some people went for runs and me, Muffin, MOB and Beaver rented some bikes and went for a long ride + sightseeing + house tour all over the island.

Beaver, Muffin and MOB pedaling along.

We even found a lemonade stand at the perfect time for optimal thirst quenching.

Once we got back from the ride all the girls walked over to the lake for laying out and beers on the beach - nothing wrong with that at all, nothing.

Soon it was getting ready time - cue showering x 12 and cooking.

When everyone got ready we ate, drank and showered Holler with presents. We also participated in watching an adorable question and answer video session courtesy of Kristen interviewing Doyle, Holler's fiancee. The whole thing was swoon worthy and the love and compatibility between these two is just wonderful.

The bride-to-be in all her Holler glory!

BFF-4-EVA: Holler and Maureen being awesome.

All the Holler ladies, including the newest Holler family addition, sissy-in-law Lisa, with Holler and Kristen. How gorgeous, right?

Our oh so sassy entertainment for the evening, Beaver.... in my old ballet costume. Classic Keri Strug, fyi.

All the #hollabachnow ladies before we headed to the bars - please note our adorable colored "ray-bans" that Kristen also made for us, love. Also, thanks to our cab driver for being our photographer.

We started out at Bag the Moon with too many strawberry shots to count and listening/jamming to a truly horrible band. Our next and final stop was The Casino for a serious dance party and "the push heard round the world".

The impending thunderstorm didn't break our stride as we danced right through it. The DJ played all our requests, even Enrique, and we decided that our next bachelorette party on Kelleys Island we aren't even going to waste the time getting beautified and hoosier it out like the rest of the "locals".

Holler, Shelley and Muffin.

This shot can pretty much sum up the fun that was had during the whole #hollabachnow weekend - it's a HOLLA HOOP!

Sunday morning we left the island and headed home after such a wonderful time with good friends - too bad Holler can't get married every year cause the party would sure be worth it.

I spent all of Sunday afternoon/evening watching countless episodes of Pawn Stars by myself, because I can.

Labor Day was spent properly with a cookout at the Verdova's in North Ridgeville where I made the Pioneer Woman's spicy pasta salad with smoked gouda and failed to take a single picture.

Because the need to continue the long weekend was necessary I spent last night at The Greenhouse Tavern with some of my favorite Cleveland Bloggers on behalf of Nescafe Dolce Gusto (more to come on that later) where we ate Greenhouse Tavern standard fare like pomme frites + wings and even got a steak tartar making lesson from Chef Sawyer himself.

And y'all wonder why I'm running short on time to blog these days. As my friend Cubby told me today, "Life comes first, documenting it comes second".

Amen to that.

Have a great rest of your week, kids!


  1. What a great weekend! I'm from the next town over from Port Clinton (where the ferry is) and every year I make it a point to go to Kelleys JUST to get too many strawberry shots. They are AMAZING!!

  2. wait - ballet? and that was your outfit!

  3. How ridiculously fun! Makes me think Kelley's Island is the perfect spot for my bachelorette party!

  4. Looks like a fun weekend. Great to "meat" you in person the other night too. Fun times :)

    P.S. CLEgal, I am liking Kelly's Island bachelorette party idea :)

  5. i don't know about you guys, but it was just a regular tuesday night for me!

  6. That ballet costume is EPIC.

    Sounds like such a fun time. More needs to be had!

    Completely agree with your friend Cubby, life definitely comes first.

  7. seriously looks like such a fun bachelorette party. love the paint penned wine glasses and sunglasses, amazingness. yay parties!

  8. Oh...how I loooove love! And I love good friendships even more! This post warmed my heart as much as it made me wish you'd adopt me into your inner circle and kickit with me in the same way!

    Sounds like an amazing weekend!!

  9. Hi - Planning to go to Hawaii in August for 7-8 days. Wondering if anyone had any recommendations for the best places to go scuba diving.

  10. We had some of the best times ever there in our 20s, dangerously fun!

  11. Love the personalized wine glasses! So fun

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