It's September in the CLE

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Isn't there an internet meme called "Wordless Wednesday"?

I'm going to try for "Two or Three Word Tuesday"..... aka my weekend in pictures.

Thursday started off right with the Fashion Night Out at Saks in Beachwood to benefit the AIDS Taskforce of Greater Cleveland. I was lucky enough to be given a media pass for the evening courtesy of Positively Cleveland and Saks and as you can tell by the above image, they sure knew how to get to my heart.

Friday night was spent with the Aber sisters, Seanski, Nugget, Shane and PJ at XYZ the Tavern for happy hour then meeting up with Lzone, Kelly and Jenny at Tina's Nite Club. The above picture shows Lzone cuddling up with a certain passed out bar patron before his cab driver came and got him.

Saturday/night was spent running various errands, cooking the above sausage tortellini soup for CK and his little one and having a seriously awesome fashion show. I promise the food tasted better than the picture looks.

It's football time in America again and the above image was part of the 9/11 reflection at the Cleveland Browns Stadium on opening day.

My fabulous seatmates for the Browns game, Mr. Gramc, JoeG and CK - nice day huh? Too bad the Brownies lost though.

After the game CK and I headed to Westpark and PJ McIntyre's to celebrate Foxxy's birthday with the rest of the girls - Lisa, MOB, Beaver, Me and Foxxy.

Monday there wasn't any rest for this football fan as I attended the Taste of the Browns event courtesy of the Cleveland Foodbank and if you can tell by the above picture Alana, aka @dawgpndgirl, found her very own dawg.

I think this post may have been more than two or three words...


Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. about that whole silly 'no drinking' idea - well, that can start today...

    chomps and i make quite the couple! :)

  2. who knew tailgating so was fun. Why have I not joined in sooner?

  3. If only I could follow you around for a day.

  4. That soup looks soooo good. Invite me over next time you make it! I promise I won't try to sleep on your shoulder. xo

  5. That soup looks amazing!

    Up was st the season opener at FedExfield and they did that same thing with the flag - pretty neat.


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