Sorry pots

Monday, September 5, 2011

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Proof that summer is pretty much over: I've stopped watering the pots on the balcony off my kitchen.

What once was pretty....

Gorgeous in July, right?

Is now, not so pretty...

Looks like someone stopped watering these about two weeks ago.

By the end of August/early September I can't help but get tired of watering my pots - this happens almost every year.

You'll have that.

I suppose now it's time to dig everything up...

But not today, I'm heading over to the Verdova's for a cookout - Happy Labor Day everyone!


  1. for the urban gardener, the best invention is the water globe! fill it up and stick it in!

    Its the only as seen on tv thing thats ever actually made my life easier!

    I might have only yeilded 3 strawberries from my porch pot, but I had a fabulous flower arrangement, that is still trucking thanks to my water globe!

    of course, after it dips into the 50s tonight, mine might be kaput too...

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  3. HA! I threw all of mine out this past weekend, except for three that magically seem to live through me not watering them. I'm over it.

  4. Oh geez....they would look good into Oct! That is just sad and that pot is inches from your sink!

  5. those were some nice looking flowers!

  6. i'm impressed you lasted a whole summer! i've killed every. single. plant to ever come to my house, due entirely to neglect.

    well, the ones that the cats haven't shredded first, anyway.

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