the top ten movies i will always turn on when i find them on TV

Thursday, September 15, 2011

At any given time while browsing through my DirecTV guide if I see certain movies come across, regardless of at what point in play they are, I will automatically start watching it - even if it's for only ten minutes.

I came to this realization recently while paging through the guide and I came across Home Alone. I didn't care that it's currently not the holiday season, nor that it was already an hour into it - I watched it and it was awesome.

And then, because I have soooooooooooooooo much time on my hands, decided to make a top ten list via the notes app on my iPhone while happily watching Home Alone.

Naturally I'm going to share this list with you, I'm a giver.

Top Ten Movies (in no particular order) that I will always turn on when I randomly come across them on TV.

1. Home Alone
2. Love Actually
2. Shawshank Redemption
3. Parenthood
4. Big
5. The Sandlot
6. Cocktail
7. A League of their Own
8. Groundhog Day
9. Legally Blonde
10. Goonies

Honorable mentions: Literally any sports themed movie (hell, I'll watch The Cutting Edge), When Harry Met Sally (WHMS while being one of my favorite movies is an honorable mention only because sometimes is just too emotional, you guys) and Gladiator (probably my favorite movie of all time, but again, sometimes is just too emotional and draining).

So, what's on your list?


  1. I don't think I have 10, and from your list, Love Actually, I've only seen once so would watch it if I surfed and found it on.

    All About Eve
    West Side Story
    Sleepless in Seattle
    Love Actually
    Steel Magnolias
    Lawrence of Arabia (also long!)
    Gentleman's Agreement
    12 Angry Men

  2. Center Stage. It's so bad but so good at the same time. :)

  3. Pretty much all of those- plus "A Perfect Storm"- don't ask me why. It's emotionally draining, long and induces seasickness in some cases but there's just something about it. Every. single. time.

  4. Sandlot!!!
    Shawshank Redemption
    Newsies (which is NEVER on tv!)
    League of their own
    Some like it hot
    Finding Nemo
    Almost Famous
    Beauty and the Beast
    Mrs. Doubtfire

  5. Major League (1 or 2)
    Talladega Nights
    Walk The Line
    Rocky (1-4 or Rocky Balboa)
    Goodfellas (Even funnier when the change the naughty words)
    Top Gun

  6. great list! i'm with heather on center state--such an awesomely bad movie. also, hocus pocus!

  7. Most of those would be on my list, including When Harry Met Sally. I'd say the one major one that isn't on your list is Top Gun though.

  8. Dirty Dancing
    The Holiday
    Back to the Future

    I have a love/hate relationship with seeing these movies on tv. I almost never pop in the dvd, but if they're televised I feel compelled to watch!

  9. Mr smith goes to washington
    the original rocky
    true identity
    full metal jacket
    thelma and louise
    stomper romper
    the score

  10. the sandlot is definitely on that list too! I actually just purchased a VHS copy of the Goonies from the Salvation Army the other 99 cents I've ever spent!

  11. Weirdly enough, A League of Their Own was on tv last week and I watched it for the first time in ages. Forgot how good it was. I will always watch Home Alone (or Home Alone 2) when it's on as well . . . even though I own it on dvd anyway.

  12. Steel Magnolias is my #1 must watch movie.
    "M'Lynn you just missed a chance of a lifetime. Half of Chinquapin Parish would give their eye teeth to take a whack at Ouiser!"

    Other include Fried Green Tomatoes, Apocalypse Now, Waiting for Guffman, Goonies, Shawshank, Full Metal Jacket, Caddyshack and any part of Band of Brothers.

    Can you believe I've never seen Love Actually or all of The Sandlot?

  13. Home Alone tops my list. See also: Independence Day, any Harry Potter movie, Men in Black...

  14. oh I love this.

    my list has: Twister, A League of Their Own, Remember the Titans, Love Actually, Easy A, Sleepless in Seattle and Newsies.

    There's probably more I just can't think of but I'm glad I'm not alone in my constant rewatching.

  15. love actually is a great movie...

    the two that first come to mind: top gun & dirty dancing. always have loved both. very sentimental. good memories of watching w my sis when we were younger.

  16. goodfellas for sure, a bronx tale- I have secret mob wife ambitions and blow- best soundtrack plus i'm a real sucker for any movie with "words at then end".

  17. what is it about Love Actually! Love that movie.

    Sweet Home Alabama
    Goonies for sure

  18. Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Alone & The Adventures in Babysitting.

  19. I would have to add "Mystic Pizza" and "While You Were Sleeping".

  20. I can't believe no one mentioned "Jaws"! Always stop and watch it for a bit....along with many of the above mentioned too. But hardly any much "older" movies got a mention like..Gone With the Wind, The Philadelphia Story, Bringing Up Baby...I could go on and on...ha.

  21. notting hill
    terms of endearment
    mystic pizza
    The Notebook
    Bring it on
    The Silence of the Lambs

    I cant think of any more cus my addiction to tivo has spoiled me into hardly ever having to find something to watch in a pinch!

  22. The Sandlot for sure!!! I can't believe you and several others had this on your list. It's my favorite movie. I'm a 32 year old chica and when I tell people that's my fave movie they usually give me a look. Glad I'm not alone in my appreciation of it!

  23. my list would include Clueless and Goodfellas! :P

  24. armageddon and avatar are the two movies that I watch over and over and over again. I don't know why.

  25. I luuuuurrrrvvee Love Actually. And I will watch Anchorman every time it's on TV!! stay classy, San Diego.

  26. Almost Famous
    Love Actually
    Walk the Line
    Legally Blonde
    Home Alone
    My Girl
    Pulp Fiction (I've actually never seen this from beginning to end, everytime I've seen it on I've put it on randomly)
    Wizard of Oz
    Jurassic Park

  27. Great list! I would have to add Casino and Mean Girls. I cannot get enough of that stuff

  28. Groundhog day!

    karate kid
    the big lebowski
    Fight Club
    Star wars IV V or VI
    O Brother Where Art Thou

    I'll just stop now. lol

  29. Hmmm... Love Actually, Dazed & Confused, Empire Records (although, I've never seen the last two on TV), and a few others I can't think of at the moment!

  30. Moonstruck, Dirty Dancing, Legends of the Fall, Parent Trap (both), Freaky Friday (new only....sad b/c Natasha is dead now), Pretty Woman, Wedding Crashers, Parenthood, Overboard, As Good as it Gets, Pelican Brief, A Time to Kill, The Firm, Troy, .....I can't stop....this was a fun post!....oh and what about My Cousin Vinnie? and Married to the Mob!!

  31. i totally forgot about the entire mob genre!!

    i need to add casino and goodfellas to my list, stat.

  32. oh man.. what a fun one!

    Princess Bride
    Legally Blonde
    Bring It On
    Dirty Dancing
    Any of the Bourne Identity trilogy
    Casino Royale
    A League of their Own...

  33. Love Actually and Goonies for sure!


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