This is how you baptize in the Greek Orthodox church

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I had the honor of becoming a Nouna (Greek for godmother) this past weekend at the church I grew up in in Canton, St. Haralambos, to the most beautiful baby boy named Bobby.

Bobby's mom Erin and I have known each other from birth, our families are friends, I was a bridesmaid in her wedding to her husband Todd and she's just generally awesome.

I've been looking forward to the baptism weekend for a long time but there was lots of preparation for the Nouna (me) to handle prior to the big day.

Full disclosure: my mom helped, A LOT.

Greek Orthodox godparents have a bit more responsibility in comparison to say a Catholic godparent - not the holy line of thinking but in the gotta buy/organize lots of stuff line of thinking.

The Nouna checklist:
- towels + sheets to clean the oil off the baby and receive the baby post dunking
- a bar of soap to wash the nouna's and the priest's hands post dunking
- olive oil
- new all white outfit including a bonnet, onesie, socks, booties, bib, etc
- baptismal cross and chain
- three candles for the service.... decorated, naturally
- martirika, aka witness pins
- favors for the baptism guests
- become a member of a church if you aren't already (I officially wasn't)
- a fun gift, toy, new outfit, icon, etc

It's lots, but it's tradition and it's ALL worth it.

I told you it was worth it - how could you resist this face?!? Here's me holding Bobby in the beginning of the service at the back of the church. It's around here I was repenting the devil of course.

Various shots from the service - me getting ready to slather Bobby in olive oil, Bobby getting dunked and me ready to receive him, me soothing Bobby (he wasn't too happy after being dunked) and the group taking the traditional three lap walk.

The adorable favors filled with the most delicious of all candies, Lilly Handmade Chocolates, and jordan almonds, the witness pins and the box full of goodies.

After the church we headed to Erin's parents house for lunch and jolly times with friends and family.

It really was the perfect day. Bobby couldn't have been better behaved and I simply can't wait to be a part of his life - it's really an honor.

It's cool to be a Nouna, you guys.


  1. It's like you're the Maid of Honor at a wedding with all those responsibilities! Wow! But, so awesome to be included in someone else's family like that.

  2. aw he is just so precious! congrats nouna, looks like it was a lovely ceremony.

  3. I've recently moved to Brighton and want to start going to church again. I gather that the Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity has burned down.
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  4. Oh my god. Cuteness!

    By the way, St. Haralambos is an AWESOME saint's name.

  5. We've got a great Greek festival in my town each year. It's held at the Greek Orthodox Church and attended by thousands upon thousands of people.

  6. im not much for babies, so you know its true when I say that is one cute baby!

    and those little boxes are so cute! it sounds like a lot of work, but the smile on your face in all these pics obviously shows it was worth it for you!!!


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