Cleveland Beer Week, Viaduct Lounge, Der Braumeister and Sunday Dinner

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This past weekend was pretty damn awesome and I'm thinking this post isn't going to do it justice, but I'll try...

Friday started out with a KAM(silentG) lunch at Noodlecat. It was my first visit to the restaurant and it definitely won't be my last - next time I want to do dinner and cocktails - but man, those rice balls, yum-o!

Friday evening CK and I kicked off Cleveland Beer Week right with the opening event, Grains vs Grapes. We were guests of my employer, thunder::tech, and we had such a wonderful time eating and drinking with my colleagues and clients.

That's a lot of tasting glasses...

Our food courses prepared by the Michael Symon Restaurant Group were paired with "grains" chosen by Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and "grapes" chosen by Marianne Frantz of the American Wine School. Aside from Garrett Oliver not knowing when to put the mic down and the audience getting "yelled at" for talking too much everything was fabulous!

After the event the whole crew headed to the friends and family soft opening of the Viaduct Lounge to meet up with the rest of the cool kids where we got to check out Cleveland's newest hot spot. The Viaduct Lounge has taken over the old Ponte Vecchio restaurant space overlooking the flats and with the same owners/managers as my favorite bars ABC the Tavern and XYZ the Tavern (which we headed to for the "after-party") so how could I not love this place?

Saturday CK and I got a surprise visit from Beaver and MOB when they came over for breakfast which reminded me of college - the only difference being that, as MOB stated, I have a very "adult" kitchen now, aka I have spices in my pantry and put out cream and sugar.

But what can I say? Why wouldn't they want to come over for breakfast? No one can resist my egg-in-a-hole. #twss

Saturday night CK and I had a date night with our good friends Moe and Mark at Der Braumeister.

What's Der Braumeister you may ask? Well it's a German Bier Haus, Restaurant and Market on W130th and Lorain and it's a place that after having driven by countless times was beyond excited to check out and we were not disappointed with our experience.

I found my new favorite beer of the week, Kasteel Rouge which despite having an 8% abv I drank a bazillion of them like water - they were that tasty you guys. While I'm admittedly not a huge beer drinker it's safe to say I kicked off Cleveland Beer Week with a bang.

Lots of fun at Der Braumeister: CK enjoying his beer, Mark and Moe being adorable and a comical vampire/german themed signed behind the bar.

The task: everyone at the table take a "selfie" with my iphone. The above is the result... Mark + Moe + Me + CK = Prost!

Sunday was spent relaxing, shopping, running errands, cooking a kick ass Sunday dinner for me and CK and being "forced" to watch the Cardinals.

This week's dinner was a lasagne bolognese with spinach - I've never made a lasagne, nor a bolognese sauce from scratch and I must say it was the bomb. There was an amazing ricotta cheese, egg and milk layer that was bechamel-esque and TDF. I will definitely be making this dinner again and I think you should add it to your arsenal of recipes too.

My newly famous (deemed by me) eggs-in-a-hole and my newly found lasagne bolognese with spinach obsession - I think I can cook, you guys.

So yeah, that's a good weekend according to me.

How was yours?

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. just so much good food. i really want egg-in-a-hole now. like dinner perhaps, haha.

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