Dips for all!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is it Friday yet?


Only Tuesday, crap.

Perhaps talking about last weekend will bring this weekend here faster. It's worth a shot.

As I mentioned on Friday I hosted a dip themed party for some of my girlfriends on Saturday because who doesn't love a good dip!?!?! I dare you to come forward if you don't.

Let's talk about the dips I made for a hot second though:
- Reuben Dip (recipe)
- Bacon and Blue Cheese Dip (a handwritten dip recipe from Little Louie)
- Buffalo Chicken Dip (a gchat dip recipe from my Sissy)
- Traditional Chips and Dip (um, Dairymans Chip Dip because IT'S THE BEST)
- Veggies and Dill Dip (Store bought but I forget the brand)
- Garlic Parmesan Pull Apart Bread (recipe)
- Skinny Taco Dip (recipe)
- 7-layer Greek Dip (recipe)
- My "award-winning" Carmel Apple Cheesecake bars (recipe)
- My love Babs brought a Sausage Queso Dip
- My other love Erin brought this sweet pumpkin mousse dip

On top of lots of vino and bubbles I offered a signature cocktail of ginger ale, apple cider and makers mark which I found through Pinterest and I may or may not be in love with.

We ate, we drank, we danced, we broke glasses and we enjoyed arguably one of the most awesome weather evenings that October in Cleveland has ever seen.

All in all there were 20ish people in attendance including my Mommy and Nouna and I have some great girlfriends (and Seanski) this is a fact.

Jilly, Jen, Erin, Mrs Verdova and Rachel Zoe Muffin up top and Seanski, Sarabot, AJP, JV and C-Rossi down low.

I did a half-assed job documenting my fancy dips but here's a snap or three from the iPhone.

Ginenne doing "leg-ups" off the pergola in my backyard, Me, AJP and C-Rossi rockin' our broccoli microphones/hair pieces and some random dude dominating karaoke at Tina's which we ambushed late night.

Sunday I met my lovelies for brunch on the patio at Luxe Kitchen and Lounge where we enjoyed 2 for 1 bubble cocktails which were the last things I needed for the record. Hair of the dog? Probs.

My mimosa and menu, JV's doing something with AJP's "parking", Lulu and Sarabot doing something called a "scarecrow" and my french toast of the day which was essentially a dessert.

As soon as brunch was over I napped and then realized my house was still trashed and I needed to clean before CK came over for Sunday night chillaxing which involved Angelo's Pizza, Cardinals baseball and me falling asleep on the couch. Sexy.

I was tired just like I am now thinking about it.

Happy Tuesday, kids.


  1. LOVE the dip party idea! and thanks for planting that song in my head AND making me want to get some Angelo's pizza...

  2. seriously woman, you are a master in the kitchen. and a dip party? what a fabulous idea! love it!

  3. I loved everything about Saturday night. Dip it low, yo.

  4. You're making me tired just reading about your weekend!

  5. All those dips look deeeeeelicious! One of my favorites is Lawson's from Circle K...nothing beats a good bowl of Lawson's with Ruffles Potato Chips!

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