happy hours, charity events and a proper sunday dinner

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It seems like ages since I actually spent a full weekend in Cleveland and this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered, sans the Browns loss of course.

Friday started out with at happy hour at Reddstone thanks to my friend Ahmed - it was the perfect kick off to the weekend with a side of vodka waters. From the happiest of hours CK and I headed to the Hunger Network's Rolling on the River at Windows on the, what else, River in the flats.

Rolling on the River was seemingly a great event - we only stayed for about an hour - and I think if we participated in the gambling like the rest of the folks we would have gotten into it a bit more. Although, it's just as possible that we would have spent more money, which is a lesson I've learned before.

CK and I headed back to Reddstone for more cocktails and friendly conversation before we peaced out for home instead of a Tina's karaoke break, you'll have that.

The only picture I took on Friday night which includes the boys either perplexedly looking at me or having no clue I'm doing anything. Go Reddstone.

Saturday evening CK and I attended an event that we both had zero expectations walking in to, the 11th annual FORTUNE Battle of the Corporate Bands at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

CK's employer was competing in the finals so we got some comp tickets and headed to the hall not sure what to expect and boy were we pleasantly surprised - we had A BLAST.

These corporate bands headed to Cleveland from all over the country for this event and in my humble opinion, rocked Cleveland's socks off.

There was a regional competition for the bands earlier in the year and this weekend was the competition for all the marbles.
We aren't talking a simple guitar, bass, lead singer and drums here... we're talking horns, keyboards, back-up singers - the whole shebang.

The badge for all the cool kids, a shot of the stage while E&Y were performing and celebrity judge former Billy Joel drummer Liberty Devitto and yours truly. Say cheeeeeeeeeeese!

The corporations in the finals were: ConAgra Foods, Ernst & Young, Starbucks, Progressive Insurance, Mattel, Proctor and Gamble, GE Healthcare Life Sciences and Resource Interactive. The Ernst & Young band, American Pi, took home the grand prize and a much deserved win.

We made a final stop at XYZ on our way home to wrap up a surprisingly fun evening - no complaints here, you guys.

Sunday I opted to watch the Browns from home instead of attending the game even though I had tickets and I'm glad I did with that performance.

I essentially nested like whoa all day Sunday - I cleaned, I cooked, I did laundry, I worked, I, I, I.... and the list goes on.

Finally purchased some Punkin Ale and made some oatmeal raisin cookies from scratch - because I can.

Some shots of the meal during preparation and a shot of CK doing the dishes. I'll keep cooking if he keeps cleaning, that's for sure.

The final product! The pioneer woman's braised short ribs with creamy goat cheese polenta and a side of brussel sprouts. It was horrible! jk jk jk, it was beyond fabulous.

I do believe that's what you call a proper Sunday dinner - who's coming over next week?

Happy Tuesday, you guys.


  1. #1. I will wash the dishes if you cook me something from the Pioneer Woman! p.s. I'm free this Sunday.....
    #2. What app do you use to do those pictures (the multiples)? Love it and I want to copy it.

  2. Still waiting for that home-cooked blogger dinner you promised us after moving into your new place. ;)

  3. That looks delicious. You can come to my house and cook. Also, go Titans!

  4. i love that we both made braised meat and brussel sprouts on sunday. we're like some sort of weekend food soul mates.

  5. YUM, that picture of the short ribs just made me ridiculously hungry.

  6. i'm telling ya - I need cooking lessons from you. short ribs scare me.

  7. seriously i cannot get over how delicious the short ribs and polenta looks, mmmmmmm. salivating over here.

  8. is that your kitchen? I think I love it! And yes, cooking is just peachy if someone else cleans up the mess! A-men!!!!

  9. Know what's funny? My coworkers were there at the battle of the bands this weekend! Small world :)


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