Hip hip hooray for the Holler/Doyle wedding!

Monday, October 31, 2011

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This post is coming to you live from Las Vegas where after literally hours of trying to get the internet set up in my room I finally have a connection and can share the fabulousness that was my weekend with the interwebs.

Last weekend I had the honor of participating in the wedding celebrations of Holler and Doyle and man was it fabulous.

With Holler being one of my good girlfriends from college the lot of us Cleveland UD girls were lucky enough to entertain our friends visiting from out of town for the Friday night pre-wedding party.

A big group of us headed to Deagan's in Lakewood where we could make a reservation in the side room right in front of the big screen and we could take in game 7 of the World Series. Our friends visiting on Friday all had a tie to STL in either still living there or grew up there so having a prime spot was very important.

As usual Deagan's was spot on with food and service and was kind enough to let us be rowdy and take over the room by closing time.

Friends at Deagan's: Tigger, Mistiburr and Foxxy - Tigger, Foxxy and Cusa - Ladies, all the UD ladies together - Dave, Mistiburr and Tigger celebrating the Cards win, they're from the Lou and they're proud, you guys.

I told you Deagan's let us get R-O-W-D-I-E! Beaver, Misitburr, MOB, Tigger and Foxxy give three cheers for the Cardinals.

Saturday brought the wedding extravaganza. The ceremony was held at St. Francis of Assisi in Gates Mills on the eastside and the reception was held at the Club at Hillbrook in Chagrin Falls. Having never been to Hillbrook I kinda sort fell in love with it. The stone, the wood, the outdoor area, the food - everything. It was beautiful.

Another highlight for me were the speeches, Mr. Holler, the best man and maid of honor Kristen did such a good job that my table was switching between tears and laughs - aka the sign of a successful speech.

Announcing Mr and Mrs Christopher Doyle! Pardon the iPhone photos (I REALLY need to get a new battery for my camera) and just look at the hottness of the former Miss Holler. Doyle, you don't look too bad either.

All the UD girls in attendance (minus me) with the bride and groom - the adorable etched initial centerpieces - the church program that kicked it all off.

Some dancing/hangout shots - MOB and Beaver being, well, MOB and Beaver - Dave, Tigger, Nik and Poo Poo at the beginnings of the Tebow - The United Nations - Poo Poo being scary with a mask that may or may not have given me nightmares.

After the ceremony myself, MOB, Beaver, Poo Poo, Muffin/Jesse, The United Nations, and the Karlsson's headed to the Inn of Chagrin, our home for the evening. I don't think they liked how loud we were when we got there - whoops.

All in all it was a wonderful weekend celebration with great friends. I wish nothing but happiness to my love Holler and her new hubby - congrats to the Doyle's!

And thus concludes my 2011 wedding run and to think I only have three lined up for 2012 - hurry up, someone get engaged!


  1. YOU are a GOOD person for having friends and friends of friends and whatnot from the Lou! And that's why I like you! (Well, one of the reasons, anyway!) =)

    The wedding sounds like a blast - you should find a sponsor for all the weddings you go to - you'd make bank! ha.

  2. you are a wedding master woman, i seriously thought i had a lot this year, haha. love it though. looks like a fabulous weekend per usual.

  3. its a funny progression, life. i went thru all the marriages right after high school, and some of the babies, and then all of the divorces, and now we're on second marriages, and blending of families.

    at least this time around i dont have to buy bridesmaids dresses!

    Enjoy your wedding circuit!

  4. I LUUVE the sleeves on that dress! ma

  5. looks like an amazing time and I loved that you were in my old hood, sort of, for the night.

  6. Katie you look soooo beautiful!!! The dress looks fantastic and the wedding looks amazing! We can't wait to see more pics!

    Karin and Rebecca

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