who said you couldn't go to two weddings in one weekend?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My biggest party foul of this past weekend was probably forgetting my proper camera's battery charger at home.

Thank goodness for the iPhone though because I was still able to capture my double wedding weekend in all it's glory, albeit a slightly blurry glory.

My long weekend began with a dark and rainy drive to Pittsburgh for me and CK after work on Thursday where we checked into the Hyatt Place - Northshore for our two night stay to kick off the wedding festivities of Diva and Mike.

Diva is one of my oldest and best college girlfriends as we met on move in day at University of Dayton when we both lived on 6 Adele in Stuart Hall. I don't really like to think about how long we've been friend though because then realize how old we are getting. What's 31 minus 18? Yikes! :)

On that note, let's move on to the pictures.

The gorgeous Diva was married at the beautiful cathedral of St. Bernard's where on the left we see her proud father walking her down the aisle and her new husband Mike and her once they became man and wife!

After the ceremony we all headed to the East Club Lounge at Heinz Field for the reception - the venue/service/food/drinks were all really spectacular but as a Browns fan I had to revolt a little bit, right?

That would be Jen thumbs downing the entrance and Kirt's Browns lighter trying to jokingly torch the place.

Now this is my friend Lindsay, she's awesome, also a friend from college - she takes photos for a living so I decided to make her the subject for the evening. When I said she takes photos for a living what that really means is that she's a VERY talented wedding and children's photographer based in Denver, if you're in the area check her out: Lindsay B Photography.

Friends galore in this one! That would be Bridget, Adam and Lindsay - Jen, Diva and Me - Lindsay, Teen and Bridget.

More friends! My love Teen (the matron of honor), Diva and Amie - Teen getting real close to CK - and a standard action shot.

Such a fun wedding for all involved and I wish Diva and Mike nothing but continued happiness - xoxo.

Saturday morning we put our slight hangovers aside and CK and I drove from Pittsburgh to Canton for wedding #2 of the weekend for my very good (essentially) family friend Sarah. For this wedding my Sissy flew in from Boston and I was super excited to see her face.

This wedding was the epitome of a big fat Greek wedding with 400 people in attendance and more than enough people dressed in black.

Sarah and Dave's wedding was at my home church of St. Haralambos Greek Orthodox Church and in the above pictures you can see Sarah's being walked down the aisle by her father Dr. Pete, the crowning ceremony, the happy couple existing the church and finally the dove release. Yes, I said DOVE RELEASE.

In between the ceremony and reception a group of us headed to Bricco in Akron for apps and cocktails. Above you'll see Katie, Sissy, my cousin Marissa and I being adorable and then a shot of me, my Yiayia Lambo (Grandmother) and Sissy.

The wedding reception was at University of Akron's Quaker Station and as you all know it's not a Greek wedding until there's money on the floor and the family is Greek dancing - oh and when Sarah is throwing the bouquet (don't worry you guys, I didn't catch it).

There was also a photo booth and as you can see we took advantage of it with myself, Erin, Marissa, Leah and Sissy as well as my Thea Susie, Carolyn (Mother of the bride) and my Mom striking a pose.

Oh my beautiful family! My sissy, Katie, Leah (sister of the bride and maid of honor) and Marissa then the same crew with the happy bride Sarah.

This wedding was SO FUN - so many friends and family all in one place and I couldn't be happier for my "little Sarah" and her husband Dave, but OMG like little Sarah has a husband!!!! I love it.

One would like after both these wedding extravaganzas Sunday would have been spent on my couch but that's what Monday was for (as I'm typing this Monday night I have literally been watching TV for the last 14 hours). Sunday I headed to Mapleside Farms with CK and his little one for the stereotypical fall festivities of hay rides, pumpkins, apples and amazing people watching. Good times had by all.

But if you'll excuse me I still have approximately two more hours of TV to fit in before bed.

Happy Tuesday, kids!


  1. Both of those wedding dresses were so beautiful!

  2. you're such a champ, two weddings in one weekend, nicely done! also adore that first wedding dress so much, it's gorgeous.

    also, LOVE the photos booth pics, so awesome.

  3. I have to attend two weddings in one weekend in June. I'm in one in Ohio, then traveling to New York for another. I will probably die.

    That dress Diva is wearing is a diva dress indeed. Gorgeous!

  4. There's nothing quite like getting a 2-wedding hangover bounced out of you on a hayride. You're my hero!

  5. My girlfriend's favorite cousin is getting married in September in Massachusetts. About a month ago, she asked me whether I would like to come with her to the wedding, and I said yes.

  6. I just went to two weddings the 2nd weekend of October (Fri/Sat) and one of them was at Quaker as well! I've been to a few weddings there and think they do such a great job. Great photos, the dresses are beautiful! Keep up the great blogging.

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