The one where I go to lots of bars and restaurants - totally out of the ordinary, right?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I'm tired you guys, and I'm really really really really looking forward to this short work week and thanksgiving festivities!!

But while I'm patiently waiting for 12:30pm Wednesday (when my holiday vacation starts) let's chat about last weekend shall we?

Friday CK and I meet Moe and Mark for dinner in Tremont. We had all planned on going to Southside but the wait was too long... we headed to Lava Lounge next, but no tables were available... finally we landed at Bac and while no table was available but there were 4 spots at the bar.

We sat down to get comfy at Bac and much like my last visit the service was seriously lacking. I'm just NOT a fan of this place. It took the bartender waaaaaaaaaay to long to greet us and when he finally did he just gave us menus and walked away. He came back 5 minutes later and threw coasters at us... still no water, still no drink order - it was DRIVING ME NUTS. Yet another 5 minutes later we got to place our drink order - 20 minutes waiting for a drink at 12 seat bar with only two other people sitting at it is completely unacceptable.

Ok, I'll stop now.

You know I don't rant about restaurant experiences here, I try to keep it positive, but man I've just had it with Bac. No thanks.

Honestly the whole experience kinda ruined my mood and because Moe had to go back to the station and report the news we all called it a night and CK and I just went home. Sleep on a Friday night is oh so good.

Saturday lots of errands/laundry was done, as was car shopping at Montrose Volvo but the real excitement came around dinner time when CK, Seanski, Nugget and I ventured approximately one block away from our homes for dinner at Ferris Steakhouse.

Ferris Steakhouse is the oldest family owned restaurant in the city, over 70 years in business, and we loved it. We had bubbles, wine, soup, salads, steak and scampi's - it was a great kitschy experience - pianist playing Disney tunes included.

Ferris Steakhouse in pictures: My newest reasonable priced bubbles love, Freixenet Cava. My surf and turf. Our bill - I told you this place was old school, handwritten tickets and all, awesome.

After dinner we all headed to Market Garden Brewery in the OHC for Cara's birthday celebration. After a couple hours the group couldn't handle the ridiculously crowed establishment so we headed to Tina's for some open air....

We didn't find much open air at Tina's either, it was just as packed. But at least at Tina's there's ridiculous karaoke. Win.

Sunday brought brunch at XYZ the Tavern (I didn't eat, but everything looked AMAZING) and the Browns game with Lzone, Seanski and Allison - and you all know that with this crew ridiculousness was a given.

Seanski, Lzone, me and Allison being awesome while watching the Browns win! The best part about this pic though is the photo bomb taking place in the background, this little girl would SO be friends with us if we was older.

Me and Allison rocking our hoods because it got cooooooooold and Seanski and Lzone being uber odd with their peace signs and duck faces.

For me the Browns game was weird for two reasons: 1. we won and 2. I didn't drink or eat. No beer, nachos or hot dogs at a Browns game just isn't right, you guys.

After the game it was home with CK to have dinner and movie night, aka a great way to end a wonderful weekend with friends in the CLE.

Now, bring on the holidays... AND PAUL SIMON WEDNESDAY!!


  1. you look purrrrrfect in that hood.

    Boo to Bac.

  2. This past weekend was fun. Ya know what else is fun? Lisa's hand placement in photo bomb pic. Hey-ooo!!!

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  4. i've been sans-drinks at ONE browns game - it just wasn't the same.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Fun weekend! We should hang out sometime. I love the photo bomb girl LOL.... happy thanksgiving!

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