An almost wordless wednesday weekend recap

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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Happy 30th Birthday Salami Rose!! - at Buckeye Beer Engine with Michael

Bazaar Bizarre Cleveland 2011 - at 78th St Studios

The awesomeness that is a tree and wolf themed salt and pepper shaker holder - at Brobel's Boner Jamz

Jon and Lulu dominating the ugly Christmas sweaters - at Brobel's Boner Jamz

Lots more happened this weekend including Lava Lounge, XYZ the Tavern, shopping on the eastside like a crazy person and (gasp!) eating at a chain restaurant but I'll just let you guys imagine that.

Happy Wednesday, kids.


  1. please tell me someone owns the wolf salt and pepper shaker, that is awesome.

  2. @ katelin - it's totally on my friend jon's kitchen table!

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